Natural makeup for every day

How to make natural makeup 2022 for every day: for brown, blue, green eyes (with photo examples)

Natural makeup that highlights your assets and hides your imperfections is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a festive event, a date or just a weekday. The main thing is to choose makeup for your face type so that it looks harmonious and complements your every look.

Natural makeup for every day

What is natural makeup

Now naturalness and minimalism are in fashion. They appear in everything: in strict, discreet, concise, but at the same time stylish outfits, monophonic manicure and pedicure, and, of course, in make-up. Natural makeup is also called “nude”.

It is designed to imperceptibly emphasize the dignity of the face, to give it freshness and youth, while the effect should be created, as if you were not wearing makeup at all. For this, light textures, natural shades of lipsticks, discreet tones of shadows are used.

Makeup in a natural style for every day

Dark shades can also be used here, but they should harmoniously fit into the image and not attract too much attention to themselves.

How to do natural makeup: basic rules

There are several rules that makeup artists follow when creating natural makeup. As already mentioned, you need to use “light” cosmetics that do not overload the face.

Natural makeup for brunettes

For example, if you have thick eyebrows, you can not tint them at all: limit yourself to plucking and a transparent styling gel.

In addition, follow the recommendations of makeup artists:

  • Choose shades of cosmetics for your complexion. It is best to choose products in the store, where you will have the opportunity to test them and see if the shade suits you.
  • Choose nude shades. Bright red lipstick is, of course, not natural makeup. It is more suitable for a classic evening look.
natural makeup

  • Avoid heavy foundation. Use a lightweight concealer to cover imperfections such as breakouts, redness and dark circles.
  • Don’t forget to take care of your skin. Make regular moisturizing masks, and before applying makeup, use a moisturizer. It will hide peeling and allow the funds to lie evenly and beautifully.

In the summer, apply sunscreen additionally. If you have rashes, be sure to consult your doctor and do not delay treatment. Choose a foundation or concealer specifically for problem skin: such products are usually less harmful to problem skin. The cleaner and more well-groomed the skin, the neater the makeup looks.

Natural makeup for blondes

  • To even out the tone of the face, apply a light CC cream. It has a liquid consistency and does not lay down in a dense layer, like tonal creams. Also pay attention to mineral powders.
  • For daily natural makeup, contouring is not required. It is used only to create a professional make-up for a special occasion, and for a look for every day, you can limit yourself to blush and highlighter. Blush will give the face a fresh look, and highlighter will help to emphasize, for example, on the eyes.
Nude natural makeup

How to choose cosmetics for natural makeup

Try to choose high-quality cosmetics. You should not save on your face, because products with a poor composition can cause allergies or rashes.

Products for natural make-up

To create natural makeup in your cosmetic bag should be:

  • concealer;
  • light foundation;
  • powder;
  • ink;
  • blush;
  • eyebrow and eye pencil;
  • pomade;
  • lip gloss;
  • nude eyeshadow palette.

1. Concealer

Pick up concealer in a cosmetics store. If this is your first time choosing this product, ask the consultant to help with the selection of a shade. The concealer is easy to apply – just point it on problem areas, and then blend.

Light and delicate texture hides imperfections such as redness, bruising under the eyes, age spots. To fix the result, you can apply transparent powder.

Facial concealer

Concealers don’t just come in skin tones. There are whole palettes of colored concealers, each of which has a specific function. For example, green covers redness, while orange and yellow cover dark circles.

Palette of colored concealers

2. Powder

This tool is needed to mattify the skin, even out the tone and fix the foundation or concealer. Powder is also used to blend blush. As a rule, the powder has a shade that needs to be selected individually for your skin. However, there are also transparent powders that are suitable for everyone.

Translucent powder for natural makeup

If you have oily sheen on your skin all the time, powder will help to cope with it. You can purchase compact powder in a small case that is convenient to carry around and use throughout the day as needed.

3. Foundation

For natural makeup, it is best to choose a foundation with a light texture. It helps to hide rashes, redness, age spots, dark circles under the eyes and vascular networks.

Applying foundation with natural makeup

When choosing a foundation, you need to focus not only on the skin tone, but also on its type:

  • For dry skin, you need a cream with a moisturizing effect.
  • For oily – a tonal base with a matting effect.
  • If you have problematic skin, look for a foundation that says “non-comedogenic.”
  • Owners of combination skin foundation should be used with powder. It should be applied to the T-zone (forehead, chin and nose).
Applying foundation with a brush

4. Blush

Optional, but very effective tool. Blush allows you to create a natural and delicate blush, giving the face a healthy and cheerful look.

Blush in natural makeup

In the palette of shades of blush, you can find not only classic pink, but also creamy, peach and many other shades. The darker the skin, the darker the color of the blush should be. Also, makeup looks more advantageous if the lipstick matches the shade with blush.

5. Mascara

There are a variety of shades, but when creating a natural make-up, it is best to limit yourself to classic black mascara.

Types of mascara brushes

Mascara is of four types:

  • lengthening;
  • to give volume;
  • twisting;
  • double.

Each of them has a specific brush. For example, for mascara, the brush is thick and thick to add volume, and curved for twisting.

6. Eyeliner

Like mascara, eyeliner can be any shade. There are even special eyeliners with sparkles.

Arrows for natural makeup

They can give originality to makeup, but black or brown is suitable for everyday makeup. In addition, you can draw arrows not only with eyeliner, but also with persistent shadows using a special beveled brush.

7. Pencil for eyes and eyebrows

It must be selected, focusing on the color of the hair: the pencil should be darker in tone. Eyebrow pencil can be replaced with a liner, which draws individual hairs. These two tools are successfully combined: the pencil creates the effect of shadows on the eyebrows, and the liner fills the voids.

Natural eyebrows with natural makeup

If you have thick and unruly eyebrows, comb the hairs with an eyebrow brush before coloring them. And in order for them to look neat throughout the day, and the pencil is not erased, fix the result with a transparent eyebrow gel.

8. Shadows

They can help you look…

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