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How to make a festive nail design yourself?

How to make a festive nail design yourself? Photos in fashion magazines show masterpieces of nail art, which only outstanding artists can handle and brush, but the possibilities of ordinary people are very limited. In fact, you don’t need to be Picasso and Leonardo in one bottle with varnish at all – a spectacular festive nail design can be simple.


In addition, here you can conduct a variety of experiments with nail decorations and paints. The main thing is that the design matches the outfit and image, as well as the holiday: on March 8, you can decorate your nails with spring flowers, on Valentine’s Day – with hearts, including on a French jacket, by completing a smile line in the form of hearts, for the new year you can turn your nails into Christmas tree decorations , and on Halloween to scare everyone with a manicure with bats … The main thing is to match the image, because a manicure is its final touch.

Red manicure

holiday design rules

The main postulate of the evening manicure is impeccability: the skin is radiant and soft, the cuticle is soft and moisturized, the shape of the nail plate is ideal. Before performing such a design, it will be useful to make a mask for hands. And nail polish can be anything, as long as it harmonizes with the general style. If there is no opportunity to visit the salon or invite the master, the festive nail design can be done on your own.

In combination with a chic evening dress, classic red, plum or burgundy lacquer will look great. We apply it evenly, gently painting over the nail plate and leaving no drops on the skin of the hands.

Red manicure

But the original and memorable nail design for a fun party can be done using stencils and stickers. Their advantage is that the pattern will be the same on all nails and will not smear. And it’s less time than painting takes.

Black and gold manicure

Also for a festive manicure, you can use an ornament and lace. From above we fix lace and stickers with a top.

Lace manicure

Different shades of varnishes allow you to create interesting and beautiful combinations. The same lines and zigzags can look both serious and festive – depending on the colors of the varnish. Perfectly straight lines can be done with adhesive tape and tape for manicure.


If you mix paints and varnishes directly on the nail, you can get soft lines and abstractions. All this is drawn with pins or toothpicks.

Bright manicure

Yes, even gel pens can be used, even if it’s childish. And you can attach decorations with the same transparent varnish. Having placed the rhinestone on the nail, you can drown it a little in varnish and cover it with a top coat on top.

Festive design options



Evening manicure “Constellation” is not difficult, but it inspires beginners.
For its implementation we need:

– Thick purple and golden bronze nail polishes
– small brush
– Fixer

We start with the usual hygienic manicure: remove the cuticle and burrs, shape the nails, degrease them properly.

After that, we apply a base coat for nails as a base. It is necessary in order to protect the nail plate and make the color more durable.
After drying the base well, apply purple varnish. By the way, it can be purple, and ink, and thick lilac.

Manicure step by step

Apply it in two layers: after drying the first, cover it with the second. This will definitely make the color more saturated and hide the imperfections of the first applied layer.


Now make sure that the hand does not tremble and that it has support. Now it’s time for the gold color. We apply it perfectly evenly and only along the line of the nail hole (and a little higher). To do this, we need the thinnest brush or even a ballpoint pen.

Manicure step by step

We draw stars. They can be made in the form of strokes – double and single, horizontal and vertical, intersecting.

Manicure step by step

We cover everything with a fixer.

Manicure step by step

The sky is on our fingertips!

Festive checkered manicure

The cage is associated with Burberry, the British and casual style. But it can also become part of the nail design for the winter holidays. This manicure is suitable for short nails.

Checkered manicure

    1. To begin with, we paint the nails with a classic red varnish.


    1. Now on each nail we draw a lattice with black varnish: two thick horizontal lines and two thick vertical ones.


    1. We overlap the black lines with a translucent dark red varnish, leaving the places where the lines intersect unpainted.


    1. Three horizontal stripes are drawn at the base of the nail with the same color of varnish: at the bottom of the lattice, in the center and at the base of the nail.


    1. To complete the design, you need to draw two more thin lines with gold varnish: across and along the nail. You need to draw them with the thinnest brush that you can find.


Checkered manicure step by step

We cover with a fixative and admire the results. Photo with instructions attached.

In general, the festive nail design flows smoothly from the chosen image, so do not be afraid of your imagination and trust your taste.

Festive manicure at home

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