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How to quickly tan in a solarium and in the sun

How to quickly tan in the sun and in the solarium

Hooray! Summer has come! I want to quickly get the most beautiful bronze skin tone and show off it. But the reality is that if the skin is not ready for sunbathing, it quickly turns red, there is a feeling of tightness and an unpleasant burning sensation. How to tan properly so that the tan is beautiful, even and painless?

How to get a tan in the sun and solariums correctly

There are several rules for tanning to get an even chocolate skin tone for a long time. These rules will become universal, both for sunbathing at sea under the natural sun, and in a solarium in Moscow.

1 rule. Before you go sunbathing, you need to know what type of skin you have. The amount of time spent under ultraviolet rays depends on this. A professional assessment of the skin type can be given by specialists, these can be dermatologists or qualified employees of the solarium office.

2 Rule. You need to sunbathe with special cosmetics to prevent burns and uneven tanning. It is worth noting that for tanning on the beach and tanning in the solarium, these funds are different. For tanning on the beach or in the garden, products purchased at a cosmetic store or pharmacy are suitable. To tan in a solarium, you need a special cream, which is often offered in salons.

3 Rule. For safe tanning, both in a solarium and in the sun, cosmetics and perfumes should not be applied to the skin. Since these products can cause allergies and rashes.

4 Rule. Protection from ultraviolet radiation of hair, places with moles and pigmented areas of the chest, and areas of skin with tattoos are not desirable for irradiation. Because the coloring matter can fade in the sun, and also react with the skin, which threatens with redness, soreness and allergic reactions. In beauty salons, for those who want to have a beautiful tan, employees offer special caps and protective pads.

5. After sunbathing, the body needs to rest and replenish the water balance. To do this, limit physical activity and drink fresh juice or green tea. Pure mineral water without gas is also great.

How to sunbathe in a solarium to get a tan

Depending on the type of skin, the number of procedures and the time of their implementation are calculated individually. For light skin, you need to start sunbathing from 2-3 minutes, you can spend 10-15 sessions, with a maximum stay under the solarium lamps no more than 20 minutes per session. A girl with swarthy skin will need several sessions 5-6 to tan like a Negro.

Many fair-skinned people have a false belief that they can’t tan beautifully and get a chocolate hue. This is due to the fact that the skin quickly turns red in the sun and signs of sunburn appear. After some time, the skin begins to peel off, uneven dark spots appear. Fair skin is very susceptible to UV rays and is indeed very delicate.

Consider how to sunbathe in a solarium with fair skin:

1. Choose a solarium with a good reputation, it is desirable that there is a doctor in the salon who has calculated solar procedures for you individually;

2. Be sure to use protective equipment at the time of the session;

3. Drink fresh citrus juices. Vitamin C contributes to the speedy regeneration of the skin, the production of melanin by the skin, which improves not only the color of the skin, but makes it velvety and silky;

4. After a tanning session, be sure to use creams to moisturize the skin.

Proper tan in the sun to a beautiful chocolate color

For lovers of the beach season and the natural sun, there are also some tips on how to quickly tan in the sun with white skin, for an excellent even and beautiful tan.

1. Before going outside, under direct sunlight, it is necessary to protect white skin with sunscreens with a high SPF protection of at least 30. Apply the cream 20-30 minutes before going out into the sun.

2. You need to sunbathe gradually, starting with 15 minutes of being in the shade, you can under a beach umbrella in the morning until 10.00 am or in the evening after 18.00. Every day you need to add 5 minutes to the time allotted for tanning.

3. To protect the skin from burns, you need to prepare it for exposure to the sun. For this, the use of self-tanning cream will be very appropriate. After getting a dark shade, the natural sun will no longer be so dangerous for her.

4. Drink fresh citrus juices. Vitamin C contributes to the rapid regeneration of the skin, the production of melanin by the skin, which improves not only the color of the skin, but makes it velvety and silky.

5. To prevent burns on the skin, you should not spend a long time on the beach in one position, and even more so sleep.

How to whiten your face at home

Our grandmothers also used fermented milk products to get rid of sunburn or relieve burning sensation after extreme sunburn, for example, in the garden. So, I bring to your attention 5 folk remedies that will help whiten the skin after sunburn:

1. Apply a thick fermented milk product, such as homemade sour cream or kefir, or homemade yogurt, to the skin of the face and neck, shoulders and arms. And leave for 15-20 minutes. After rinsing off and refreshing with facial lotion, make sure that the lotion does not contain alcohol, because. alcohol dries and further injures the top layer of the skin;

2. Cucumber mask. Grind cucumber pulp on a fine grater, mix with cream. Apply with a cotton swab on clean skin, wait 20 minutes, rinse with warm water. Apply a nourishing cream and avoid ultraviolet light;

3. Parsley juice. Using a meat grinder or an ordinary wooden rolling pin, crush the parsley leaves and treat the skin areas that need to be lightened with fresh juice. Parsley perfectly nourishes damaged and dehydrated skin, brightening it;

4. Lemon juice is also an excellent bleaching agent;

5. Gruel from sorrel leaves. The acid contained in sorrel will do an excellent job of exfoliating dead cells, whiten and even out skin color, and also tighten it, making the facial relief more clear.

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