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How to treat eyelashes in 2022 (with photo examples)

What woman does not dream of luxurious long eyelashes! They make the eyes bigger and more expressive, and the look is charming. And how unpleasant it is to notice that the eyelashes have become dull, brittle and generally fall out. Of course, cilia need help. But first, let’s look at the reasons for this phenomenon.

eyelash extensions

What and why do eyelashes hurt

First, if you notice this, then in no case ignore the problem. “On its own” it will not work. Moreover, the cause of eyelash loss can be serious diseases. For example, such as demodicosis and pediculosis of the eyelashes. These diseases are associated with parasites. You will recognize them by itching, plaque on the hairs, traces of blood, eyelid hypertrophy, dry eyes, discharge from them. If you notice these symptoms – run to the ophthalmologist. Self-medication is unacceptable.


The cause of eyelash loss in addition to diseases can be other phenomena:

  • Vitamin deficiency. Vitamins of group B are responsible for the growth of hairs, vitamin E is responsible for their strength.
  • If you take care of your eyelashes incorrectly, or do not care at all. If you use oily eye cream on the skin around your eyes, it can damage your hair follicles.
  • If you are not picky about the use of decorative cosmetics. Use cosmetics of low quality, under the motto “cheaper” or expired.
  • The low resistance of the body to diseases and stress will also affect the condition of your eyelashes.
  • Infectious diseases – allergies, conjunctivitis and so on.
  • Genetic diseases such as trichiasis, distichiasis and others.

In addition, the eyelash extension procedure can provoke the loss of eyelashes if it is done incorrectly.

Beautiful makeup and thick eyelashes

In what cases it is necessary to treat eyelashes after the extension procedure

Symptoms that “something is wrong” and your lashes need help include:

  • There was an allergic reaction – swelling, redness.
  • Eyelashes become dull and brittle.
  • They became faded and thinned.
  • They fall out.
Falling out eyelash extensions

The reasons for all this may be the following:

  • Extension technique broken.
  • Improperly selected artificial eyelashes can weaken or break natural
  • Your “sleepy” habits (sleep with your face buried in a pillow). For extended eyelashes, this can be a difficult test, they can break and damage natural ones.
  • The adhesive is chosen incorrectly and aggressively affects the hairs.

All this can worsen the condition of your natural eyelashes. Well, let’s fix the situation.

Beautiful makeup and spectacular eyelashes

How to treat eyelashes after extensions: basic rules 2022

The restoration of eyelashes should be started immediately after you have removed the extensions. And the first attention will be paid to the skin of the eyelids. This is where the hair follicles and nutrients for hair growth are located.

eyelash extensions

When caring for the skin of the eyelids, observe the following rules:

  • Actions must be careful and accurate.
  • You can’t rub your eyes. Wipe them with a cotton pad soaked in water.
  • Remove makeup with gentle, alcohol-free products.
  • Protect your eyelids from exposure to ultraviolet rays – use special products, wear sunglasses.
  • After washing, moisturize the skin of the eyelids with cream.
Make-up removal

And, of course, the first thing to do if the eyelids are inflamed is to remove this inflammation with a vitamin complex. Careful and gentle exposure means without the use of soap and other substances aggressive to the eyelids.

Beautiful long thick eyelashes

Causes and signs of a chemical burn of the eyelids and eyelashes

Well, now let’s talk about the most unpleasant consequences of improper extension – a chemical burn of the mucous membrane of the eye and skin of the eyelids.

They can lead to:

  • Artificial hairs were not evenly distributed along the length of the eyelid.
  • The skin of the eyelids was treated too hard.
  • Not the best quality materials were used.
  • Sanitary conditions were neglected during the procedure.

Then you may experience the following symptoms:

  • the eyelids are swollen;
  • itching and irritation appeared;
  • the mucous membrane is inflamed;
  • Do you feel like there is a foreign object in your eye?
  • it hurts to move your eyes;
  • eyes tear up.
Allergy to eyelash extensions

The consequences of a chemical burn can be very deplorable, up to loss of vision. Therefore, qualified medical assistance is necessary.

In this case, you first need to do the following:

Fact about eyelashes

Eyelashes are the hardest and most resilient hair on the human body. In men, they are longer than in the fair sex, and in blondes they are shorter than in brunettes.

  • Rinse eyes with warm water for 10-15 minutes.
  • Take antihistamines (if allergic).
  • Remove the artificial eyelashes and get rid of the glue. This must be done as carefully and carefully as possible.
  • Bright light can irritate the eyelids, so keep it out.
  • Take a pain reliever for pain.
  • Put on sunglasses and see a doctor.
Chemical burn from eyelash extensions

Consultation with an ophthalmologist is necessary because a chemical burn can be fraught with very unpleasant consequences. Here are just a few of them:

  • the appearance of a walleye;
  • cataract;
  • glaucoma;
  • corneal damage;
  • blepharitis;
  • damage to the skin of the eyelids;
  • deterioration or even complete loss of vision.

These symptoms may appear immediately or several days after a chemical burn. Eyelash treatment should be started immediately.

Removal of eyelash extensions

How to treat eyelashes with a chemical burn of the eyelids

Therefore, we will give you some tips that can help you at home before you see a doctor. They will mitigate the consequences and speed up the recovery process after a chemical burn.

What need to do:

  • Apply a bag of brewed black tea to closed eyelids for 15 minutes. This well-known remedy perfectly soothes and relieves irritation.
  • Squeezed raw potatoes, grated on a fine grater, wrap in gauze and apply this gruel to the eyelids.
  • Soak 2 tablespoons of oak bark, boil for 20 minutes, cool, soak cotton pads in the decoction and apply to the eyes.
  • This tool must be prepared in advance. Dry St. John’s wort flowers – 1 tablespoon mixed with two tablespoons of olive oil. Clean in a dark cool place for 21 days. Soak a cotton pad in this solution and apply to the eyelids. Such a compress is best done twice a day – in the morning and in the evening.

In addition, include in your diet foods containing vitamin A – the most “visual” vitamin. It is found, for example, in carrots and fish oil.

Eyelash restoration after extension

Prevention of chemical burns of the eyelids and eyelashes

How to protect yourself from these troubles and troubles, how not to get a chemical burn?

  • Do not trust the extension procedure to random people, not professionals.
  • Keep your eyes closed during the procedure so that the adhesive does not get on the mucous membrane of the eye.
  • Do not move or distract the master during the procedure: he needs maximum concentration.
  • During the first days after eyelash extensions, you should not wet your eyelashes.
  • Do not use greasy creams and lotions.
  • Do not visit the bath for two days after the procedure.
Long eyelash extensions

Also keep in mind that you can not increase …

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