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How to make oriental makeup: step by step photo

Oriental makeup: step by step photos

Oriental beauties are forced to hide their beauty under their clothes, leaving only their eyes accessible to men. From here came the tradition to make every effort to give the look of charming mystery and mystery. Oriental girls from an early age study makeup techniques, because the ability to express their individuality is a whole science.

Types of oriental makeup

Oriental makeup

There are three varieties of the oriental image: Arabic, Japanese (including Korean) and Indian. Each is good in its own way and at the same time they are completely different techniques. But there are some similarities here as well. For example, the choice of color palette for each eye color can be called the same.

For light eyes (blue, green, gray and other combinations), light colors are ideal:

  • Blue;
  • light green;
  • Light purple;
  • Lilac;
  • dusty rose;
  • Champagne.

With a dark eye color (brown or black), blue, black, gold, chocolate, brown with a red undertone are perfectly combined and emphasize the depth.

In both cases, it is important to be able to play with colors (usually they are used a lot), to mix them step by step, to find and create unique ensembles. The ability to draw correct and uniform arrows is also an integral part of this type of makeup.

It is very important to pay attention to the eyebrows – they must be carefully plucked and have clear contours. Japanese women, by the way, prefer to pluck their eyebrows to thin strips. In general, the East, as well as its makeup variations, is a delicate, harmonious and fascinating thing.


Arabic makeup

The most fashionable today can be safely called Arabic makeup. He stands out among his fellows with the brightness of the image, sophistication and harmony. But, it should be remembered that such a make-up has the status of an evening one (acceptable at a wedding party and other events) and it is not suitable for a daytime type.

Features of creating Arabic makeup:

  • The foundation. First, pay attention to the tonal basis. It should match the natural complexion of Arab girls, i.e. have a light coffee shade;
  • Shadow color. The palette is dominated by beautiful golden and natural shades;
  • Brows. Do not forget that in this version they should be neat, well-groomed with clearly defined lines;
  • Eyelashes. A prerequisite – lush eyelashes, elongated closer to the arch of the eyes, can be slightly curved. If your eyelashes do not meet these standards, false eyelashes are quite suitable, in this version they will be more than welcome;
  • Arrows. To enhance the effect, a black eyeliner or pencil is used; with its help, arrows should be drawn that repeat the outlines of the shadows;
  • Lips. Bright colors of lipstick are not used here, Arab beauties prefer natural shades or lip gloss.

With the help of shadows, the main outlines of the image are given, i.e. the shape of the eyes is corrected, by default they should have a slightly elongated shape. To create it, apply the main shade that you will use in the middle of the eyelid and gently blend it closer to the eyebrow line so that it lies as naturally as possible. He will play the main role. Add a few more colors to your liking.


Indian makeup

Indian women are less reserved. The Indian makeup technique can be very different from the previous options. Bright colors of shadows and lipsticks are acceptable here, but you should not get carried away – everything should be harmonious, and not look like a mask.

The main tone is the color of light bronze, typical for Indian beauties. This make-up is perfect for brown-eyed beauties. Actress Aishwarya Rai can be safely called the standard of beauty in terms of the art of makeup.

You can create a more discreet version of Indian makeup at home by preparing an eyeshadow palette, a soft taupe pencil, black and gold eyeliner and a highlighter or white pencil.

Step 1: base.

Basic pencil drawing

Using a soft pencil, draw the desired shape on the upper eyelid. To do this, draw neat arrows that slightly extend beyond the upper line of the eyelid. Then the pencil is applied over the entire moving eyelid, while slightly shading.

Lower eyeliner

With the same pencil, draw an arrow along the lash line of the lower eyelid. An important rule is that the tips of the upper and lower arrows should never touch. You should also make the bottom line shorter. At the same time, it only needs to be gently shaded.

Step 2: applying shadows.

Applying shadows

We select the most similar shade color from the shadow palette. With a wide soft brush, apply it from the middle of the eyelid to the outer corner of the eye. At the corner, you also need to add another shade a couple of tones darker than the previous one.

Shadows must be shaded to create a smooth transition between colors. This will help visually lengthen and enlarge the eyes.

Step 3: drawing arrows.

Drawing a golden arrow

Draw double arrows. Bright or shiny shades, for example, golden ones, are applied first. With a thin special brush, we apply eyeliner or special glitter shadows from the inner corner of the eye, while the line should go beyond it, and the tip should be bent down, rushing to the bridge of the nose.

Draw an arrow

The outer corner of the arrow should follow the shape of the shadows. It should be bent with a corner up, and also slightly expanded. In this case, the arrow does not have to go along the entire length of the shadows, it is enough to draw it along the most saturated area.

Draw a black arrow

Next, with an ordinary black eyeliner, we repeat the contour of the golden arrow. This arrow should be applied strictly along the lash line and be half as thin as the previous one, but completely coincide with it in shape. However, it differs in its length: the black arrow is drawn longer than the golden one.

Step 4: Adding an accent.

Adding a golden accent

With a medium-sized brush with soft bristles, apply a little golden shadow on the lower eyelid at the inner corner of the eyes. This is necessary in order to “open up” the look and make it visually larger.

You should be as careful as possible so as not to overdo it with the number of shadows. They also need to be shaded for a smooth transition into the base color.

Step 5: drawing the mucosa.

Mucosal drawing

With a soft white pencil or, without it, with white shadows, we draw a line along the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid, namely along the inner line of eyelash growth. This line is highlighted for greater contrast and enlargement of the eyes.

Step 6: eyelashes.

Eyelash dyeing

The final step is dyeing the eyelashes. In oriental make-up, it is recommended to use black mascara or false eyelashes in the Claire style or in bunches. Eyelashes should also be painted over carefully to avoid the appearance of lumps.

To complete the look, it is recommended to paint the lips with a more neutral or not too bright color: pale pink, champagne, chocolate, …

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