как увеличить глаза с помощью макияжа

How to make your eyes look bigger with makeup [визуально сделать больше] – step by step photo instruction

7 ways to visually enlarge your eyes with makeup

The first and most important thing you should do for your eyes is to provide them with proper care. Patches, eye cream and a special make-up remover are not luxury, but first beauty essentials! Especially if the skin around the eyes is prone to puffiness or dryness.

How to enlarge eyes with makeup and make them wider?

Don’t move the arrows

Broad arrows are prohibited! But a thin elegant arrow with a tail pointing upwards is a must-have for visually enlarging the eyes, which is definitely worth learning.

emphasize the eyes with arrows

Another good technique is to highlight only the outer corner of the eye with eyeliner, starting from the central part of the eyelid. Try the Hyper Precise liner with a thin, felt-tip applicator and long-lasting formula.

enlarge eyes with arrows

Come to the bright side

The eyes often appear smaller due to dark circles. How to be? Concealer Instant Eraser to the rescue! Toned the area under the lower eyelids (remember the inverted triangle rule) to visually enlarge the eyes.

Instant Eraser

brilliant work

Products with shimmer and reflective particles have a curious ability – they make makeup more voluminous.

  • Highlighter (for example, Face Studio Shimmer Highlighter) will help you “open your eyes”: apply it under the eyebrow and in the inner corners of the eyes. Warm cream colors are suitable for fair skin, and golden ones are suitable for olive skin.
  • Finishing the eye make-up, add a drop of glitter or shadows with a satin finish to the central part of the eyelid. Get a real 3D make-up!
  • enlarge eyes with highlighter

flap your eyelashes

“Doll” eye makeup is another answer to the question “how to make eyes bigger”. Curl your lashes with a curler or curl up mascara like Lash Sensational and The Falsies Lash Lift. Be sure to color both the upper and lower lashes from root to tip! The secret is to stretch them vertically, as if opening your eyes (this is especially true if you have an Asian eye shape).

emphasize eyes with mascara


highlight the eyes with a pencil

Highlight the water line of the lower eyelid with a light pencil. It is better to use not white, but beige: this way the makeup will look more natural.

Grand schemer

To make your eyes visually larger, combine light and dark shadows in your make-up. The easiest way to do this is with eyeshadow palettes. For example, The Nudes or The City Mini.

  • Dark shadows are carefully applied to the outer corner of the eye and (required!) In the crease of the eyelid.
  • Light – on the central part of the upper eyelid.

emphasize eyes with shadows

Careful shading is a must!

Not in the eye, but in the eyebrow

Pay special attention to the eyebrows: too wide or too careless will visually narrow the space above the eyes. Remove excess hair, shape your brows with pencil and/or eye shadow, and style your brows with Brow Drama gel or tinted mascara.

brow drama

Make sure that the tail of the eyebrow is not too short! It also makes the eyes look smaller.

How to make eyes bigger with makeup: step by step photo tutorial

The path to the perfect eye makeup is through our step-by-step photo tutorial! Try to make up for every day, which visually enlarges the eyes.

You will need:

  • Brow Satin brow pencil in shade 2.
  • Eye Pencil Expression Kajal.
  • City Mini eyeshadow palette in shade 430.
  • Mascara Lash Lift.

Ready to get started?

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