How to take care of your nails

How to take care of your nails

The beauty of nails is, first of all, their healthy and well-groomed appearance. The most impressive manicure design will fade on unkempt and uneven nails. But care should not be aimed solely at beauty. The cleanliness of nails occupies a niche in the code of personal hygiene.

How to properly care for nails? This will help us simple rules, which are not so many.

Nail care

Simple rules for nail care

Strong nails are easier to keep clean and less likely to break or chip. For strength nails, you can add gelatin to food. Do this enough once a day, one pinch. This will not affect the taste of the dishes in any way, but it will be useful for nails. For the same purpose, it is advisable to regularly take baths with sea salt.

Try to do housework with gloves, especially when it comes to laundry and washing dishes. This will prevent the harmful effects of chemicals on the nails, and the skin of the hands will not dry out so quickly. If you can’t get used to gloves and continue to work without them, wipe your nails with apple cider vinegar afterwards. For shine of nails, they are rubbed with a slice of lemon.

Develop the habit of using hand cream in the morning and evening, and if you wash your hands often with soap, use it even more often.

Hand cream

In everyday life, the skin of the hands is exposed to many negative factors, so the main point in caring for the hands is their protection. You can protect it with gloves in the winter and a moisturizer in the summer. And in general, hand cream should become a constant companion of your handbag, so that you can eliminate discomfort on the skin at any time. Weathered skin of the hands can be saved with a mask of warm sunflower oil.

Healthy nutrition for nails

Nail nutrition directly depends on your diet. Calcium must be present in the diet, which not only helps to strengthen the nails, but also improves the condition of the hair. Cottage cheese and dairy products must be present in the daily diet. Make it a rule to buy these products not in the store, but from grandmothers in the market. Only there you will find a truly natural and useful product. Calcium, in turn, cannot be absorbed without vitamin D. You can replenish its reserves by eating egg yolk and liver.

For strong and healthy nails, it is also important to consume the following foods:

    • fruits of the citrus family;


    • fresh vegetables (greens, cauliflower, broccoli);


    • dried fruits;


    • seafood.


You can, of course, take vitamin complexes. But before starting such a course, consult your doctor. Uncontrolled intake of calcium supplements can result in the deposition of kidney stones.

In any case, you must understand that the effect of taking vitamins (in natural or “chemical” form) does not appear immediately. For a visible effect, calcium must accumulate in the body.

Proper manicure

The beauty of nails also depends on a well-made manicure. If you prefer to do your own manicure, follow some simple guidelines.

You need to work with a saw blade in one direction, to prevent splitting of the nails. Forget about metal nail files, they are only suitable for acrylic nails, and natural plates injure and destroy. Get yourself a nail file based on rubber, cardboard or glass.

Nail file

A hand bath should be done after the shape of the nail is formed. It also helps prevent delamination, as the nails are steamed and softer after the bath.

When performing a manicure, be sure to use a base coat. Now there are a lot of them on sale and you can easily choose the right one for yourself, for example, for brittle nails. Yes, and the leveling effect will only benefit.

Nail polish also needs to be given close attention. From dark tones of varnish, nails can turn yellow, so for them the base base is mandatory. Also pay attention to the quality of the product. Cheap products spoil the structure of the nail.

The fixer should also not be ignored, it helps to keep the manicure longer. Consequently, you will not use it as often and less likely to use nail polish remover, which dries out your nails. Nail polish remover is preferably one that does not contain acetone. It will damage your nails less.

Also pay attention to the area around the nail plate. Beautiful nails of a neat shape do not look at all against the background of an overgrown cuticle or burrs. There are also many cuticle care products, choose what you like best.

Give your nails small periods of time to rest. Leave them sometimes unvarnished. At this time, you can use all kinds of strengthening enamels and other similar products. They often provide a glossy finish, which also looks quite attractive. On regular “manicure” days, such products can be used as a base layer.

Strong and beautiful nails are the result of your efforts, which will eventually become a habit. Eat right, follow the recommendations for proper manicure, pamper your hands with daily care and enjoy their perfect condition.

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