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How to strengthen hair at home: 10 proven tips

Strengthening: tips to help improve the condition of the hair

Healthy and beautiful hair is not a luxury, but proper and good care. To make your hair look healthy, it is important, first of all, not to make classic mistakes, and also to reconsider your own actions a little. Perhaps you are doing something wrong.

Tip 1: Start using sulfate-free shampoos

Washing head

Many girls and women have already appreciated sulfate-free shampoos. And for those who still do not know what is the difference and difference from sulfate, we explain.

The components that make up sulfate shampoos make the protective lipid layer of the hair weaker and dry the scalp. Because of this, they become dull, brittle, thin. And they get fat faster. Sulfate-free shampoos, on the contrary, give hair shine and strength, because the composition contains not only vitamins and natural oils, but also sulfates with parabens.

It is easy to distinguish sulfate from sulfate-free shampoo – the first does not foam much. By the way, most professional hair shampoos are sulfate-free, but those that are sold in a regular store on the same shelf with dishwashing detergent and washing powder do not bring much benefit to hair.

Tip 2: Start eating right

Proper nutrition

There is what you like – of course, good. But not always in your favorite diet there are vitamins necessary for the body. For example, if the hair began to fall out, brittle, dull, you need to reconsider your own diet. No, no one asks to go on a diet, but it is necessary to include foods containing omega-3 and Vitamin D in the daily diet. This will positively affect not only the condition of the hair, but also the skin and nails.

Tip 3: Review your hair coloring technique

Hair coloring blond
Aggressive lightening / gentle root technique

Quite often, aggressive coloring becomes the cause of the deterioration of the condition of the hair. This is more true for lightening coloring techniques, since in this case the masters use a high percentage of oxidant to achieve the desired lightening background. Such manipulations cannot pass without a trace and affect the condition of the hair. Therefore, it is worth at least abandoning the regular clarification of the roots.

Today, there are many fashionable hair coloring techniques when the roots remain natural and the length becomes discolored, pay attention to them. These are more gentle procedures.

Tip 4: Use your flat iron correctly

Hair straightening

Many women claim that it takes them 5-10 minutes to straighten their hair, and they are very surprised when they have to sit in the salon for such a procedure for almost an hour. In fact, only a few women use the iron correctly.

Before the procedure, it is important to apply thermal protection to the hair, divide it into layers (the width depends on the size of the iron, and the thickness is 1-2 cm) and only then pull it out. You can not straighten thick strands (from 3 cm) – this adversely affects the condition of the hair. As a result, you straighten only the upper and lower layers, and what is in the center is “steamed” and warms up in vain.

Tip 5: Take vitamins only with a doctor’s prescription


We figured out that with hair loss and deterioration in hair quality, it is recommended to reconsider your own diet. But you don’t need to prescribe vitamins and various over-the-counter supplements for yourself. You can not only not guess with what the body needs, but also choose supplements that neutralize each other’s action. As a result, money will be spent, you will take useful substances, and the result will be zero.

The most correct decision: to pass tests and take vitamins as prescribed by a doctor.

Tip 6: Dry your hair before bed

Hair drying

Even if you are very tired after work, do not neglect such a procedure as drying your hair. And even more so, do not braid wet hair in a braid at night. In this state, they absorb an excessive amount of liquid, become brittle and fluffy.

Tip 7: Use ammonia-free paint

Hair coloring

Ammonia-free paint is washed off faster than permanent dye, but it is more gentle and contains many natural oils. True, ammonia-free paint will not paint over gray hair, so it is important to “get confused” a little and apply a dye with ammonia to the gray roots, and a seven-permanent one for a length. So you get the desired shade of hair, minimally injuring the hair.

Tip 8: Don’t go to bed with tight hair

Sleep with hair

Before going to bed, it is recommended to carefully comb your hair, do a light head massage and braid it into a relaxed braid. But tight hairstyles, like a tail, a bun, spikelets, it is better not to do at night.

Take care of your own hair and remember that you can improve their quality not only with the help of homemade masks (their effect has not been proven in general), but by changing your diet and some habits.

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