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How to make your waist thin at home in a week

How to make your waist thin diet and exercise

How to get a thin waist is a feminine, exciting, topical issue. Every lady wants to look perfect. Yes, and any man is pleased to see a lady with the parameters of a Barbie doll – a symbol of beauty and attractiveness. Factors affecting waist size:

• the amount of body fat on the sides;
• the volume of the muscles of the back, abdomen;
• the amount of the hormone estrogen;
• natural proportions, which were awarded by nature.

How to make your waist thinner

The set of measures to achieve an ideal waist is simple: regular exercise and a correct diet. Details on what steps to take so that the belt area is narrow and the hips are wide are described below. But first, a few general tips to help reduce the waist.

1. Drink cool water to speed up your metabolism and increase your fat burning rate.
2. A full breakfast is a must. Metabolic processes start, the body wakes up and begins to burn fat in the morning.
3. Only rocking the press will not help, since the body loses weight not only atm where we want.

How to make your waist thin at home – diet

You need to start by counting calories – a beautiful figure loves it. It is important to reduce excess volume of the whole body and specifically the waist circumference. Foods to include in your diet:

• olive oil, avocado is a supplier of monounsaturated fatty acids, guarding harmony (does not allow fat to accumulate, including in problem areas);
• pine nuts, whose oil stimulates the release of hormones that suppress appetite;
• raspberries, grapefruit, pineapple have fat-burning properties;
• fish oil reduces the level of body fat, stimulates lipid oxidation;
• oatmeal contains fiber, complex carbohydrates, lowers cholesterol, saves from obesity. It is she who increases the level of testosterone, causes the body to burn fat and build muscle mass.

How to make a thin waist and flat stomach at home, exercises

A woman can remove her sides on her own, tighten her stomach, straighten her posture, and as a result, a woman can get a wasp waist at home, and for free. The following describes the lessons that will help you get a gorgeous result in just a month at home.

1. Hoop.

Many criticize him, but in vain. The hula hoop can be twisted easily and for a long time, which means that it can influence the problem area for a long time. With the help of a light hoop, which is difficult to hold on the body, the formation of slender proportions is achieved due to intense swinging of the hips. Classes with a weighted hoop equipped with massage inserts have a complex effect on the body. Blood circulation improves, muscle tone increases, the skin becomes elastic.

2. Jump rope.

While jumping on it, the muscles are in constant tension, the metabolism is accelerated. The result of regular exercise is overall weight loss, the waist circumference becomes smaller. An example of a three-minute intensive workout with a rope: jump at a fast pace for 45 seconds, rest for 15 seconds; 45 seconds of moderate jumps, 15 seconds of rest; 45 seconds slow jumps, 15 seconds rest. This is one circle, do several of them.

3. An exercise that has good reviews, is effective in strengthening the oblique muscles of the abdomen and shaping a beautiful feminine waistline. Lie on your back, spread your arms palms down, bend your knees and lift your legs. Turn your legs alternately to the sides, touching the floor with your knees. Perform 20 times in both directions.

4. Plank.

Exercise strengthens deep muscles, creates a press. The body is very tense, rests on the toes and palms, stretched horizontally into a string. Try to hold the position for up to one minute, gradually increase the time. Do 3 – 4 approaches. On the network there are photos depicting the correct position of the body in the plank position.

5. Pump.

The best exercise that quickly narrows the waist, restoring a flat stomach after childbirth. It affects the transverse abdominal muscle, which holds the internal organs, which plays the role of a natural corset. Slightly lean forward, rest your palms on your knees. Take a breath, sharply exhale from the lungs all the air to the drop, hold your breath. Draw in the stomach to the very spine, as deep as possible. Hold for 15 seconds, increasing the hold time with each workout. Watch the spring edition of the program “Everything will be kind”, the video describes in detail the technique for performing this simple effective exercise.

During the preparation of the material, the consultation was carried out by:

Maria Bern
Maria Bern (nutritionist). Certified specialist with many years of experience. Diagnosis and treatment of the entire spectrum of endocrine diseases. Owns the technique of providing emergency medical care in acute conditions.

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