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How to paint lips with lipstick and pencil [пошаговая инструкция]

How you can beautifully make up your lips: beauty dossier

In recent years, new (and well-forgotten old) trends in lip make-up have dictated: berry and candy shades, glossy texture, classic red, beige nude, gradient technique … But you can decide on the type of product yourself! Among the most popular are lipstick, gloss, pencil and balm.



There are so many types of lipsticks that it is high time to write a book about them. Something like a fat beauty guide! Briefly about the main ones:


  • Liquid – Superstay Matte Ink.
  • Cream in pencil format – Superstay Ink Crayon.
  • Cream in a case (classic “bullet”) — Color Sensational, Hydra Extreme.


  • Glossy – Color Sensational Shine Compulsion.
  • Matte – Superstay Matte Ink, Superstay Ink Crayon, Color Sensational Powder Matte and Hydra Extreme Matte.
  • Satin – Color Sensational and Hydra Extreme.


  • Persistent – Superstay Matte Ink, Superstay Ink Crayon.
  • Moisturizing – Color Sensational, Hydra Extreme.

The lipstick has a fairly dense coating: only a contour pencil is cooler.

paint lips with lipstick

Lip gloss

Lip gloss is experiencing a new renaissance: translucent gloss is back in fashion! This texture visually enlarges the lips, and moisturizing ingredients provide them with additional care. For example, Lifter Gloss contains hyaluronic acid.

Lip pencil

Lip pencil

Lip pencil performs several important tasks at once:

  • Models the shape of the lips.
  • Makes a clear outline.
  • Extends the durability of lip makeup.

They pick up a pencil to match the lipstick (if we are not talking about a gradient make-up). The ideal texture is a dense cream, like a Color Sensational liner.


lip balm

SOS is a product for intensive moisturizing and nourishing lips, which can be applied at the very beginning of a beauty routine and to protect against negative environmental factors. Balms also have other super-powers:

  • Baby Lips DR Rescue has a cooling formula that improves the microcirculation of the lips.
  • Baby Lips Cherry and Peach – tint balms with SPF 20 and caring ingredients: shea butter, aloe, centella asiatica, honey.
  • Baby Lips Intensive care – reanimates lips due to the high content of vitamin E.

How to paint lips with lipstick: step by step instructions

How to paint lips with lipstick: step by step instructions

To beautifully make up your lips with a classic stick lipstick without a pencil, you should start with moisturizing. Balm Baby Lips to the rescue!

  1. Tilt the lipstick diagonally so that the sharp tip coincides with the highest part of the check mark above the lip. Repeat the movement by flipping the lipstick to the other side. On the upper lip you should get a “cross”.
  2. Paint the center part of the lower lip.
  3. Open your mouth a little and connect the corners of the lips with the painted areas. Try to hold the lipstick so that there is always a sharp tip or side of the stick next to the lip contour. So your hand will not block the view.
  4. Fill in the inside of your lips with lipstick.
  5. Blot your lips gently with a tissue to remove excess lipstick.

A couple of helpful tips:

  • If the sharp tip of the lipstick is worn off, it is better to use a special brush.
  • If the contour of the lips turned out to be uneven, flaws can be hidden with a concealer! It is most convenient to apply it with a flat brush with a beveled tip.

How to beautifully and evenly make up lips using a pencil

How to beautifully and evenly make up lips using a pencil

Lip liner is often underestimated. And, by the way, in vain! We have collected a few life hacks that are definitely worth picking up.

  1. What comes first – pencil or lipstick? Most makeup artists are convinced that the pencil is unambiguous.
  2. To evenly line your lips with a pencil, hold it horizontally or at an angle of 45 degrees.
  3. If you want your lips to look fuller, underline the checkmark of the upper and central area of ​​the lower lip with a pencil 1-2 shades darker than lipstick. Another option is to create a contour with a nude pencil, slightly going beyond the boundaries of the lips. There are 14 colors in the Color Sensational liner palette at once, so you will definitely find the right one!
  4. To make your lip makeup as saturated and persistent as possible, first paint over them with a pencil, and then apply gloss or lipstick.

  How to make up lips with a pencil instead of lipstick

How to make up lips with a pencil instead of lipstick: beauty instruction

How to paint lips with a pencil and only? We share step by step instructions:

  1. First, draw a checkmark above the upper lip. Try to hold the pencil perpendicular to the lips, then the line will be as clear as possible. Lips should be closed.
  2. Emphasize the contour of the lower lip so that the length of the upper checkmark coincides with the long eyeliner below. This will help make the lips symmetrical.
  3. Highlight the corners of the lips.
  4. With light strokes, connect the lines in the corners of the lips with the eyeliner on the upper and lower lip
  5. Make sure the lips are symmetrical. Touch up the contour if necessary, and then paint over the lips with a pencil.

  How to make up lips with a pencil instead of lipstick

Such a coating will resemble a matte lipstick! However, there is a much simpler option: Superstay Ink Crayon lipstick stick is shaped like a pencil with a sharp tip, so even a beauty beginner can handle the application. Longevity up to 8 hours!

Superstay Ink Crayon

How to paint lips with liquid matte lipstick

For girls who love matte textures, it is important to especially carefully care for the skin of the lips. The minimum program is scrub and balm. What else is important to know in order to beautifully and evenly make up your lips with matte lipstick?

  1. Liquid matte lipstick should be applied over a moisturizing balm. But only after it is completely absorbed! Otherwise, the lipstick will “strip”.
  2. How to paint lips with liquid matte lipstick

  3. If you want to achieve the brightest shade, apply concealer to your lips before lipstick.
  4. Matte liquid lipstick dries quickly, so it’s best to work out the contour of the lips in advance with a pencil.

How to paint lips with liquid matte lipstick

Remove matte liquid lipstick with oil-based products.

How to evenly make up lips with gloss

The main advantage of lip gloss is its translucent texture. Perfect for beauty beginners! You can make up your lips with gloss in several ways at once:

  1. In a duet with a pencil. Use a pencil that is close in color to your natural lip color. Circle the outline with it so that the shine does not spread.
  2. In proud loneliness. Apply gloss to the center of your lips. Then remove the remnants of the product from the applicator and blend the product from the central part to the corners. This technique will help to avoid excessive accumulation of gloss in the corners of the lips, otherwise they will look more “fat” than glossy.
  3. lifter gloss

  4. Over matte lipstick. Such a make-up of the lips will turn out to be as persistent and saturated as possible!
  5. How to paint lips with gloss

TOP 5 secrets of beautiful lip makeup

Maybelline NY make-up artists shared the secrets that will help you make up your lips correctly, beautifully and evenly!

  1. If you have thin lips, “hide” their contour with a concealer, and why draw a new one with a pencil, deviating from the natural one by 1 mm. After applying lipstick, the lips will appear larger (just do not use translucent textures, otherwise the contour will be too noticeable).
  2. If you have flat lips, add volume to them using a gradient technique, and then drip some gloss into the central part.
  3. How to make up lips to make them look plumper? First, apply a little highlighter to the dimple above the upper lip. Use glossy…

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