Как визуально увеличить губы

How to make lips look bigger with makeup [5 способов]

How to increase lips with makeup: five secrets

How to enlarge lips with lipstick? And with a pencil? And what’s with the highlighter? Use life hacks and tips from makeup artists to achieve the desired effect.

Come to the bright side

The rule “black slims and white plumps” works in the case of makeup. What lipstick color will visually enlarge the lips? Dark lipsticks will make them narrower, while light lipsticks, on the contrary, will allow you to achieve a push up effect. Try a pastel palette: nude, pink, coral, peach.

If you have very thin lips, avoid red lipstick and berry shades and try to focus on the eyes.

Go beyond the limits

How to increase lips with makeup

Or rather, for the contour of the lips. Maybelline NY Color Sensational pencil will help to make them visually larger. How?

  • First, “wipe” your lips: apply a beige corrector or foundation on them.
  • Step back a little from the natural contour of the lips and create a new shape.
  • Paint your lips with lipstick.

By the way, about lipstick. Its shade should completely merge with the color of the pencil or be lighter by one or two tones. Opt for thick textures and waterproof formulas, and don’t forget to refresh your lip makeup throughout the day.

And a few more important nuances: the “amplitude” of the adjustment should be no more than one millimeter, otherwise the lips may look unnatural (especially close). In this case, it is better to increase only the upper lip with a pencil. At the bottom, it is enough to adjust the shape.

Add shine

Matte textures do not reflect light, making lips appear flat. Use glossy, pearlescent, satin or shimmery lipsticks! For example, Color Sensational and Hydra Extreme. Another perfect “reflector” is lip gloss. It can be applied to the entire surface of the lips or added to the central part to create a 3D effect.

How to make lips look bigger

Focus on Cupid’s Bow

Before starting makeup, apply a little highlighter on the upper lip and the skin above it – where the dimple is located. That’s the whole secret!

Create a Gradient

Use two shades of your favorite lipstick: draw a dark lip contour, and apply a lighter or brighter one on the central part. Blend the border to create an ombre effect – this method will visually enlarge the lips and make them more voluminous and plump. And even with matte lipstick

How to make lips look bigger

The “kissed lips” technique is also a gradient, but girls with narrow lips should not use it. Due to the blurred contour, the lips will appear even smaller.

How to visually enlarge lips with cosmetics: step by step instructions

From theory to practice, use our step-by-step guide to figure out how to make lips look bigger with makeup. This make-up is easy to repeat at home.

You will need:

  • The Eraser Eye concealer, shade 00.
  • Color Sensational Lip Liner Shade 20
  • Superstay Matte Ink lipstick, shades 20 and 60.
  1. Apply a little The Eraser Eye Light Concealer to your lips to prep them for make-up and “erase” your natural lip color and natural contour.
  2. Liner for lips Color Sensational draw a new contour (if desired, slightly adjust the shape). Paint over the corners of the lips.

    Step-by-step instructions How to visually enlarge lips: step 2
  3. Apply Superstay Matte Ink Lipstick in 20 Pioneer to lips.

    Step-by-step instructions How to visually enlarge lips: step 3
  4. On the center of the upper and lower lip, add a little Superstay Matte Ink in a light shade of 60 Poet.

    Step-by-step instructions How to visually enlarge lips: step 4
  5. Blend with a brush or finger.

    Step-by-step instructions How to visually enlarge lips: step 5
  6. Ready! Now you know how to make up your lips to make them look bigger.

Top 5 Maybelline New York Lip Augmentation Products

To finally figure out how to visually enlarge lips with makeup, replenish your makeup bag with Maybelline NY bestsellers.

Lipstick Color Sensational Shine Compulsion

The first secret of this lipstick is a glossy finish. And the second is a two-phase technology with oils (up to 60% oils in the composition!). As a result, lips look juicy, plump and hydrated. There are 8 shades in the palette.

Lipstick Color Sensational Shine Compulsion

Color Sensational Lip Pencil

Choose the perfect shade to match your favorite lipstick! The Color Sensational liner has a delicate creamy texture and a “resistant” character, which allows you to significantly extend the life of lip makeup. The lipstick doesn’t smudge or smudge! And the contour looks clear. Bonus: sharpener included.

Color Sensational Lip Pencil

Lifter Glos Lip Gloss

Wet gloss + radiant micro-particles = the shortest way to plump and seductive lips. The gloss contains hyaluronic acid, which cares for the skin of the lips and gives them intense hydration. Glitter can be used as a standalone product or applied over lipstick.

Lifter Glos Lip Gloss

Hydra Extreme lipstick

A 3 in 1 lipstick that gives lips hydration, rich color and UV protection! Collagen in the formula improves the smoothness of the lips and gives them extra volume, and also provides comfortable application. The lipstick does not streak, does not spread and lasts up to 8 hours. 16 actual shades are at your service!

How to enlarge lips with lipstick

Highlighter Stick Face Studio Strobing

The very highlighter that you need to put on the “tick” above the lip to visually enlarge them and make them more voluminous! Choose from two shades – champagne beige or light mother-of-pearl – and enjoy a discreet pearly glow.

How to add volume to lips with makeup

Makeup mistakes that make lips look smaller

We figured out how to enlarge lips with makeup. What about mistakes that will backfire?

  1. Insufficient hydration. Use Baby Lips Balm!
  2. Dark lipstick. This is an accent that will draw too much attention to thin lips.
  3. Foundation instead of nude lipstick. For a no-makeup look, choose a lipstick one or two shades brighter or lighter than your natural lip color. Otherwise, the lips will simply disappear from the face!
  4. Strongly receding pencil line in a duet with regular lipstick. It is best to choose waterproof formulas, otherwise the lipstick will “eat” during the day, leaving a contour that will look caricatured.

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