Light day makeup for green eyes

How to make light daytime makeup 2022 at home: step by step instructions with photo examples

It is quite forgivable if you do not know how to draw spectacular smooth arrows or make a complex ombre on the lips. But every woman must be able to apply daytime makeup.

Light day makeup for green eyes

Light nude makeup for brown eyes

Basic rules for creating the perfect daytime makeup

The main feature of daytime makeup from evening makeup is its naturalness. It is necessary to emphasize natural beauty, without going too far with colors and volumes, because in daylight any errors will be evident.

How to do day makeup

When creating daytime makeup, you need to follow the rules:

  1. Only natural colors. Day makeup should be simple and natural colors. Suitable nude shades of blush, lipstick, shadows, corresponding to the color type. If the accent is still planned, let it be one, for example, bright lipstick.
Features of daytime makeup

Palette for light daytime makeup

  1. Do not overload the skin. The foundation should have a light texture, without the effect of a mask. It is advisable for daytime makeup to choose translucent compositions that perfectly match the skin tone.
How to apply foundation for light makeup

  1. Moderately illuminate the face. Use light cosmetics with reflective particles to highlight the area of ​​​​the cheekbones or eyelids.
What areas on the face should be highlighted with daytime makeup

  1. Shade all transitions carefully. Clear color transitions, even if they are natural pastel colors, look at least ridiculous.
How to blend shadows for daytime makeup

Note: daytime makeup should be done in good light, preferably natural, so that when you go outside, the shortcomings do not become an unpleasant surprise.

Steps for applying light daytime makeup

  1. Skin preparation

Any makeup should be applied to previously cleansed and well-groomed skin. This will allow you to evenly apply the foundation and maintain the beauty and naturalness of makeup for a long time.

How to do daily makeup

How to prepare the skin:

  • Cleanse your skin with a light scrub or exfoliant. This will help remove peeling so that the base lies in an even layer;
  • Apply moisturizing formulations for the skin and eye area. Be sure to let the products soak in so that the makeup lies evenly and does not deteriorate during the day;
Skin cleansing before makeup

Smooth, clear skin is the key to successful daytime makeup. Use only products suitable for your skin type, contact a beautician who will select a comprehensive care that solves your problems.

Moisturizing the skin before day makeup

  1. Applying makeup

Face makeup includes several stages:

  • Apply primer. The base will have an additional moisturizing effect and prolong the durability of makeup;
Applying primer before day makeup

  • Apply foundation. It is important that the tone must be chosen correctly so that the complexion is not in contrast with the color of the neck and décolleté. To find your tone, you need to “try on” it on the inside of your wrist, here the skin color is as close as possible to the tone of the face.
How to apply foundation for light makeup

The foundation can be applied to the face and eyes. For centuries, this will be an excellent basis for shading shadows, as the powder, which is part of the tonal base, will absorb all excess moisture.

  • Hide skin imperfections with concealer. The content of reflective particles provides excellent masking of dark circles and redness.
Proper use of concealer for light makeup

A special applicator of a small size makes it easy to apply the composition even in the most inconvenient places – the wings of the nose, the corners of the eyes. After applying the concealer, he needs to give a few seconds so that he dries a little and only then shade;

  • Apply a light, translucent powder. It will create the effect of fixing the tonal foundation, and reflective particles will give the skin radiance, which is very important for natural makeup;
  • Gently highlight the apples of your cheeks with blush. Peach, light pink tones will help to place accents in makeup and slightly sculpt the contour of the face.
How to choose blush for daytime makeup

Important: apply the foundation with a sponge or brush and blend it out to the neckline and décolleté. In this case, even a slightly different tone from the natural color type will not look like a mask.

Proper application of blush

  1. Eye makeup

For the eyes, only light natural tones should be used. Arrows and other clear lines for daytime makeup are not relevant, but a feathered eyeliner applied with a brown pencil is quite suitable.

Naturally painted eyes with light daytime makeup

Eye makeup steps:

  • with the help of shadows of natural shades, emphasize the contour of the eyes;
  • Enhance your brows with a brow pencil or mascara if needed. Selecting the shape and drawing the corners is optional. Now in vogue styling eyebrows with the sun. If you like it, comb your eyebrows in this way, style and fix with gel. It is important that the gel should be applied in a thin layer so that its presence is not obvious to everyone;
Using shadows for daytime makeup

  • Apply mascara in one layer, slightly compacting at the tips. It is important that there are no lumps, so after applying the mascara, the eyelashes need to be combed with a special brush.
Trendy eyebrows in 2022

Many of the fair sex do not use mascara. It is important to understand that if any of the stages of applying daytime makeup is unacceptable for you, then it is not needed.

Eyebrow styling with light makeup

Eyes can be highlighted with shadows or a pencil, which must be shaded.

  1. Lip makeup

Day makeup, it is natural, it is also natural, it does not go well with bright lips. But psychologists have deduced such an interesting pattern that the brighter the color of lipstick, the more likely it is to be heard.

What color lipstick to choose for daytime makeup

This move can be used by women whose profession is related to speeches, oratory. The rest is still better to adhere to the principles of natural makeup with all its features.

Lip gloss with color for light makeup

Lip makeup steps:

  • the best option is a translucent lipstick or even a regular moisturizing balm;
  • if you still use color, then it should be in one layer.
Ombre lip makeup technique

For natural reasons, no eyeliner, contour pencils, ombre techniques are used in daytime makeup. And it is important to remember that no remedy will look beautiful on dry, chapped lips.

How to choose a lip color for daytime makeup

List of basic cosmetics for light daytime makeup

  1. Light foundation cream. The basic foundation should be in every woman’s makeup bag. This is a great opportunity to even out the tone of the face, mask irregularities, scars, pimples.
How to use a makeup sponge

What is convenient to apply tonal foundation for light makeup

How to choose foundation for skin color for light makeup

  1. Eyebrow styling gel. A great tool that allows you to fix the color and shape. Especially recommended for girls with not the thickest eyebrows.
  2. Mascara, even if you do not use it, just in case, it must be in a cosmetic bag. In any incomprehensible situation, it can be used to refresh the face and make the look more expressive in just a few minutes.
How to apply mascara correctly

  1. Brown pencil is a universal cosmetic product. He alone can replace a pencil for eyebrows, lips, shadows and even blush.
How can I use a brown pencil in light makeup

  1. Lip balm with gloss effect – provides moisturizing and nourishing care for lips throughout the day and emphasizes them in the image of day makeup. For the same purpose, you can use nude lipstick.
How to style your eyebrows in 2022

  1. Blush with light-reflecting particles of a natural shade. Just one layer on the cheekbones or the pads of the cheeks allows you to refresh the face and give…

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