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How to quickly remove the stomach at home in a week

How to remove the stomach and sides in a week

Today, the question of how to lose weight and look like a picture is relevant. Many people gain weight with age, some are born with a full physique, but a beer belly is most often characteristic of a man. In any of these cases, there is a way out, the main thing is not to make losing weight a huge unbearable problem.

How to lose belly fat in a week

A hanging belly will remove a banal drink. Water is an active and fast fat burner, but not as a main meal. Surely, everyone has heard that you need to drink a glass of water in the morning. This is a correct statement, but not as effective. To lose weight – put in order your drinking regimen.

Take 1.5-2 liters of pure water daily, without any flavorings and gases. Just remember the golden rule: teas, juices, coffee, compotes and other liquids do not apply to overweight fighters.

So, in order to properly burn fat, you need to drink 1 glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach, before going to bed and 300 ml before each meal. As a rule, a person must observe five meals a day and the amount of water must correspond to this, which is almost 2 liters. If the number of your meals is less, then drinking water should not decrease. Thus, in 7 days, the stomach and frogs will significantly decrease.

You can eradicate a sagging stomach with folk remedies. Now a popular technique using soda. At the same time, excess weight goes not only from the abdomen (also from the hips, arms, chin). To do this, add soda to the tip of a knife in a glass of warm water and drink. It is allowed to drink only once a day, so as not to harm the stomach. Only the procedure must be carried out every day for 14 days, after which take a break for the same period. In between, you can take soda baths, which are also pleasing with the result.

How to remove the stomach in a week at home (menu for the week)

No procedures will bring the desired result if you have a poor unbalanced diet. Many people think that proper nutrition is necessary forhold on only with diets and this becomes a fatal mistake. Of course, without diets it is difficult to put the body in order. You can use the following menu option with which you will lose 3-5 kg ​​in 14 days.

1 day.

It is necessary to cook 600 g of chicken meat and divide into 3 doses. Each serving consists of 200 grams of food.

Breakfast: meat, pear and green tea;
II breakfast: fat-free yogurt 1 cup;
Dinner: meat, vegetable salad;
Afternoon snack: low-fat cottage cheese, 1 citrus;
Dinner: chicken meat, fresh vegetable salad with olive oil.

Day 2

In the morning, a glass of rice without salt is boiled and divided into 3 parts.

Breakfast: rice, vegetable salad, compote;
II breakfast: ½ pineapple;
Dinner: rice, vegetable stew;
Afternoon snack: ½ pineapple;
Dinner: rice, vegetable salad with olive dressing.

Day 3

Breakfast: salad: chicken egg + cheese, apple, a cup of tea;
II breakfast: grapefruit;
Dinner: pink salmon with steamed vegetables;
Afternoon snack: 450 ml of kefir;
Dinner: a handful of buckwheat, 1 stack. Tomato juice.

Day 4

Breakfast: oatmeal with drying and tea;
II breakfast: fruit;
Dinner: pumpkin puree soup, apple;
Afternoon snack: Vegetable Salad;
Dinner: stewed pollock, kefir, apple.

Day 5

Breakfast: low-fat cheese, scrambled eggs, tea;
II breakfast: fruit treat in the form of a salad with yogurt;
Dinner: steamed calf cutlet, boiled beans, grapefruit;
Afternoon snack: cottage cheese with blackberries;
Dinner: pollock, kefir, apple.

Day 6

Boil a glass of buckwheat and divide into 3 doses.

Breakfast: buckwheat, salad: cucumber + tomato;
II breakfast: orange;
Dinner: buckwheat, assorted vegetables;
Afternoon snack: kiwi;
Dinner: buckwheat, fruit

Day 7

Breakfast: beef, tomato and sweet pepper;
II breakfast: cottage cheese with raspberries;
Dinner: boiled chicken, stew of zucchini and eggplant;
Afternoon snack: a glass of yogurt;
Dinner: chicken, citrus

Such a tasty and uncomplicated diet is suitable for girls, boys and even teenagers. At the same time, the legs will also lose weight. Such weight loss can be downloaded for free on the websites of nutritionists.

What exercises to do to lose weight in the waist

The first step is to get rid of adipose tissue, that is, reduce it. It is she who does not allow to achieve harmony. Very effective at this stage download press.

Execution requires the right approach, otherwise the abdominal muscle will stretch and sag. There are tons of videos on YouTube with the correct execution of the press. The body should lie on a flat and firm surface, and the legs should be kept straight, especially if you need to tighten the lower press. Start the exercise with 15 repetitions, increasing by 5 swings every day.

A sagging belly will be replaced by an amazing waist if you twist the gymnastic hoop. Set aside 20 minutes per day and after 2 months you will see the desired result.

Every girl knows the benefits slopes. For the waist – this is a godsend. Spend 7-10 minutes a day on slopes, and if possible, two workouts each.

Really helps to reduce the waist turns. Do 50 on each side and after a short time the centimeters will decline.

Help burn calories swing your legs, do 100 times with each leg. If you urgently need to achieve a result, then include jumping in your workout. This exercise affects the lower abdomen, and the Poles, and the waist, and the buttocks. You can jump as much as you want, but not less than 15 minutes a day.

An interesting workout is presented in the program “Everything will be kind”, which you can watch online.

Bodyflex is also a good way to lose weight in the waist, however, reviews about it are not all positive.

Video “remove fat from the abdomen and sides in 7 days”

Every woman can look like a model in a photo, unless, of course, she is lazy. Marina Korpan how to remove the stomach in a week video gives good lessons. Her training allows you to quickly create a beautiful figure, using only physical labor.

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