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How to quickly increase lips at home

How to increase lips at home: methods and means

Recently, girls have increasingly begun to resort to plastic surgery. Therefore, an excellent solution would be to increase the lips in a completely different way, without surgery, injections. But at the same time, the desired volume can be quickly achieved at home on your own. Any woman will be happy with such a decision!

Special exercises and cosmetic tricks will help you with this – with these methods you can temporarily increase your lips at home. And how to do it right – you just need to follow the advice of our article!


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How to increase lips at home quickly and very easily

There are many ways for lip augmentation. Judging by the opinions of Internet users, in order to permanently plump lips, you can use folk remedies, massage, jar or lid. These are the most popular recipes for those who want beautiful lips.

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We increase lips at home in 1 day

The easiest and safest way to get the desired volume is do a special lip massage every day. If you perform a set of exercises regularly, then the result will appear after a month and a halfif the reviews are to be believed. You do not need to drink any preparations bought in a pharmacy in order to make your lips look more voluminous and seductive. Because any intervention of drugs in your body can harm health. If nature has rewarded you with beautiful plump lips, then you are incredibly lucky!

How to do lips plump with using toothpaste

In the morning when you brush your teeth apply a small amount toothpaste on the brush and massage in circular motions go over your lips. Massage your upper and lower lip well. You can use a small amount instead of paste. honey. Then just rinse off the paste with water. Remember that the brush should not be very hard!

How to make lips plump at home with lids

Via lids or capand you can achieve the same good result at home. Our video tutorial will help you with this:

How to increase lips at home with pepper

Oil can be used cayenne pepperor take plain red. They just need to be used carefully. All you have to do is add a few drops of oil to homemade lip balm. Such a lip augmentation tool will work very quickly. Due to the effect that pepper has on the lips, they become several times larger. Of course, this is short-lived, because the warming effect does not last long.


Exercises to help you increase your lips

Of course, you can make special lip exercisesto tighten their muscles. Which ones and how to perform them correctly, see the video tutorial:

Makeup as an easy way to increase lips

They can be visually enlarged thanks to proper makeup. The main thing is to use lipstick, pencil (draw a contour) and highlighter correctly. The color of the pencil should be a little lighterhow the lipstick itself. The effect will not last for a long time, but attention to your sexy image is guaranteed! Do not be afraid to experiment and mix two or more lipstick colors. Good makeup never hurt anyone. According to reviews, a good and high-quality tool is “L’Action Lip Enhancer” by Rive Gauche. It can be bought at the company store or ordered online. It must be applied to clean lips so that it can give them the necessary volume.

Jelliez Beauty Lip Enlargement Mask is the perfect option!

Jelliez Beauty Lip Enlargement Mask

Of course, you can smear your lips with cinnamon or pepper, injure with a lid or tint every half hour with a pencil. But the easiest and most effective way to change the shape of the lips is to use a modern mask for increasing – Jelliez Beauty.

These are a kind of lip patches that are attached to lips that have been previously cleaned of lipstick (use a tonic for removing makeup or foam). Keep them for 15-20 minutes. As a result, the cracks will be filled and the lips will acquire the desired volume. By the way, it will last up to 2 days.

How to pump lips at home: video

Is it possible to enlarge the lips with hyaluronic or nicotinic acid?

A mask of hyaluronic acid tablets will help here. Mix should be cayenne or red pepper (less than half a teaspoon) and petroleum jelly with acid. Apply to lips for one minute. This method can be done at home immediately before applying makeup. Apply the product on pre-greased lips with olive oil. Do not keep the product on your lips for more than one minute!

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Lip augmentation at home: before and after

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