Well-groomed eyelashes on the girl's face

How to properly design a portfolio in 2022: a master class in photography of eyelashes

The life of a modern woman is full of daily challenges, but no matter what happens, true ladies always remain on top. Confidence in their attractiveness inspires girls to overcome difficulties with their heads held high.

Well-groomed eyelashes on the girl's face

To look flawless anytime, anywhere, we advise you to start with spectacular eye makeup. Thick silky eyelashes are one of the first make-up accents that should be given attention.

Beautiful woman with long eyelashes

To create an instant volume, an extension procedure is suitable, thanks to which the look becomes open and deep.

Eyelash extensions in makeup with an arrow

If there is a need to improve the hairs, we recommend Botox. The nutritious vitamin composition will make the bristles longer and thicker, and also give them a darker shade.

Natural eyelashes after Botox treatment

To achieve a rich color, you can resort to staining. Gentle paint with an ammonia-free composition will take care of the healthy shine of your eyelashes, and henna dyeing will activate hair growth.

Permanent eyelash tinting with ammonia-free paint

Eyelash tinting with natural henna

To form a graceful curve of natural bristles, a lamination service is provided. Additional advantages of the performed procedure will be the strengthening and increase in the elasticity of the ciliary row.

Long laminated lashes

Sooner or later, every girl who decides to entrust her eyelashes to professionals faces the problem of choosing a specialist.

Beauty procedure of classic eyelash extension

With the development of information technology, the reviews of girlfriends, the advice of colleagues and neighbors are gradually fading into the background. It is much easier to assess the professionalism of the master by looking at examples of his work in his personal portfolio.

Eyelash extensions from different angles: direct view, top view with eyes closed

In this article, we will tell you how to properly photograph eyelashes after salon manipulations in order to maximize your talent as a lashmaker to potential clients.

What are the advantages of a well-designed portfolio with excellent quality eyelash photos in 2022

Quality photos:

  • will allow you to appreciate your level of skill;
  • contribute to the expansion of the list of regular customers;
  • distinguish you from other professionals;
  • will help confirm the adequacy of the cost of the service.
Eyelash extensions: full face portrait of a client

How to take eye-catching eyelash photos for a lashmaker portfolio

In order for your work to be talked about, you need to clearly declare it with the help of photographs.

Eyelash extensions of a client in profile

There are several principles for compiling a quality portfolio.

1. Camera

The higher the resolution of the photographing device, the better it will convey the result of your efforts. It is not necessary to buy a professional camera, most smartphones are equipped with good devices.

Eyelash extensions close-up

2. Lighting

The light in the room where the shooting is taking place should be softly diffused. The dimmable cold-light diode you use at work is ideal for the effect, but you can also take pictures in daylight by asking the client to sit by the window.

eyelash extension procedure

When working with the lamp, keep a comfortable distance for the client’s eyes to prevent tearing. Watch the play of shadows on her face to brighten up imperfections.

Eyelash extensions close-up

3. Angle

Fact about eyelashes

Changing eyelashes is a natural process. If the body lacks nutrients, the hormonal balance is disturbed, the hairs become thinner and more brittle, and the bulbs “fall asleep”.

A comprehensive portfolio should include photographs from various angles.

eyelash extension procedure up close

4. Close-up

Shooting the result close up allows you to appreciate the filigree work of the master.

Eyelash lamination close-up

There are several most advantageous options for the position of the client’s eyes.

  • The eyes look straight ahead. A full-face photo will help capture the density of the extended bristles, as well as show the distribution of artificial hairs in the ciliary row.
    To make the photo realistic, you need to align the position of the pupil by asking the client to focus on your hand until you find the optimal position.
    Another secret lies in the choice of the shooting point – it is best to photograph a direct look from a position that is above the point of focus of the eyes.
Direct look of colored eyelashes

  • Side view. A profile photo will convey the subtle curve of the eyelashes. The eye of the client, located further from the master, will look more advantageous.
Eyelash extensions: side view

  • The eyes are closed. The photo will display the result of the work in its entirety: the density, the bend, and the extension scheme will be noticeable. The best shooting point is from above.
    At the same time, ask the client to relax her face and not squint.
Eyelash extensions on closed eyes

How to photograph eyelashes in portrait photography in 2022

The portrait allows you to convey the general view of the eyelashes on the client’s face.

Portrait photo of eyelash dyeing

A few rules that you need to consider to get high-quality photos:

  • do not shoot back to back;
  • advise the model to look straight ahead or slightly look away;
  • ask the client to relax and smile;
Portrait of a client with eyelash extensions

  • when shooting in profile, make sure that the model’s gaze is directed straight ahead;
  • good shots are obtained when the client is lying on the couch.
Portrait of a woman with doll-like eyelash extensions

Rules for retouching photos with eyelashes

To make a photo look professional, it should be processed before publication.

The effect of wet eyelashes on the girl's face

For this:

  • smooth the color and texture of the skin;
  • conceal imperfections and dark circles under the eyes;
  • adjust the brightness and clarity of the picture.
Classic eyelash extension

However, you should not get too carried away with filters so that potential clients do not get the impression that the master is trying to hide flaws in his work.

Eyelash extensions with 2D volume

Portfolio lash photo update

Don’t forget to update your portfolio regularly with pictures of new work.

Eyelash extension correction

What other photos of eyelashes will be needed for a portfolio

A good move is to show how the eyelashes designed by the master manifest themselves in everyday wear. Add a photo of the hairs a few weeks after the procedure to demonstrate the longevity of the volume and secure hold.

Removal of eyelash extensions


Protect copyright rules with an individual mark on the photo. It is better to order a signature design, which will bring recognition to your brand in the future, from specialists.

Eyelash dyeing close-up

Proper positioning of your work is the key to the success of a lashmaker. High-quality photos help reveal the level of skill of a specialist and inspire confidence among a wide audience. Therefore, every specialist who wants to popularize their services should work on building a perspective and lighting.

Compliance with these recommendations will certainly contribute to the release of your marketing strategy to a new level.

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