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How to tint hair in ashy at home?

Home tinting of yellow blond: nuances and subtleties

Beautiful and healthy hair is hard work! Firstly, yours, since you need to properly care for it, and secondly, the master who performs coloring and cutting, because if he ruins everything, no care will save.

Balayage and ash blonde

We are used to the fact that when going to a salon or a hairdresser, the master understands us perfectly. And more often he even gets an idea of ​​​​what needs to be done from a photograph. But what if you decide to paint the house, because it is important to have at least the slightest idea of ​​\u200b\u200bwhat to do. Therefore, we tell and explain the main nyunsy.

What is the difference between toning and coloring?

Hair coloring differs from toning primarily due to the composition that is applied to the hair. In the first case, an oxidizing agent of at least 3% is used, and more often hair is dyed by 4.5%, 6% or 9%. For tinting, 3% oxidizer or 1.5% activator is sufficient. Although there are 1.9% and 2% – it all depends on the brand.

Hair before and after lightening

Also hair dye manufacturers produce separate lines for toning. That is, when you want to correct the lightening background (this is the color that was obtained as a result of lightening the hair with the help of special powders), remove an unnecessary shade, or vice versa, add brightness to the color that turned out during dyeing, tint your hair! And for this there is a special professional paint!

The nuances of tinting a blond with paint

We propose to dwell in more detail on the issue of toning blond hair. First, let’s clarify right away that do not tint hair with household paint! These include everyone’s favorite products that are sold in regular supermarkets (Palette, Londa, Garnier, etc.). Yes, these are exactly those dyes, where in one box there are gloves, a tube of paint, and an oxidizing agent. Sometimes there is even shampoo and conditioner. So, no matter what brand of this household paint you choose, you will get a coloring, since manufacturers do not put an oxidizing agent of less than 6% in a box.

Balayazh on blond hair

So, the need to tint blond hair arises for every blonde, since such curls, after about 3-4 weeks after a visit to the salon, cease to be ashy and acquire a yellow tint. There are many reasons why hair turns yellow, including the composition of the water you wash your hair with, the care products used, and the frequency of using irons and hair dryers. By the way, it is the regular straightening of curls with an iron that is the main reason for their yellowing, since under the influence of hot temperatures the dye is removed faster.

Ash color and airtouch

To tint hair in an ash, pearl, pink shade, you need to purchase paint of the appropriate color (professional!) And an oxidizing agent of 1-5-3% (depending on the brand, as some have 1.5% toning, others – 2% or 3%). Mix the dye and oxidant and distribute the composition along the length. The composition for tinting will not paint over gray hair, so it does not make sense to apply it to the roots. The paint that says “for toning” helps to get rid of an unwanted shade, in our case, from yellowness. You can also use it to get the desired shade, for example, pearl blond. But for this, the base itself (that is, your hair that you plan to dye) should be as light as possible.

Example: Imagine that you have a level 9 blonde with a yellow tint and you decide to tint it with Estel Essex paint (it is popular and relatively inexpensive among professional ones). You will need a tube of paint (10/76 or 9/76 will do) and a jar of activator from the same company (you can’t mix paint and activator from different companies – this is important!) by 1.5%.

To tint yellow blond to ashy, you need paint with purple pigment. The result is a nice gray shade. But taking ashy paint for toning yellow hair is not worth it, as green hair can turn out. Leave this capricious dye to the masters.

Masks, shampoos, balms – the easiest way to do home toning

Fine highlighting for long hair

Home tinting with even professional paint is a complicated procedure. It is worth choosing the wrong shade and that’s it, instead of ashes, you have greenery on your hair. Therefore, it is much easier to maintain an attractive shade on the hair with the help of cosmetics. These are masks, balms and shampoos.

So, to get rid of the yellow color on the hair, you must use a shampoo, mask or balm with purple pigment. Any professional brand (Estel, Igora, Loreal, etc.) has them, so choose based on your budget. It is not necessary to use tinting agents with every shampoo. It is enough to perform this procedure once a week. If using a mask or balm, carefully apply the product to the hair and leave it for 5-15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and be sure to use thermal protection when drying.

No tonic please!

Tonic - balm for hair toning
Tonic – balm for hair toning

After all, everyone remembers these green jars, on which are images of girls with hair of all colors of the rainbow. Of course, in the picture it all looks amazing, but in reality this effect will never happen. Firstly, such a budget tool cannot replace complex salon work (and you need to try sooooo hard to get perfectly blue hair!). Secondly, then it is very difficult to get rid of the tonic. When lightening, the most unexpected pigments come out, so if you experimented at home with this tool, be sure to tell the master about it. He must know what he’s dealing with.

Blonde correction: lightening and toning
Blonde correction: lightening and toning, photo: instagram.com/behindthechair_com/

So, toning a yellow blond with tonic is the worst idea. It is best to use professional hair cosmetics at home, as you can get confused with paint and get a not quite desired result.

Be beautiful!

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