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How to make curls with an iron: popular ways

How to make curls with an iron: step by step instructions with a photo

It would seem that everyone is used to the fact that the iron is designed to straighten hair, but the most talented hairdressing masters come up with new technologies every day. And today, many instead of curling irons twist curls with the help of conventional straightening irons.

Curling preparation

Curl Iron Learning The TYME Iron
The perfect curl iron – “Learning The TYME Iron”

Before you start winding your hair with an iron or tongs (it doesn’t matter!), you need to prepare: you need the right tools and special hair products.

Let’s start with the main thing – ironing. To get beautiful and neat curls, the iron should be narrow or medium width. Old ones with wide plates (3 cm or more) will not work. It is best to use a flat iron such as TYME Iron, as it has a rounded shape, which makes it easier to create hair.

It is also necessary to prepare the hair itself. You should pre-shape them with a hair dryer (but do not stretch!). Don’t forget to apply heat protection, as hot tools will destroy the hair structure anyway.

After styling, use varnish to fix the result, but without a sticky effect. Dry varnish is best Osis or Schwarzkopf.

The main ways to curl hair with an iron

There are many ways to make curls with an iron, so let’s look at each separately. The main thing is to initially divide the hair into several parts: a vertical parting from the nose to the crown, then from the crown to the ear. These are two zones in which you need to twist the strands from the face.

Divide the back of the hair with horizontal partings. Remember: the thinner the strand, the neater the curls will be. Yes, and curls hold better if you twist small strands.

Classic winding method


This option allows you to get curls similar in shape to those obtained using special curling irons. True, many beginners cannot make such a hairstyle for themselves, as they find it difficult, but you should try it.

So, select a small strand (thickness 1 cm, width 3-4 cm), insert it between the ironing plates and connect them. Now you need to make a full turn of the irons (360 degrees), and then slide down the hair. It is better to point the nose of the hair styling tool down, rather than holding it horizontally, so the curls will be more beautiful and natural.

Wrapping with bundles


The second way to create curls with an iron is simpler. Select a strand, smoke it with a tourniquet and go over it with a hot iron. The result is the effect of beach waves.

This hairstyle is perfect for a summer vacation by the sea. You can add it with small pigtails at the temples.

With the help of pigtails

Now many have a fashionable three-piece iron, with which you can make curls, like Buzova’s. Although there is an easier way to achieve the desired result.


We divide the hair into zones and weave small pigtails. Then we go through each pigtail with a hot iron and untwist them.

This option is especially good for those who have thin hair, as it will increase the volume several times. Yes, and it is fashionable now to walk with curls, as after braids. All participants of the television project “Dom-2” have such.

We use foil


If it seems that the iron is too aggressive on the hair, take advantage of the winding method with the help of foil.

Again, divide the hair into strands, then twist each of them into a ring. Wrap them in foil and press down with an iron. Then dissolve and fix with varnish.

Hollywood Waves

To make yourself Hollywood waves, you need to use the first winding method, but still have a lot of metal clips with you.

How to make Hollywood waves

Hold the flat iron horizontally and pinch a section of hair in the center. Make a complete revolution of the tool around its axis and draw it along the entire length. Pick up a strand and wind it around your finger while it is hot. Remove from your finger and secure with a metal clip. The curl should cool down, being in this position.

After winding the entire head of hair, remove the hairpins and comb the curls with a comb with large teeth. Then fix the waves again with clips and spray with varnish.

How to wind your hair with an iron: video in Russian

There are many video tutorials on YouTube with which you can learn how to make beautiful and fashionable curls yourself. Remember that the main thing in this business is a good tool.

The first video tutorial on how to twist long hair.


Winding curls on medium-length hair with an iron is not much different from long hair. Although it is better not to hold the tool horizontally, as a sloppy hairstyle can turn out. Watch the video and get inspired!

Now the trend is not only curls, as after braids, but also Afro-curls. Of course, the easiest way to make them is with a special iron of a very small diameter. But if this is not the case, it does not matter, as an ordinary tool and a pencil will help out.

Select small strands and wrap them around a pencil. Then press with a hot iron. The result will surprise and delight you, because such a hairstyle looks very impressive.

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