Stamping pedicure

How to use stamping for a pedicure on your own in 2022, 35+ photo ideas

Pedicure with intricate patterns is becoming more and more popular. Even if there is no desire to draw each nail, then 1-2 fingers still want to be highlighted. But what to do if you can’t get into the salon with a good master, and you can’t do such a pedicure on your own.

Stamping pedicure

This is where stamping comes in. What it is, its advantages and disadvantages, we will analyze the application technology in our article.

Stamping for nails – what is it, the pros and cons of the technique

This is a method of decorating nails with the help of special tools: a plate and a stamp. The name is an exact copy from the English word for “stamping”. Professionals and clients like this technique for its ease and speed of application and high creativity. Thus, a home pedicure is difficult to distinguish from a salon one.

Light green pedicure with stamping

Like any other nail design technique, stamping has a number of disadvantages and advantages.

Summer pedicure with stamping and rhinestones

The advantages of this technique include:

  • Decorating in this way does not require artistic skills. But you need to learn how to use a stamp to create an interesting design.
Black pedicure with stamping

  • With it, small strokes are easily applied, which are difficult to make with the thinnest brush.
Stamping pedicure

  • The image is identical on each nail, when applied to several fingers.
Pedicure design with stamping

  • It is possible to create multi-colored patterns.
Stamped pedicure

  • The procedure takes the shortest possible time.
Stamping pedicure

  • The range of plates is very wide and is constantly supplemented with new images.
Stamping pedicure

  • With this technique, you can decorate not only nails, but apply to any flat surface.
Stamping pedicure

The disadvantages of this method can be called:

Fact about pedicure

The birthplace of foot care – pedicure – was Ancient Egypt. The nobility of this country carefully cared for their feet with the help of essential oils. It was considered bad form to go on a date with unkempt legs.

  • The only way to achieve a permanent high-quality result is through training.
Stamping pedicure

  • For a good job, you need a special quality tool.
Pedicure with a stamp

  • To make patterns, special varnishes or paints are needed; stamping with ordinary varnish is unlikely to work, especially at home.
Stamping pedicure

For stamping, the length and shape of the nails does not matter. The pattern can be applied even on short nails, but on long ones there is more room for creativity. And according to the shape of the nails, you can choose a more suitable pattern.

Stamped pedicure

2022 Tools and Materials Needed for Pedicure Stamping

To decorate nails in this way, you need to purchase some tools and materials so that the design looks high quality and professional.

Black and white pedicure with stamping

  1. Stamping plate. This is a metal plate on which patterns and drawings are engraved for subsequent embossing on nails. Usually made in the form of a circle or rectangle. When purchasing a plate, it is imperative to pay attention to the depth of engraving, the deeper it is, the easier it is to transfer even the smallest details.
stamping plate

  1. Stamp for stamping. A special tool with which the drawings are transferred from the plate to the nail. They can be made of rubber or silicone. Rubber ones are denser, so it is more difficult to work with them at the initial stages. There are double-sided stamps, when each surface is made of its own material, this is the best option for the job. Stamps can come in a variety of colors and have a few interchangeable pads to see if the pattern is consistent, but the best kind of stamp is clear.
Double-sided stamping stamp

  1. Scraper – This is a scraper that is needed to apply or remove excess varnish from the plate. Scrapers are either metal or plastic. It is better to choose a plastic scraper, because. metal can damage the plate.
Stamp and scraper

  1. Lacquers for stamping. These are special varnishes that can be mixed together on a plate, and they dry in the usual way, but rather quickly. Therefore, at first it is quite difficult to work with them. However, regular and gel polishes can be used for stamping.
Set of 10 stamping polishes

  1. Gel paints for stamping. It is more convenient to work with them than with varnishes. They are dried in a special lamp and the image can be transferred from the stamp to the nail several times.
Gel paint for stamping

  1. Fixer. In order for the image to remain unchanged and last longer, it is necessary to fix it with a special tool.
Pedicure stamping

  1. Nail polish remover. The liquid will be needed both for nails and for caring for tools. If the drawing is done with ordinary varnish, it can be removed with such a liquid, and then a new one can be applied. The plate and scraper also need to be wiped before and after working with them. For ordinary polishes, a remover is suitable, for gel polishes, a degreaser. The stamp is cleaned with adhesive tape or tape.
Bright pedicure with stamping

Creating a pedicure using the stamping technique at home

  1. First you need to prepare the legs and nails for decoration. It is necessary to do a pedicure by any convenient method, give the nails a suitable length and shape.
Pedicure in the salon

  1. After you need to prepare the nails for coating. It is necessary to lift the scales of the nail with a soft file to improve adhesion to the coating and degrease the nail plate.
Classic edged pedicure

  1. Now you can apply the base coat and colored varnish. Lacquer is usually applied in 2 layers to make the color brighter. Each layer must be well dried.

  1. Now, on the selected pattern on the plate, you need to apply a shade of varnish that will be used for the pattern. It must be applied evenly so that all lines are filled.
Fruit pedicure stamping

  1. Excess varnish from the plate must be removed with a scraper. You need to do this in one clear movement. You also need to ensure that the angle between the plate and the scraper is no more than 45 degrees, and adjust the pressing force on it so as not to remove or leave too much.
Stamping pedicure

  1. After that, you need to transfer the drawing to the stamp. You need to do this with a smooth roll without pressure, and quickly enough. If the pattern is not completely printed, you need to clean the stamp and repeat the action again. You can add a few drops of acetone to the plate to make the polish dry more slowly.
Orange pedicure with stamping

  1. Now you can transfer the image from the stamp to the nail. The movement should be quick and easy, but again without pressure.
Stamping pedicure

  1. After the pattern has dried, a fixative must be applied. To prevent the drawing from smearing, you need to make a single stroke without pressing the brush on the nail plate.
Pedicure - design with stamping

Nail stamping is a great solution for those who want to have an original nail design, but do not have a lot of time or do not know how to draw. The technique is ideal for home use.

Photo collection of 2022 pedicure created by stamping technique

Turquoise pedicure with stamping

Stamping pedicure with flowers

Black and white stamped pedicure

Stamping nail design

Stamping pedicure

Pedicure - design with stamping

Stamping pedicure

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