Как завязать красиво шарф?

How to tie a scarf: methods and techniques

Ways to tie a scarf beautifully

A beautiful scarf is able to diversify the wardrobe, refresh the look and warm in cool weather. Everyone can simply wind a scarf around their neck “in a spiral”, but this is boring and will not add expressiveness to your image. We offer the most interesting and affordable techniques for tying scarves, which absolutely everyone can master.

Types of scarves

Neck scarf

A beautifully draped or tied scarf around the shoulders is not just a stylish accessory, but a whole art. Before you master its basics, you should familiarize yourself with the typology of scarves, which, as it turned out, are a huge number. This stage is important, since the material and type of accessory will depend on which method should be chosen for tying it. The category of basic types of woven or knitted bands for wearing around the neck includes the products listed below.

classic scarf – a piece of woven fabric or a knitted model of a rectangular shape with a large length and small width (approximately 70×15 cm), wrapped around the neck several times, depending on the dimensions.

classic scarf

Shawl – a piece of knitted or woolen yarn that serves as a cape on the shoulders. Shawls are usually produced in large sizes (from 1 – 1.5 m and more) and have a square shape. It can be bent in half, and most often such an accessory is worn in the cold season.

knitted shawl

bactus – a newfangled model, which is a modified shawl. Bactus is distinguished by its smaller size and way of wearing: usually, the accessory is tied in a knot at the back, releasing the corner forward on the neck to cover the chest.


Neckpiece – a wardrobe item that has survived several eras. It is a cape made of natural or artificial fur, which is thrown over the shoulders. Some models have elements suitable to be tied around the neck, but this is rare.


Arafatka or Palestinian headscarfalso called keffiyeh. Arafatka began to call him in the mid-70s of the last century by the name of the leader of Palestine, Yasser Arafat, who constantly appeared in public with keffiyeh on his head. Traditionally, the Palestinian headscarf is worn on the face as a protection against wind and sand, but over time, the methods of tying the accessory have changed significantly. It is worn both on the neck and on the shoulders, tied to a hoop or released forward. Traditionally a male model, today the keffiyeh is in the wardrobe of women as well. The scarf is usually printed in black and white or red and white and is made from cotton.


Stole – a classic model of a scarf with a width of 0.7 m, having a rectangular shape. A variety of materials are used to make the tippet, including silk, cotton, chintz, wool and knitted fabric. The difference from the shawl is that the tippet can be modeled and worn as a headdress (an alternative to a winter hat).


Snood – scarf-collar or scarf-pipe with a rectangular configuration. The main feature of the snood is the stitched edges, as a result of which it is not tied around the neck, but put on over the head. In some cases, snood is used as a decorative cape for hair. Both woven and knitted snoods are equally popular.


It is also possible to identify other types of neck bandageswhich are often worn as a scarf.

Pareo – a large-sized women’s scarf designed to be tied under the armpits or wrapped around the hips. However, many ladies use a beach accessory as an option for a light shawl for cool weather in the warm season (spring, summer). Ways to wear a pareo also allow you to tie it at the back of your neck or wear it as a stole.


Handkerchief – a square or triangular piece of fabric to wear around the neck and head. National scarves are popular (for example, Pavlovo-Posad printed ones). Many models have brushes, the presence of which limits the options for tying a scarf (in many ways they look ugly or, conversely, effectively complement the image).


scarf – a piece of fabric in the shape of an isosceles triangle, tied around the head or neck. The materials for the manufacture of scarves are chintz, cotton, less often linen, wool or silk.


french scarf – a kind of ordinary scarf, differing from the first in a more complex design. This is a transformer product that has two sides and a triangular shape, and at the end of one of the corners there is a loop through which one of the two remaining corners can be brought out, or two at once. Thanks to this, the French scarf has at least five dozen ways to tie around the neck. To make it convenient to tie the product, it is made from natural silk or viscose.

french scarf

French scarf pattern
French scarf cutout (diagram)

Muffler – traditionally a men’s neckerchief (cache-nez – “hide the nose”), intended to cover the lower part of the face. Today, he has firmly entered the women’s wardrobe, and in many countries of the world, the muffler is an element of military uniform.


Sling – strictly speaking, this is not quite a scarf, but a fabric accessory designed to carry children. Due to its large size and soft material, the sling can be wrapped around the shoulders and waist, creating a comfortable space for the baby to sit as close as possible to the mother.


So, we have decided on what type of scarves this or that product that you have available belongs to. Below are five of the most popular and sought-after methods for tying a scarf, suitable for most models.

How to tie a scarf on a coat?

Scarf release on coat

In the cold season, outerwear is necessary for going out, and usually girls have several models of this piece of clothing in their wardrobe, but it is quite normal to have one coat for all occasions. You can diversify your look for every day with the help of accessories, which include a scarf.

There are several techniques that allow you to beautifully tie it out:

  • Fold the material in half to form a loop around the neck, and thread the hanging ends of the product through it. Tighten them a little so that the throat is protected from the cold. This is the most common and popular way to tie a scarf on a coat. Suitable models – shawl, tippet, scarf, classic scarf, scarf, scarf;
  • If you have a square scarf, fold it in half and knit the triangle side in front, securing the ends at the back of your neck. Suitable models – shawl, tippet, scarf, pareo, square scarf;
  • It is convenient to tie a long knitted or woven scarf using a weaving loop. To do this, fold it in half to make a loop and, putting it on your neck, thread the ends into it several times in a checkerboard pattern. Suitable models – muffler, classic scarf. In some cases, you can try to perform a combination using a snood.

A beautiful shawl or stole can be tied on a coat like thisthat they are completely…

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