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How to remove fat from the abdomen and sides at home

How to get rid of belly fat at home

Most women and men think that with the appearance of an extra couple of centimeters on the stomach, they should lose weight as quickly as possible. For starters, you can try to remove the stomach at home.

In fact, the fat that you can grab with your fingers is not dangerous. Other than that, the fact of his presence is absolutely normal. More serious problems arise when visceral fat appears, which is deposited near vital internal organs, for example, near the liver or intestines. You can also find photos or pictures on the Internet to see what a big belly looks like.

How to understand whether extra centimeters threaten health? There is one proven method: measure the ratio of your waist circumference to your hips. If the figure turns out to be more than 0.8 centimeters, then in order not to harm your health, you should urgently lose weight.
If we put aside all the myths, then removing fat without surgery is not difficult. So, we remove fat, following some principles.

How to remove fat from the abdomen and sides?

To get rid of the stomach at home, it is not necessary to go on a strict diet or starve. It is enough to understand that all foods have their usefulness, but they should be eaten in small quantities, and best of all in the morning. Our weight increases due to excess calories. Therefore, you should eat foods where there are the least calories, for example, vegetables, fruits, wholemeal bread, and so on.

An exhausting diet often leads to excellent results, but it is better to get rid of fat from the abdomen and the outer surface of the thighs gradually so that the body is not stressed. In addition, with a sharp weight loss, stretch marks on the abdomen can appear even in girls.

The most efficient and correct menu


To get rid of belly fat, there are many diets. Here you should study carefully all the information to determine which diet will be best for you. For starters, you may not even go on a diet, but simply switch to a more proper diet. It is worth remembering that a person needs a certain number of calories per day, so a special table was developed for this, which you need to rely on when choosing food for your daily diet.

If you want problem areas to go away as quickly as possible, then you can’t do without an emergency diet. You may even have to go on a mono diet that burns fat in a few days. But here it is very important to get out of it correctly and eat in a balanced way. This means that there should not be any chocolates, flour products and sugar in the diet.

Remember that once you try to fight fat, you will have to do it always.

Sample recommendations for getting rid of fat:

– If possible, do not use salt;
– Do not eat fatty;
– Do not drink alcohol and carbonated water;
– Drink about three liters of water a day;
– Eat small meals five times a day;
– Reduce the usual portions by half.

There are even special diets for getting a thin waist, their principles are very important. Although, such recommendations are available in almost all modern diets. For example, kefir or buckwheat diets are types of mono diets that, in a short time, get rid of extra pounds and drive away fat. But, if after leaving such a diet you do not follow the principles of rational nutrition, then all the kilograms will come back.

Foods to eat daily:

– Eggs;
– Lean meat and fish;
– White poultry meat;
— Seasonal vegetables;
– Seasonal fruits and citrus fruits;
– Dairy products with low fat content.

Separately, it should be said about the use of fruits. Most of us are used to eating fruit as a dessert, that is, after the main meal. But doing so is not entirely correct. Fruits should be eaten either separately from meals, or half an hour before it, so that there is no fermentation in the stomach. In addition, each new serving of fruit can be taken at least five hours later so as not to provoke the production of insulin, a hormone that increases appetite.

Even if you follow a diet in one week, it will not work to remove fat from the abdomen. But with a regular approach and focus on results, you can achieve good results.

The selected diet must be followed for at least two weeks in order for the first results to appear. The speed of weight loss depends on the characteristics of your body and determination. Basically, in a week, weight loss is about 3-7 kilograms.

A sample menu for the day looks like this:

1. For breakfast, you can eat yogurt without additives, orange or grapefruit.
2. For second breakfast, boil an egg, and also make freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice.
3. For lunch, you can eat some boiled chicken breast, and as a side dish, prepare a vegetable salad.
4. For an afternoon snack, one hundred grams of cottage cheese with fruits or dried fruits will be enough.
5. For dinner, you can 75 grams of meat cooked in the oven, grapefruit or orange.
6. If you get hungry before sleep, you can drink a glass of kefir.
Any diet is great for this purpose, but depending on the characteristics of your body, you should choose the type of food that you can stick to for a long time.

How to lose belly fat – exercises for women


In addition to dieting, it is recommended to perform a set of special exercises for the abdomen and hips. It is not necessary to do them in the gym or gym, you can do it for free at home. In addition, it is not necessary to use dumbbells, you can do without them.

Spending just a few minutes a day, within a month you can get excellent results with their help. How to get rid of belly fat without exercise? Probably not. Because with a sedentary lifestyle, excess fat, even with a diet, will return again and again. So, what exercises will help get rid of belly fat?

1. Lie on your stomach, rest on your elbows and make sure that your breathing is even. Pull the stomach to the lower back, and round the back a little. The abdomen must be pulled in on inspiration and returned to its original position on exhalation.

2. Do not change the starting position, only now keep your body weight on your toes. When inhaling, it is necessary to tear off not only the stomach, but also the pelvis from the floor.

3. Now lift your stomach, pelvis and knees off the floor. Focus on your toes and forearms, stretch your legs, and straighten your knees.

4. Without changing the starting position, tear off the stomach, pelvis and knees while inhaling, pushing yourself, lift the pelvis up. Now, as you exhale, you need to lower yourself to the floor in the plank position, which was in the previous exercise. Plank is the most effective exercise for the abdomen, and together with stretching, it will also help to make the profile slimmer.

5. Stretch your abdominal muscles…

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