Eyebrow pencil

How to use an eyebrow pencil correctly: a universal algorithm for beginners with photo examples of 2022

“An eyebrow pencil is the secret weapon in a self-respecting lady’s makeup bag,” say our beauty experts. However, as practice shows, only a few female representatives know how to use it correctly. How to use such an indispensable tool so that the eyebrows always look filigree and well-groomed will be discussed in our article.

Eyebrow pencil

In fact, a brow pencil is the simplest and most versatile tool used for make-up. It is perfect both for correcting the bend and for drawing the missing hairs in case you need to create volume, but they have not yet had time to recover. Moreover, it can be used to give the eyebrows the desired color.

Drawing hair with a pencil

Despite the seeming simplicity and versatility, there are still several “pitfalls” in the selection of a tool. When choosing a pencil, first of all, proceed from your color type, as well as the shade of your hair. Too expressive, flashy eyebrows look inorganic, and in some cases even a touch of comedy is caught.

expressive eyebrows

And the pale, not emphasized supra-eye curves, combined with the dark hair color, create the “La Gioconda effect” – from the outside it looks like you don’t have any eyebrows at all.

Inexpressive light eyebrows

Which eyebrow pencil color is right for you and which is better to use in 2022

If you are a happy owner of jet black or chestnut strands, you just need to choose a shade of pencil to match your hair. If you are a naturally spectacular ash blonde or the owner of a luxurious straw-blond braid, it will be difficult to choose a tool.

Eyebrow makeup with a pencil

Brunettes with a golden sheen in their hair can use a brown pencil. And for fair-haired girls, it is best to opt for an ashy gray-brown shade of taupe. It is desirable to resort to it and blondes. The latter should be especially careful: the color of the eyebrow pencil should not be darker than the hair by more than a tone.

Eyebrow pencil design

Having decided on the color, you can begin to build the architecture of the eyebrows.

How to draw eyebrows with a pencil

A common mistake among fashionistas is trying to immediately draw clear lines of brow bends. Even if you have definitely decided on the form, you should not do this. In order for the result to satisfy you, pay attention to the following nuances.

Eyebrow architecture with a pencil

  • density effect can be created using hatching. To do this, draw the outline of the eyebrow with light, barely noticeable lines and shade the resulting figure.
thick eyebrows

  • Adjust the pressure. Don’t press too hard on the pencil to avoid an unnaturally pointed, angular shape. Naturalness is achieved with light movements. The exception is the outer corner of the eyebrow, which must be marked.
Curved brow ridges

  • Shade properly applied agent. To prevent eyebrows from drawing too much attention to themselves in eye makeup, comb them with a special styling brush. You can apply a little transparent fixative gel to soften the shade of the brow arches.
Blending makeup with an eyebrow brush

How to set the desired eyebrow tone with a pencil

Before you start coloring, follow these steps.

  1. Use a brush for the eyebrows to comb the curve. It is very important at the same time to comb the hairs up to prevent sticking and ensure even distribution of the coloring agent.
Eyebrow brushes

  1. Label the bottom outline brows. Pay attention to the symmetry of the lines on both arcs. Then again resort to the brush in order to comb the hairs down and thus show the upper border.
Eyebrows with a clear outline

  1. Draw the top pencil outline.
  2. Shade Gently formed figure. Pay special attention to the outer edge. It should be filled as tightly as possible. Carefully draw the thin tips of the eyebrows.
Black eyebrows

  1. Using an eyebrow brush, blend out the shading. Color the brow at the base a little more and feather it so that the color smoothly flows into the main shade of the brow.
Light straight eyebrows

  1. With light corrector draw a line under the eyebrow to make the color of the eyebrows even more expressive. The line itself must be shaded so that it does not stand out from the artistic composition. For a long-lasting hold of the shade, apply a little wax to the eyebrows.
Eyebrow waxing

Which eyebrow shape is right for you, based on the latest trends in 2022

When starting to correct with a pencil, decide in advance on the desired shape.

  • If you have a round face, it is best to opt for curved eyebrows with a high rise and a short tip. Thus, you visually stretch the face, giving it the shape of an oval. At the same time, do not make your eyebrows too pointed, because you don’t need “eyebrows with a house” at all. Make the outline smooth.
Eyebrows for a round face

  • With a square face organically look curved eyebrows with a classic bend. Wide eyebrows with a pronounced curve will help soften the square outlines, while thin eyebrows will look out of place.
Eyebrows for a square face

  • Owners of an oval face Straight eyebrows without a bend are perfect. The ascending form is contraindicated for such girls, since it will visually stretch their appearance.

Fact about eyebrows

In the 18th century, noble ladies completely shaved off their own eyebrows and glued pieces of skins of fur-bearing animals cut out in shape – sables, martens, squirrels, ermines, above, on their foreheads.

Eyebrows for an oval face

  • Fashionistas with a triangular face eyebrows of the classical ascending form are recommended. At the same time, it is very important to maintain a smooth curve so that the face does not look angular. Refuse also the expressive “ups” allowed to the owners of a square face.
Eyebrows for a triangular face

How to build eyebrow architecture with a pencil

To achieve a harmonious and natural look of the eyebrows, you should make sure that their shape is perfect. The easiest way to accomplish this task is makeup, taking into account the proportions of the face.

Eyebrow sketch with dot marking

  • Pay attention to thathow your eyes are positioned. The wide landing is indicated by the distance between the eyes, exceeding their width.
Eyebrow zoning

  • Stand in front of a mirror and perform zoning of the brow arch. The first area is the beginning of the eyebrow, the second is the eyebrow bend, the third is the tip.
Eyebrow architecture

  • To determine where it should be the beginning of the eyebrow, draw a visual line from the “wing” of the nose up.
  • To determine the location of a bend, imagine a visual beam coming from the center of the chin to the eyebrow. In this case, an imaginary segment should pass through your pupil.
Modeling and coloring of eyebrows with a pencil

  • eyebrow tip should be at the point of contact of the visual line coming out of the “wing” and enveloping the outer corner of the eye, with the eyebrow.
Eyebrow shaping with a pencil

Top 6 Eyebrow Pencils 2022

Even the lightest and thinnest eyebrows can be given a beautiful expressive look with the help of a well-chosen drawing tool. We present to your attention the rating of trendy novelties of “pencil fashion”.

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