Eyebrow stencil makeup

How to shape eyebrows with a stencil in 2022 (with 50+ photos)

When it is difficult for you to decide on the desired shape of the eyebrows, stencils come to the rescue. The blanks allow you to easily and beautifully model the eyebrow arches, as well as apply your favorite makeup in a few minutes.

Eyebrow stencil makeup

Many girls noticeably change thanks to the successful accentuation of the eyebrows. It is impossible not to notice the perfectly styled hairs above the eye area with a perfect curve. And if there is also a pencil or shadows in the make-up, with the help of which the outline is elegantly emphasized, the fashionista will definitely not leave others indifferent.

Eyebrows under the stencil

However, not all owners of natural eyebrows manage to correctly identify them. To avoid common mistakes, it is important to take into account the width and length of the eyebrow arch, as well as correlate it with the shape of the face and other features of the appearance.

Eyebrow design with a template

In this article, you will learn how to adjust the shape of the eyebrow using a stencil, apply makeup without the effect of an artificial arc, and also how to make a stencil from improvised materials at home.

Eyebrow correction with tweezers

Eyebrow trimming

What is an eyebrow stencil

Every fashionista sooner or later comes across the term “stencil for eyebrow architecture.” What is this tool? In most cases, this is a paper strip with a cutout that mimics the shape of an arc. Plastic counterparts are also quite common. Often, a small handle is attached to such a product, which allows you to comfortably hold the tool so that it does not move out during drawing.

Eyebrow architecture in the salon

What functions does an eyebrow stencil perform?

  1. Brow modeling.

For an experienced stylist, it is no secret that with the help of a stencil, you can effectively determine which shape of the eyebrows is ideal for the type of face. By drawing several patterns, you will choose the best option without pulling out the hairs, which will avoid damaging the shape of the arcs.

Modeling an eyebrow with a stencil

If your brows are in need of restoration, we recommend that you treat them with Botox before resorting to the application of cosmetics. Thus, you will keep the effect of naturalness in the make-up, even with subsequent modeling by means of a stencil.

Eyebrows after Botox

  1. Correction of the selected form.

When the desired bend is indicated, the stencil can be used to regularly correct the given outlines. In addition, the tool allows you to draw the missing bristles with a pencil and graduate the shade without going beyond the boundaries of the eyebrow.

Eyebrow correction by stencil contour

What are the stencils for eyebrows in 2022

It is worth noting that the eyebrow stencil is not very popular with fashionistas. Most likely, this phenomenon is associated with the psychological aspect, because every girl wants to emphasize her uniqueness, while the stencil involuntarily evokes associations with the standard. Nevertheless, the tool should not be neglected, because it can greatly facilitate the process of eyebrow care.

Stencil forms of eyebrows

There are several types of eyebrow stencils. Depending on the material, there are:

  • paper
Eyebrow paper stencil

  • plastic
Plastic stencil for eyebrows

According to the method of using brow arches, there are:

  • single brow pads (they do not take up much space in a cosmetic bag, however, their use requires a certain level of skill, since there is a danger of drawing asymmetrical eyebrows);
  • double stencils (the tool allows you to model the shape of both arcs at the same time, thanks to which even beginners are guaranteed to get a symmetrical result).
Double Eyebrow Stencil

A separate layer of products is stencil masks, which, in turn, are divided into subspecies.

Fact about eyebrows

In the 18th century, noble ladies completely shaved off their own eyebrows and glued pieces of skins of fur-bearing animals cut out in shape – sables, martens, squirrels, ermines, above, on their foreheads.

  • flat products most resemble masks. The face pad has slits for the eyes and nose. Special markings are applied to the tool, thanks to which you can correlate the desired shape of the eyebrows with each feature and choose the most harmonious option.
Eyebrow coloring

  • For the manufacture of bulk tools use hard plastic. The product is attached to the bridge of the nose with a comfortable holder and greatly simplifies the coloring of hairs inside the standard contour.
Drawing hairs with a pencil inside the stencil outline

A variety of stencils for eyebrows will allow every fashionista to choose the most convenient and easy-to-use tool.

How to choose an eyebrow stencil according to your face shape in 2022

Before choosing the organic shape of the brow bends, you will have to experiment.

  • Owners of an oval face a shape with a soft bend without creases is best suited. Accordingly, the recess on the stencil should have the same contour.
Eyebrow shape for an oval face

  • To add graphic lines to a round face you should create a small “hall” of the eyebrow. As a result, facial features will look sharper.
Eyebrow shape for round face

  • To balance the heavy chin of a square face, it is necessary to raise the eyebrows, but at the same time leave them wide.
Eyebrow shape for a square face

  • For a heart-shaped face with a sharp chin, a gently curved shape with a raised tip will do.
Eyebrow shape for a heart-shaped face

Thus, using a stencil, you can not only correctly select and adjust the shape of the eyebrows, but also create a harmony of facial outlines.

How to draw eyebrow arches with a stencil

Before you start drawing the contour and the subsequent application of the make-up, adjust the shape of the eyebrows. The procedure can also be performed using a stencil. Only after that start working with cosmetics. The algorithm of actions is described in detail below.

  1. Position the template at brow level. Carry out the application in accordance with the markings applied to the stencil. This will take into account the general proportions of the face when modeling the shape of the arcs. Please note that the beginning of the eyebrow is indicated on the stencil by a vertical dotted line.
Eyebrow contouring

  1. Mark the outline with a pencil. Then set the stencil aside and use tweezers to get rid of the stray hairs. Thus, your eyebrows will turn out neat and symmetrical.
Removing excess hair with tweezers

  1. Take the template and place it on your forehead again. Draw the resulting contour inside with the cosmetics that you usually use, whether it be lipstick, shadow or eyebrow pencil. To achieve a natural effect, do not press too hard on the tool.
Drawing eyebrows with a pencil

  1. Final chord – application of a transparent fixing gel and styling the eyebrows with a special brush.
Clear brow gel

How to make your own eyebrow stencil

When your eyebrows are so unique that none of the template shapes offered by the manufacturers suits you, do not rush to despair, because you can make the perfect stencil with your own hands, taking into account all the individual features of your appearance.

Unusual eyebrow shape

  1. First, collect the necessary tools and materials. You will need:
  • paper/cardboard/plastic;
  • stationery knife;
  • marker.
  1. Having decided on the material, cut a rectangle out of it. The area of ​​​​the figure should contain the contours of both eyebrow arches, and also cover …

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