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How to make yourself a temporary bang: 6 fashion ideas

Temporary bangs: 6 stylish hairstyle options

Bangs are one of the easiest ways to slightly change the appearance. It is not difficult to make it, and if you don’t like it, you can always grow it or remove it with a hairpin. But why take the risk when you can make a trendy hairstyle with temporary bangs while maintaining your own length of hair?

We talk about the most popular ways to make yourself a bang.

How to make a bang while keeping your hair?

Do not rush to cut the bangs, because it does not suit many. And someone can not cope with her styling, and look forward to when the hair grows back.

If the desire to walk around with bangs is similar to the impulse to change here and now, make yourself one of the trendy hairstyles that do not require a haircut. When you are sure this is the option for you, head to the hairdresser and cut one of the trendy bangs.

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Method 1: from the beam

Fake bun bangs

The easiest way to make bangs for yourself is to collect your hair in a high ponytail, scroll the elastic band not to the end so that the tips are on the top of your head and cover your forehead. Then we carefully lay them out, fix them with invisibility and enjoy the compliments of those who are not very versed in hairstyles to understand how you did it.

Method 2: from the tail

How to make bangs out of a tail

As in the previous version, we collect hair in a high tail. But now we will select only a part of it and fasten it on the top of the head with hairpins. The rest of the strands remain free.

This method is suitable for girls with long and thick hair. also relevant for those who have extended hair.

Method 3: use a bandage or hoop

Bangs from a bunch with a bandage

A hoop or bandage will help to cover the place where the hair is fixed at the crown, if it is not possible to carefully fix the invisibility. Over time, this hairstyle option does not seem so complicated and even beginners can do it, but for the first time it is better to play it safe.

Method 4: false or temporary bangs

How to wear false bangs

Even easier to change the image is to purchase a false bangs. Last year, our young celebrities from Hannah to Nastya Reshetova were delighted with this hair accessory.

The advantage of false bangs is the ability to wear it with loose hair. The rest of the hairstyles suggest collected hairstyles.

Method 5: on the side and smooth

Smooth bangs on the side trend photo

If you follow fashion trends, you have obviously noticed that sleek hairstyles are back in trend. Making this option with bangs is easy. Select the strand near the ear and drag it to the opposite side. Then we relax a little in the forehead area and fasten it with invisibility, covering it with the bulk of the hair. It is relevant in this case to make a pile.

Method 6: malvinka and side bangs

How to make temporary bangs photo

Another fashionable option with temporary bangs was demonstrated by the daughter of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. She chose a fashionable malvinka and, following the example from the previous method, pulled part of her hair to the opposite side. At the same time, it was not necessary to use a lot of gel, since the malvinka became an excellent basis for a hairstyle, to which it was possible to attach a free curl.

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