how to quickly and easily remove bags under the eyes at home for a man and a woman

Bags under the eyes are usually a cosmetic problem and do not require special treatment. Home treatments can help reduce or eliminate eye puffiness.

Medical and surgical procedures are available if you are concerned about swelling under the eyes.

Causes of bags under the eyes

As you age, the tissue structures and muscles that support your eyelids weaken. The skin may begin to sag, and fat that is normally confined to the area around the eye (the orbit) may move to the area under your eyes. Also, the space under your eyes can accumulate fluid, making the area under your eyes puffy.

Several factors cause or worsen this effect, including:

  • Fluid retention, especially on waking or after a salty meal
  • Lack of sleep
  • allergies
  • Smoking
  • Heredity

How to effectively remove bags and bruises under the eyes of a woman

  • Use a cool compress. Dampen a clean washcloth with cool water. While sitting, apply a damp towel to the skin under and around the eyes for a few minutes using gentle pressure.
  • Reduce the amount of liquid before bed and reduce the amount of salt in your diet. This will reduce fluid retention, which can cause bags under the eyes.
  • Do not smoke. Smoking can exacerbate the problem of bags under the eyes.
  • Get enough sleep. For most adults, seven to nine hours is a good amount of sleep.
  • Sleep with your head slightly elevated. You can add an extra pillow or prop up your mattress. Or raise the entire head of the bed a few inches. This helps prevent fluid from building up around the eyes while you sleep. Dark circles caused by fluid retention in the lower eyelids usually disappear when you stand up.
  • Reduce allergy symptoms. Avoid allergens whenever possible. Try over-the-counter allergy medications. Talk to your doctor about prevention strategies if you develop under-eye reactions due to hair dyes, soaps, cosmetics, or other allergens.
  • Use cosmetics. If you want to cover up your under eye circles, try using makeup.

How to effectively remove permanent bags and bruises under the eyes of a man

Use tea bags

You can actually use caffeine sachets under your eyes to get rid of dark circles.

The caffeine in tea contains powerful antioxidants and can increase blood flow to your skin. It is also said to protect against UV rays and potentially slow down the aging process.

How to do it:

  1. Steep two tea bags for 3-5 minutes.
  2. Let the tea bags cool in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.
  3. Then squeeze out additional liquid and apply to the under-eye area.
  4. Leave the tea bags on for 15-30 minutes.

Use a cold compress

Throw away those expensive creams. Relief from dark circles can be as simple as using a cold compress that you make using the materials you already have. Applying ice to the area can help the blood vessels to constrict quickly.

Some options include:

  • chilled teaspoon
  • cool cucumber
  • wet washcloth
  • package of frozen vegetables

Before applying, wrap the compress with a soft cloth to protect the skin from too much frost. You only need to apply the compress for a few minutes to see results.

Drink more water

Water makes up about 60 percent of your body weight. Given this, it’s no surprise that dehydration can contribute to the formation of bags under the eyes. Increasing your water intake should help.

Experts recommend drinking about 13 cups of fluid a day for men, and about 9 cups of fluid for women.

Don’t like water? The good news is that all fluids count towards your daily total. However, water is a low-calorie option. Try sparkling waters, flavored waters, or even fruit-infused waters. Hot or cold decaffeinated herbal tea is another good choice.

How to easily and quickly remove bags under the eyes at home

How to remove bags under the eyes with massage

Based on the theory of lymphatic drainage for eye bags, here is what you can do for your eyes:

  1. Using gentle tapping motions with your index and middle fingers (no pulling or dragging), tap the circle around the eyes. Tapping brings blood flow to the area.
  2. Go out along the eyebrows, then inward along the top of the cheekbones to the bridge of the nose. Roll your eyes three times.
  3. Then, with your middle fingers, press firmly upward at the pressure points just below the brow bone on both sides of the nose, where the eyebrows should begin.
  4. Then press it firmly against your nose, over the bridge of your nose, next to your tear ducts.
  5. Massage your temples with your index and middle fingers to finish.

The great thing about this tapping massage is that you can do it at any time of the day without ruining your makeup too much. Make sure you don’t run your fingers over the delicate skin around your eyes to avoid damaging it.

For extra relaxation, do it with cold eye cream.

How to remove bags under the eyes with folk remedies

Apply a cool compress.

Dampen a clean, soft washcloth in cool water. Gently press the tissue under and around your eyes, making sure it completely covers the entire packaged area. Continue for approximately five minutes.

  • Cold compresses—and other cooling methods—work by constricting the blood vessels responsible for discoloration and swelling under the eye.

Press a cold spoon to your eyes.

Place four stainless steel spoons into a cold glass of ice water. Let them cool for two to four minutes. Take out one spoonful and gently apply it to the swollen, dark circle under the eye, applying light pressure. Keep it there until the spoon is warm to your skin temperature.

  • Return the used spoon to the ice water and take out a new spoon. Repeat this process with the bag under the other eye.
  • Continue as needed, replacing warmed spoons with chilled ones, for 5 to 15 minutes, depending on how long it takes to reduce the appearance of both bags.

Close your eyes with cucumbers.

Cut two 1/2-inch (1.25-cm) thick slices of chilled cucumber and place them over each closed eye, making sure they cover the affected area. Relax in an upright position with your head slightly back for about 25 minutes.

  • Because cucumbers have a high water content, they are naturally cool and hydrating, making them amazingly effective at relieving puffy eyes. Cucumbers also contain quercetin, an antioxidant that blocks histamine, which can reduce bags under the eyes caused by allergies.

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