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How to make anti-wrinkle eye cream at home

Cream for wrinkles around the eyes at home

Cream for wrinkles around the eyes works much more effectively if it is prepared at home with your own hands. Such a folk remedy will be much more natural than purchased, and preparing it is a pleasure! If you are afraid that it will take a lot of time or that you will not succeed the first time, then your fears are in vain. We will provide you with some easy-to-follow eye cream recipes.

The most important thing is to use suitable components – essential oils, vitamins, which will properly take care of delicate skin (should be selected according to your skin type), prevent aging.

Cream at home for wrinkles around the eyes

The anti-wrinkle agent provide intense hydration, have a light texture, be nutritious and take good care of the thin skin around the eyes. Everyone wants to achieve a good result, using natural remedies that have a restorative effect. There is a good alternative that will replace the cosmetic product – handmade eye cream.


Are pharmacy ointments for wrinkles more effective than homemade creams?

Of course, many may argue that homemade wrinkle cream around the eyes, will be less effectivethan purchased, will not be able to rejuvenate in the same way, will not have the necessary properties. But, a product bought at a pharmacy, not always smoothing, firming and as effective as the one you prepare yourself. After all, the main thing in this business is natural ingredients that fight the problem.


Sure, there are creams that work, but they cost a fortune! Not all of us can afford such an expensive pleasure. And everyone wants to look good, because the appearance of age-related changes on the skin does not please anyone.

What else to take care of the skin around the eyes?

In addition to the fact that you can prepare a cream for wrinkles around the eyes at home (the recipes of which we will describe below), you can start getting rid of “fatigue” today following methods:

  1. They can fight fatigue, irritation, puffy eyes and give moisture tea bags. Everyone has long known about this analogue of an expensive remedy. You can use strong tea leaves and cotton padif you don’t have tea bags. Why is it so useful and why tea? It contains tannin, which effectively combats puffy eyes. This is a quick and good way to give your eyes a rested, radiant look..
  2. About miraculous cucumbers probably everyone already knows. Just cut them into slices (of such a diameter that they completely cover the eyelid) and put on your eyes. This method will help get rid of fatigue after a hard day’s work. Cucumber holding time – 10 – 15 minutes.
  3. Another effective way: raw or boiled potato grate with a little sour cream (or vegetable or olive oil). Apply a thin layer on the eyes and leave for 15-20 minutes. After this recipe, your skin will noticeably freshen up.. Also, it is effective in the fight against fine wrinkles – it will help with smoothing facial wrinkles.
  4. Creamy oil and banana. Oil needs to be warmed up (just one spoon is enough) and mix with a spoonful of mashed banana. This is a super remedy for the skin under the eyes (it can also be used for dark circles under the eyes)!
    Application: to drive with fingertips into the area under the eyes. Holding time: 15 – 20 minutes.
  5. Oils. It is very useful to use essential oils such as: almond, grape seed and castor. As well as – creamy. It should be carefully driven in as in the previous recipe and left overnight.

How to make an effective face cream for wrinkles at home?

Wrinkles start to appear very fast. Instead of choosing different creams that are incomprehensible in composition, use our recipes for different ages. Some of them are suitable for correction and against edema (removes swelling), others – for dry and normal skin with a moisturizing effect. Choose a recipe for yourself and advise them to your friends!


Do-it-yourself wrinkle remedy – an analogue of an expensive cream

Cream for wrinkles from 25 years. Gentle moisturizing product peach (oil – 4 ml), water (6 ml), beeswax in the amount of one gram and three grams lanolin. All ingredients are mixed into a homogeneous mass (first melt lanolin and wax in a water bath) and apply to the desired area. How to do it right – see the photo below. Pay special attention to the skin of the eyelids! Don’t pull her!

For women over 30 years old. Lanolin mix with almond oil and mix well. Apply morning and evening. Store this eye cream in the refrigerator.
This recipe can be prepared and used by men as well, as the moisturizing effect will not harm them either.


For ages 35+. Composition from facial and eyelids – gelatin cream anti-wrinkle at home contains such components (we take everything in 1 teaspoon), such as honey, gelatin, glycerol and waterpreferably boiled (5 tablespoons). Mix everything and put in a bowl of hot water to warm the mixture. Then whisk and apply on the face.2

The best day cream for deep wrinkles around the eyes after 40 yearst (can also be used for the forehead). Preparing herbal infusion Hypericum (2 tablespoons per 250 ml of boiling water). Leave to infuse under a towel in a closed container with a lid. After it is brewed and infused, which will take about 15 minutes, it must be filtered.
Cacao butterwhich forms the basis of our product, melt in a water bath and, after cooling, mix with vitamin E capsule (extract content) rosehip oil and lavender (they can be taken in about 4 drops). Stir the solution and add it in a thin stream St. John’s wort. Then you need to find some convenient jar in order to keep the cream in it. Apply as in the recipes above.one

Get rid of wrinkles around the eyes at home after 50. This night cream margarine (1 tablespoon) and raw yolk. Add to this mixture rose petals, wild rose or jasmine to choose from (1 tbsp). you can add not the petals themselves to the composition, but flowers with pollen and stamens. The cream is applied under the eyes. The most important thing is to store such a composition for a week.3

Eye wrinkle cream – rating of the best

Choosing such a tool, women and girls ask themselves: “What is the most effective eye cream?” We will help you choose the best purchased cosmetic product.

  • Vichy lifting – cream from “Vichy Liftactiv Yeux”

    They will disappear literally after the first application (and in a month they will be completely smoothed out). Gets rid of dark circles and “bags”protects against early aging.
    Price: 1200 rubles.

  • Preparation “Healthy” for lifting

    Skin maintenance hydratedsaturation nutrients and vitamins. This action gives the skin the opportunity to smooth out a little …

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