Eyebrow plucking with tweezers

How to pluck your eyebrows and make them even more beautiful (with photo examples of 2022)

Neatly plucked eyebrows with the correct shape make the face more expressive and attractive. Sometimes they are able to radically change it, both for the better and for the worse. Of course, you can shape your eyebrows in the salon, but you still have to remove the extra hairs yourself. We will talk about how to do this in the article.

Eyebrow plucking with tweezers

Many people remember how thin eyebrows “threads” were in vogue until quite recently. However, now the trend is for naturalness, so wide eyebrows are not uncommon. Sometimes there are also “sable”, very wide eyebrows, which, however, look harmonious.

Plucked eyebrows

And this happens because the most suitable shape of the eyebrows for the face is the one that is given by nature. Do not try to chase fashion and pluck them too much or, conversely, draw too wide. It will be enough to give the eyebrows a neat shape and remove excess hairs, emphasizing the natural beauty.

We select the shape of the eyebrows according to the type of face, relevant for 2022 – for proper plucking

Of course, natural beauty is good, but sometimes it happens that by nature the eyebrows are very rare and almost invisible. Others, on the contrary, have a desire to put them in order and get rid of a lot of extra hairs.

Eyebrow correction with tweezers

In this case, before you color your eyebrows or pluck them, you need to decide which shape is suitable for your type of face. The correct architecture of the eyebrows will not only make the look expressive, but also correct the entire face as a whole.

  • oval

This type of face is considered the most common. Owners of an oval face need “straight” eyebrows, but with a slight rounding. It is important to find a middle ground here: a sharp break will give the face severity, and high rounded eyebrows will stretch it out, which is very undesirable.

Eyebrows for an oval face

  • Round

Girls with a round face often try to add “sharpness” to it: cheekbones are highlighted, sometimes they don’t see the measures using contouring. However, it will be much better to transform the face if you make the eyebrows of the correct shape.

Eyebrows for a round face

It is they who largely influence the perception of the face. They should have a sharp corner and an expressive “tail”. This will give character to the facial expression and smooth out its “softness”, which some of its owners do not like.

  • square

It is distinguished by geometricity and sharpness, and the reason for this is a wide jaw. Eyebrows here should visually soften the face, so you can not choose a sharp shape with corners. They should be round and smooth.

Eyebrows for a square face

Also, the owners of a round face should not make eyebrow threads, as this, on the contrary, will emphasize the angularity of the chin. The ideal is the average natural width.

  • Rectangular

This type of face is in many ways similar to a square one, the only difference is that the rectangular shape is slightly more elongated. Therefore, the rule also applies here: eyebrows should be plucked so that they turn out to be rounded, but you should not give them a high bend.

Eyebrows for a square face

In addition, since the face is oblong, the eyebrows should be moderately long.

  • triangular

The forehead stands out the most here. This happens because the face is narrowed at the chin, and the upper part of the face looks larger than the lower. The main task of the eyebrows in this case is to shift attention from the forehead and balance the parts of the face.

Fact about eyebrows

The beauty of the eyebrows people have paid attention since ancient times. Already 5500 years ago, in ancient Egypt, there was a fashion for thickly summed up, blackened eyebrows. And both in men and women.

Eyebrows for a triangular face

The shape should not be straight, you also need to try to lift the “tails” up to stretch the eyebrows. The lowered corners will give a frustrated look to the facial expression.

  • Rhomboid

Similar to the triangular, but the diamond-shaped face is more angular. In order not to be too conspicuous, eyebrow masters give the eyebrows roundness. You can make a slight smooth bend, but it should not be sharp. The most suitable eyebrow shape for girls with a diamond-shaped face is arched.

Eyebrows on a diamond face

What to do before you start plucking your eyebrows

Do not rush to pluck your eyebrows – first draw a contour with any cosmetic pencil so as not to make a mistake with the shape. You need to draw it in several stages:

  1. Hold the pencil vertically to the nose so that it passes through the inner corner of the eye. The place of the beginning of the eyebrow will be the intersection of the pencil with the eyebrow.
  2. Next, look for the highest point of the eyebrow bend. To do this, attach the pencil diagonally – it should pass through the center of the eye.
Building eyebrow architecture

  1. To build the third point, namely the place where the “tail” comes out, attach the pencil to the tip of the nose and direct it so that it crosses the outer corner of the eye.
  2. Connect all three dots. You will receive a contour that will help you create the most suitable eyebrow shape for you.
natural eyebrows

Choice of tweezers for plucking eyebrows

Properly selected tweezers will greatly facilitate the procedure and help you pluck your eyebrows much faster.

This tool is different, and you need to choose it based on the characteristics of your eyebrows:

  • Straight tweezers. Suitable for owners of thick and voluminous eyebrows. It takes quite a long time to pluck them, but straight tweezers are able to capture several hairs at once, which speeds up the process.
Straight tweezers for eyebrows

  • Beveled tweezers. If the eyebrows are thin and require slight correction, choose beveled tweezers. They can remove hairs one at a time, so you can’t accidentally pluck too much.
Angled eyebrow tweezers

  • With rounded ends. Used to remove small, thin and inconspicuous hairs that are difficult to catch with ordinary tweezers.
Eyebrow tweezers with rounded ends

  • Sharp tweezers. It is better not to purchase for home use, because this type of tweezers require special preparation. In case of inept handling, there is a risk of injury. Usually they are used by eyebrow masters to remove ingrown hairs and give the perfect shape to the eyebrows.
Sharp eyebrow tweezers

If you have medium-sized brows and are looking for a tweezer for home use, the beveled version is best.

How to pluck your eyebrows

It may seem that the procedure is simple and does not require any preparation. However, in order not to injure the skin, you need to follow the instructions:

  1. The first stage is preparation. Find a well-lit area so you can see all the hairs, even the smallest ones. It is best to stand by the window. Pre-steaming will help make the procedure less painful.
    It can be done purposefully, but there will also be enough time just spent in the shower. Ice can also help reduce discomfort.
    Lightly rub the skin of the eyebrows with a cube. If the skin is dry, moisturize it with cream 10 minutes before starting the procedure. Remember to disinfect your skin and tweezers, otherwise there is a risk of infection.
natural eyebrows

  1. Comb hairs a special eyebrow brush. Sometimes it is on the cap of a pencil.
Smooth plucked eyebrows with spray

  1. When plucking your eyebrows, follow the direction of hair growth. – from the nose to the temples. However, in some places, for example, near the bridge of the nose, the hairs grow upward. Consider this.
Uncolored plucked eyebrows

  1. To make it easier to grab hairsslightly pull with one hand…

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