Simple and easy makeup

How to make beautiful light makeup 2022 at home: step by step instructions with photos

Make-up helps a woman emphasize natural beauty and hide flaws. The daily procedure often takes a lot of time and requires an abundance of different cosmetics. But the problem is easier to solve: it is enough to know how to do light makeup. Masters of the studio will share their professional secrets.

Simple and easy makeup

Features of light makeup in 2022

Light is called everyday make-up. Emphasizing natural beauty in a matter of minutes is the main task of the procedure. Makeup is contraindicated for variegation, complex techniques and many hours of sitting in front of a mirror. Natural make-up looks like there is not a single gram of makeup on the face.

light makeup

On the skin there is no thick protective layer of foundation and coloring in flashy colors. The technique of “naked” makeup necessarily masks redness and wrinkles, bruises and bags under the eyes. Masters use a nude palette, which they skillfully combine and combine.

Casual look with light makeup

Among the popular shades:

  • powdery;
  • milky brown;
  • dusty rose;
  • grey;
  • beige.
Natural light makeup

Natural make-up involves the gradual application of cosmetics. Products with a dry base (powder, shadows, blush) are always placed on top of liquid options (concealer, highlighter). In this case, it is possible to achieve perfect evenness of the coating, without lumps and rolling.

Light make-up with small accents

To understand how to do light makeup, you need to understand the features of your face. Every beauty must know what color type and type her skin belongs to. When choosing a daily make-up option, pay attention to the oval of the face, the shape of the lips and the shape of the eyes.

Necessary tools for creating light makeup

Before you do light makeup, you need to pick up cosmetics. The basic set consists of several basic and 2-3 additional tools that will help you make up. A minimum of elements will unload a cosmetic bag.

1. Main group

Tone cream – base for light make-up. The substance is applied from the center of the face to the peripheral zones. Actions are conveniently carried out with fingertips, but they do not provide uniform coverage. Professionals take a duofiber or a special medium-sized brush, the tip of which is rounded.

Foundation for light makeup

It is better to put the foundation on top of the day one or take the 2 in 1 option (BB cream).

  • For beauties with dry skin, salon masters recommend using types with nutrition and hydration, with oily skin – matting agents.
  • For happy owners of normal dermis, cosmetics with a natural finish are enough.
  • Girls with combination skin will have to apply a suitable foundation for different areas.

concealer needed for spot masking of defects on the skin. The product is applied to the face after foundation. Under the eyes, the substance is placed in the form of an inverted triangle. The rashes are treated, then gently driven into the dermis.

Remedy for imperfections before applying light makeup

Mascara – an important element of light makeup. Each hair is carefully stained from roots to ends. Excess mass is removed with a special brush. To prevent the eyes from looking doll-like, the cilia are pulled only up and down. For a “cat” cut, the hairs are additionally pulled to the outer corners.


Eyeshadow choose in muted (nude) tones. One palette with shades of different intensities is enough. For light makeup use no more than 3 different colors. The product is applied with an applicator or a soft thin brush. The transitions between tones are shaded with a fingertip.

Nude shadows for a light make-up effect

To create arrows use a pencil and liner. The first version of the wizard is used to form soft lines. The second tool is more convenient to bring eyes. Experts do not advise beauties with fair skin to take black options, but prefer brown ones.

Draw arrows for light makeup

To shape the eyebrows, use a pencil with a soft texture. The gaps between the hairs are filled with shadows. Loose product is convenient to distribute using the applicator. Excess is removed with a napkin. If the eyebrows have an ideal shape, then a special tinting mascara will help to lay them.

Light eyebrow makeup

2. Additional elements

Powder prolongs the durability of light makeup, but is not always a mandatory component. The substance is taken 1-2 tones darker than the skin, otherwise the face will resemble a porcelain doll.

Do I need powder when creating light makeup

The loose version is applied to the face with a large brush. The compressed one is more convenient to distribute with a velvet sponge. The cosmetic product should not be used in the heat.

Blush are not a mandatory element of light makeup. Instead of the substance, you can use a bronzer-powder. Shadows of peach or dark beige color will perfectly cope with the function.

Light make-up completes lip treatment. Both liquid and solid lipsticks are easy to use. The color is chosen depending on the accent, although the makeup bag should have both a bright and a muted nude version. To visually give the skin a wet look, it is covered with a colorless sheen on top.

Nude lipstick for a light make-up effect

Light makeup technique step by step

  • Before you do light makeup, prepare your face. Cosmetics are applied to clean, moisturized skin, so the care cream is used first. Gently use your fingers to drive the substance into the dermis, trying not to injure the coating.
Wash your face before putting on makeup

  • After soaking, a toner is applied.
Light foundation before makeup application

  • If light makeup looks too flat (simple), then the salon masters are advised to add a contour. With the help of bronzer powder, blush or shadows, stripes are made along the cheekbones and the protruding long part of the nose.
  • For light contouring, a two-tone concealer or foundation is often used. Light is applied to the back of the nose, chin and center of the forehead. The dark version is distributed along the cheekbones, nasal sides and frontal periphery.

In light makeup, the emphasis is on flawless, healthy skin. Defects on the face and under the eyes are carefully hidden under the concealer. To give the dermis radiance, use a highlighter. Eyebrows are tinted with a pencil or stacked with a special mascara.

In light makeup, the emphasis is on healthy skin.

  • Base shadows are applied to the moving (upper) eyelid.
  • The inner corner of the eyes is highlighted with the lightest cosmetics, the outer corner is darkened. The difference between shades should not be more than 3-4 tones.
  • The transitions are shaded with an applicator or a finger.
Apply eye shadow for a light make-up

  • Light shadows are placed under the eyebrows.
  • Gently apply mascara to the eyelashes, drawing each hair.
How to apply mascara with light makeup

  • If you need to give clarity to the look, then use the arrows. The line is drawn with a soft pencil or liquid liner.
  • At the end, the face is covered with powder, lips with lipstick.
Light makeup includes lipstick in neutral shades

Light daily makeup can be transformed into an evening one by placing the right accents. If the eyes become the main element of the image, then saturated shadows are used.

Pastel smokey ice looks luxurious, made from shades:

  • pink;
  • purple;
  • gray.

Light makeup will radically transform the glitter. A scattering of small sparkles on the eyelids, as well as on nails or hair, will bring solemn notes to the make-up and are suitable for the evening.

Light makeup with glitter

When applying, it is important not to cross the line between taste and bad taste, so the product is used …

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