Как ухаживать за лицом после 40 лет?

How to take care of the face after 40 years to keep youthful?

Beauty tips for facial care after 40 years

By the age of 40, cosmetologists primarily recommend the use of special cosmetics that will prevent premature loss of firmness and elasticity of the epidermis. Of course, facial skin care after 40 will be different, but in general, if you have always paid due attention to appearance, it will not be difficult to achieve good results.

Features of facial skin after 40 years

Age-related skin changes after 40

Upon reaching the age of 40, another restructuring takes place in the woman’s body, which affects the condition of the skin. First of all, in connection with the onset of the lower limit of menopause, there are regular changes in the hormonal background. Hormonal imbalances are the main source of rapid aging of the epidermis. That is, the natural production of estrogen decreases, due to which the skin of the face was firm and elastic. Due to the lack of estrogen, the skin begins to sag, age spots and flabbiness appear, the oval of the face blurs.

Another problem for women over 40 is wrinkles. In addition to mimic, many new folds appear, which become deeper and more noticeable. With age, the regenerating process of cells slows down, the work of the sebaceous glands worsens, and therefore the skin lacks collagen and elastin. Therefore, the number of wrinkles increases, the skin loses its tone, the folds deepen.

Wrinkles after 40 years

After 40, special attention should be paid to daily skin care. To rejuvenate for a few years, it is not necessary to resort to a huge amount of decorative cosmetics. The main thing is to choose the right care for your skin type, and regularly take time for daily procedures.

Failure to follow the recommendations for skin care after 40 will lead to:

  • Decrease in the tone of the epidermis;
  • Abundant pigmentation;
  • Unhealthy and dull skin color;
  • Weakening of the capillary walls, as a result of which rosacea may develop;
  • The appearance of bags and dark circles under the eyes;
  • The swollen oval of the face.

Rules for skin care after 40 years

How to care for skin after 40?

In order for the skin to look fresh and elastic at the age of 40, it is not at all necessary to carry out expensive cosmetic procedures or buy a huge amount of medicinal preparations. To begin with, cosmetologists recommend trying to rejuvenate the body from the inside. That is, give up bad habits, play sports, eat right, etc. Thus, you can not only slow down the aging process of the skin, but also improve the general condition of the body. Also, do not neglect the instructions of practicing cosmetologists for daily facial skin care after 40.

General care instructions:

  • Moisturize your skin regularly. By the age of 40, it retains moisture less and less, so it needs additional moisture. You can use a moisturizer or micellar water. Apply the product both in the morning and in the evening;
  • Plentiful drinking is necessary. Water starts all metabolic processes, thanks to which the internal organs function properly;
  • Buy cosmetics marked “40+”. Anti-aging creams, serums, lotions are characterized by a high content of hyaluronic acid, collagen, retinol, vitamins A, E, C;
  • For washing, it is recommended to use boiled water, not tap water. Also, once a week you can wash your face with mineral water with gases, it refreshes the skin and gives the face a healthy look;
  • Use ice cubes to tone your skin. They help improve blood microcirculation, which improves skin color and evens out tone;
  • After 40 years, direct sunlight should be avoided. Ultraviolet rays greatly dry the skin, as a result of which many wrinkles appear. The skin must be protected with sunscreen;
  • Use decorative cosmetics of the highest quality. Pay attention that the products must contain an SPF filter, and before makeup, do not forget to nourish the skin of the face well;
  • Do not abuse the application of decorative cosmetics. Do not apply powder and foundation in a dense layer, this clogs the pores, as a result of which the process of cell renewal is inhibited;
  • Each zone must be treated individually. Each of the zones (nasolabial fold, neck and décolleté, area around the eyes) is treated with the appropriate cream;
  • The cream is applied along the massage lines with light movements. These actions help prevent the appearance of new wrinkles;
  • Use a face serum. It contains many active substances that promote rejuvenation. The effectiveness of serum is greater than conventional creams;
  • Visit a beautician. After 40 years, it is important to regularly and properly care for the skin of the face. For example, at this age, professional facial cleansing is required, which cannot be done on your own.

With age, facial skin becomes more vulnerable. It is easily contaminated, which leads to premature aging. Therefore, it is extremely important to follow the recommendations for care in a timely manner.

Features of care for different areas of the face

Proper care for different areas of the face

With proper care, a forty-year-old woman can look spectacular and young. Over the years, each area of ​​the face, as well as the figure and hair, require more and more care. In order to look 35 at 40, you need to monitor the condition of the skin daily and adhere to certain rules.

Cosmetologists advise developing an individual program for the care of each area of ​​the face and performing it regularly. Only in this case, you can count on success.

Naturally, you will need to purchase cosmetics for each zone. This is extremely important, since with age, each part undergoes internal changes, which affects the external condition of the skin. Preparations must match your type of epidermis, otherwise you risk causing a backlash. Only comprehensive care will help prevent premature aging, prolonging youth.

Caring for the skin around the eyes

Proper eye care

The skin in this area is very thin, there is practically no fat layer and sweat glands, and the collagen content is minimal. Proper daily facial care after 40 helps prevent skin aging and the appearance of mimic wrinkles.

Causes of premature aging of the skin in the eye area:

  • Use of face care products. As a rule, such creams contain aggressive ingredients that adversely affect the area around the eyes;
  • Applying a cream with an excessively oily base. These funds inhibit the process of oxygen entering the skin. In this regard, a greasy sheen appears around the eyes;
  • The area around the eyes is very delicate and sensitive, so you can not rub the cream into the skin. Excessively intense movements will stretch the skin and will contribute to the appearance of wrinkles. Movement should be easy…

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