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How to sew a tulle skirt with your own hands step by step photo

Do-it-yourself tulle skirt master class

A tulle skirt is a unique and versatile piece of your wardrobe. It can be combined with absolutely any style of clothing, whether romantic or sporty. To do this, you should choose the right accessories, the style and color itself.

And one more plus of such a thing is that it can be sewn easily and simply with your own hands, even for a beginner. Don’t worry if you haven’t sewed yet – our step-by-step instructions, patterns and useful tips will help you with this!

How to sew a tulle skirt

To sew her do it yourselfYou only need to take two measurements: waist circumference in centimeters and length of the product from the waist down (the length depends only on your preferences).

Materials needed for tailoring:
• Fatin
• Fabric for lining, preferably satin
• Elastic

1.We will cut out a sun skirt: fold the fabric in 4 layers, as shown in the pattern below, and mark everything you need.

pattern2.If you want to sew very sumptuous product – it will take many layers, respectively, and many “suns”.

3.Lining will have the following size: cut it across the width of the hips, removing 5 cm from the selected length.

4. We collect all the layers of the mesh material together and sew them to the pre-sewn elastic band. Ready product should be sewn onto the lining, which we then grind.

Such a model will be very lush and beautiful if you make many layers. But this multi-layered model is suitable only for fragile girls, it will look ridiculous on fuller ladies.

Do-it-yourself tulle skirt – master class

Tulle tutu skirt sewn by analogy, like the first. But in this case, as many layers as possible are added to make the pack more lush. This method will require more material and strength, but the result will not make you regret the work done!

pack-1 pack-2

Tulle skirt for girls

To sew this product with your own hands, you will need the same materials as for the model above. You don’t have to stitch anything here, this method is very fast! We also determine the length of the product and the size of the gum.

children-1 children-2 children-3 children-4 children-5

You need to cut ribbons from the material of your choice, the width of which will be about 6 – 10 cm, and the length will be twice the desired length of the skirt itself. This is done in order to fold the ribbons in half, tying them to an elastic band. It will be easier to do this if put the elastic on the back of the chair, and tie the tapes until they completely cover it. All is ready!

Train, elastic, layered

Skirts with train very popular among young girls. They wear them to prom, to parties. They are best paired with high heels.

loop-1 loop-2


Model on an elastic band very convenient and practical. It can be worn for a romantic walk, tucked into a T-shirt or shirt. And most importantly, it is very easy to put on!

elastic band-1

BUT multilayer products will suit fragile slender girls – they will reveal their femininity and beauty!


Tulle skirt for adults

To make such a thing with your own hands for an adult will not be difficult for you. Just choose one of the above methods. Detailed instructions will help you cope with this task. In the meantime, you can choose the color and style of your choice from the photo selection below:

tulle-1 tulle-2 tulle-3

Skirt – chopinka

This model is sewn from a very thin and airy material. It can be combined with shoes with high or medium heels. The top, in this case, can be neutral so as not to distract attention from the lush bottom. From accessories – a small handbag, a bracelet, a necklace and a wreath or a hoop with flowers.

shopenka-1 shopenka-2

How to sew a skirt – a pack with your own hands: video

Tulle skirts for girls

In summer, the most popular models are light and warm shades. They are best worn with something form-fitting. Here you need to choose – the top or bottom will be magnificent. Of course, it is important to consider what style you want to be dressed in. For a tulle skirt, anyone will do! It can be worn with a tank top, t-shirt, sweater, shirt, pullover or crop top. Shoes can also be anything: from flat sandals to elegant and feminine stilettos. These skirts are very easy to make with your own hands, you just need to choose the right material and color!

skirtsAlso, images can be selected, focusing on the length of the product. A tank top with straps, high heels will suit a short mini. For midi or maxi size, it is better to choose shoes with low running.

What to wear with a tulle skirt

1. Gently – peach model with a white crop top, pink stilettos, a golden clutch and jewelry in the color of the clutch. You can make this romantic image for evening walks and a date with your own hands.
2. White sandals on a brown wedge and a denim shirt go well with her.

image-43. Again, crop top and open sandals are a hit this summer!
4. A blue denim shirt can be tucked in, large bracelets and necklaces can be worn, and sandals can be chosen in gold or silver colors. This look is complemented by a blue bag.


5. Beige embroidered T-shirt, blue bag, open heeled shoes – a great choice for every day.
6. A velvet burgundy sweater, a leopard print small bag and gold sandals with thick, stable heels are the perfect trio for a blue printed tulle skirt. You can make such a model with your own hands, guided by the instructions above.


7. For the cool season – throw a jacket over your shoulders over a T-shirt, and boldly put on open heeled boots on your feet.
8. Very sexy look – put on a leather jacket, black large earrings and glasses. Pick up a clutch for shoes, in our case – ankle boots with an open toe.


Long skirt

A long tulle skirt can be worn with flat shoes. Ballet flats or sandals are best. They look very stylish in black and blue colors. It is best to choose a light or white top, a small handbag, large sunglasses or a necklace made of natural stones.

long-2 long-1 long

Dress with tulle skirt

This year, designers have developed all kinds of styles of dresses for every taste and color! There are different models: floor-length, short, sporty and so on. We offer you a selection of the most trendy bows of this summer, which you can easily make with your own hands.

1.Black sports dress with spaghetti straps, goes well with heels or tractor soles or wedges.
2. Dress in powdery golden hues with stilettos.


3.Black dress with a velvet top and a shiny bottom. Everything is simple and elegant.
4.Little black sleeveless dress looks good with sandals.


5. A more lush and festive dress in soft pink with a shiny top will make you stand out from the crowd at any reception.
6. A light blue cocktail dress with high heeled sandals is perfect for…

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