Как правильно красить брови

How to paint eyebrows [карандашом, тенями, тинтом] – step by step instructions

What you need to know in order to properly paint your eyebrows

To find “your” shape and create it correctly, makeup artists recommend using the golden section rule. It will help you determine where the eyebrow begins, peaks (the place of maximum bend) and ends.

  • Apply the pencil vertically: from the wing of the nose to the inner corner of the eye. That’s how you start.
  • Place the pencil on the wing of the nose so that it touches the outer corner of the eye. Voila, the tip is found!
  • The peak of the eyebrow is a little more difficult to find: look forward and place the pencil so that one end of it touches the wing of the nose, and the other passes through the edge of the iris.

What other makeup artist tips will help shape your eyebrows?

  1. The beginning of the eyebrow (inner corner) should be lighter than the tip. If the beginning of the eyebrow is dark and graphic, the eyebrows will appear “stenciled”, and the look will be heavy.
  2. The area under the eyebrow can (and even should!) be lightened slightly – for example, with a highlighter.
  3. Eyebrows of medium width will still be relevant. While styling, gently pull the hairs up so that they look tousled. A dramatic break, by the way, is no longer relevant: straight eyebrows or smooth arches are in trend.

How to shape your eyebrows beautifully

Eyebrow architecture (yes, that’s the official term) is primarily about shape. How beautiful to make up eyebrows so that they are in harmony with the rest of the features? First of all, consider the type of face.

If you have a round face

eyebrow shape for round face

Your option is eyebrows with a kink or almost completely straight: the “angular” shape will create an interesting contrast with a rounded face. Remember that short eyebrows = emphasis on chubby cheeks. If necessary, lengthen the ponytail with a pencil or shadows.

If you have an oval face

eyebrow shape for oval face

An oval face is the case when moderately wide eyebrows move from the “you can try” category to a real must have! The bend is best done smoothly, without drama.

If you have a long face

eyebrow shape for long face

Rounded arches will make the face look even longer, so straight eyebrows are the best option. To make the face appear visually wider, make the ponytails long.

If you have a square face

eyebrow shape for square face

The rule of contrast also works in the case of a square face: eyebrows with a smooth curve will soften its features. Straight eyebrows should definitely be abandoned: there will be too many horizontal lines.

If you have a heart or triangle face

eyebrow shape for triangular face

Do not focus on the eyebrows too expressive: a medium width and a slight bend will suit you. Otherwise, a sharp chin will appear even sharper, and the upper half of the face will appear wider.

Eyebrow Shade Tips

From the right shape to the right color!

  • Blondes it is better to choose a shade one or two shades darker than the roots of the hair. Don’t forget about your color type: cool blond goes well with graphite pencil or shadows. And warm, honey – with light brown.
  • brunettes, on the contrary, it is worth giving preference to eyebrow products one or two shades lighter than the color of the hair. If the curls have a brownish sheen, you can use coffee or gray-brown (taupe) shades. If completely black – strictly graphite or black.
  • fair-haired girls can paint their eyebrows with a gray-brown pencil (taupe shade). It’s a win-win!
  • brown hair they can experiment with the depth of the shade: one or two shades darker or lighter than the hair. Depending on the color type, try different options for brown eyebrow products.
  • red-haired warm shades of red-brown range are suitable for girls.

How to beautifully paint eyebrows with a pencil: step-by-step instructions

Thanks to the sharply sharpened tip, it is convenient to draw individual hairs with a pencil (this is especially important if you have sparse and short eyebrows). Try Brow Ultra Slim with an ultra-thin 1.5mm lead and blending brush!

There are only three simple steps in the instructions, so even a beginner can handle eyebrow shaping with a pencil:

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