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How to make a feathered arrow: makeup with step by step photo instructions

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    Step 1

    The key to any makeup is the perfect tone. Use Affinitone foundation to even out your complexion and hide minor imperfections.

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    Step 2

    Since the emphasis in makeup will be on the eyes, it is especially important to work out the area around the eyes. To do this, arm yourself with the Fit Me concealer, which will perfectly adapt to your skin tone.

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    Step 3

    To complete the face make-up, add some Fit Me blush. The face immediately looks more rested.

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    Step 4

    Before you start your eye makeup, it is important to pay attention to the eyebrows: use Tattoo Brow Pomade. Thanks to a convenient brush, it is suitable even for beginners in makeup.

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    Step 5

    Now the fun part, let’s move on to the arrows! To start, apply Color Tattoo 24 Hour Gel Eyeshadow in one of the lighter shades, such as Delicate Peach or Beige Tenderness. This will make your makeup last much longer.

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    Step 6

    Use the Tattoo Liner gel eyeliner to draw the line. If you are going to draw feathered arrows, then it is very important to arm yourself with a gel pencil with a soft lead – it will be easy to shade it. You can not draw arrows too carefully, as we usually do to create clear arrows. If they turned out a little uneven, it’s okay: we’ll shade them anyway. Apply a little pencil on the lower eyelid.

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    Step 7

    To make your make-up visually richer and more complex, as well as to emphasize the beauty and expressiveness of the eyes, use the radiant shades of shadows from the City Mini palette. With the help of a brush, blend the shadows and the pencil with calm movements – the transition will turn out to be very beautiful.

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    Step 8

    We complete the eye makeup, of course, with mascara. For a bold look, use Falsies False Eyelash Mascara.

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    Step 9

    To make the makeup look complete, do not forget to emphasize the lips. Use Color Sensational Lip Liner and Color Sensational Made For All. Choose any shade: eye makeup with a feathered arrow turns out to be so versatile that any shade of lipstick will suit it.

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