How to visually enlarge the eyes with makeup?

How to enlarge eyes with makeup?

Every girl wants to have a beautiful, expressive, open look. Owners of narrow or small eyes can visually enlarge them with makeup. Various techniques are used to achieve the desired effect. Subject to all the rules and recommendations, the eye contour will increase, and the look will become more spectacular.

Basic Eye Makeup Techniques

You can enlarge your eyes and make them visually larger if you know some makeup secrets. Professionals advise to adhere to certain rules.

A more open look will help eyebrow shaping. Eyebrows are recommended to do medium thickness. You can correct the contour by pulling out the extra lower hairs. Another effective technique is to apply light shadows under the eyebrows. As a result, the eyes will appear larger.

Owners of small eyes should get rid of dark circles. Bags under the eyes do not paint anyone and make the look tired. Applying concealer to the problem area will help to cope with the problem. Cosmetic should choose a yellow or pink-apricot shade. With a special brush, the concealer is applied to the skin under the eyes with a thin layer and shaded.

Shadow color plays an important role in visual enlargement of the eyes. Light shades are applied to the area under the eyebrows, on the movable eyelid and on the inner corner of the eye. Dark shades of shadows stain the outer corner of the eye. The borders of the color transition should be well shaded.

The image on the eyelids will help to make the eyes bigger the correct shape of the arrows. Arrows are recommended to be applied with a thin line from the middle of the eyelid, slightly expanding to the outer corner of the eye. The tail of the arrow should be short and bent slightly upwards.

Illumination of the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid also visually increase the size of the eyes. The line should be drawn with a light-colored pencil – pink or beige. It is better not to use a white pencil, because it will look unnatural on the mucous membrane.

You can open your eyes with applying mascara to eyelashes. With a special brush, you should direct the eyelashes up to give them length and volume.

You can enlarge your eyes using various makeup techniques. Consider further in the article the most popular and effective.


Horizontal makeup techniqueThe horizontal makeup technique is only suitable for girls with small, deep-set or round eyes. As a result, they will become wider and visually increase. For narrow eyes, this technique is unacceptable. Operating principle makeup techniques – applying and blending shadows horizontally.

The inner corner of the eye is lightened with a light shade of shadows or concealer. The eyelid is mentally divided into three horizontal sections. The lower zone, located on the movable eyelid, is painted in the middle color of the shadow. A dark color is applied to the crease of the eyelid, and the lightest shade is applied to the area under the eyebrows. The borders of the color transition are carefully shaded with a brush. You can add makeup with thin, short arrows.


Vertical makeup techniqueVertical makeup technique is perfect for visual correction of narrow or deep-set eyes. As a result, the incision of the eyes will become much wider and more round. Unlike the previous makeup technique, here the shadows are applied and blended vertically.

Initially, the inner corner of the eye needs to be clarified with a highlighter or shadows of a white shade. The eyelid is mentally divided into 5 vertical sections. Starting from the inner corner of the eye, the shadows are applied from the lightest to the darkest shades. Makeup should be completed by shading the entire applied palette of colors.


Diagonal makeup techniqueThis makeup technique has a similar application principle as the vertical one. Suitable for deep-set eyes. Shadows are superimposed and shaded with a slight slope, diagonally.

The eyelid is divided into 5 diagonal zones in a similar way. Start drawing with shadows from the inner corner of the eye, smoothly moving to the outer. Shades of shadows are arranged from the lightest to the darkest, respectively. For a larger increase in the eyes, the lower mucosa is stained with a light pencil, and the inner corner of the eyelid is lightened with a primer.

The result is an excellent visual enlargement of the eyes. Applying shadows at an angle also helps to lift the outer corner of the eye.


Makeup pencil techniqueThis makeup technique is unique in that the eyes can be made in any shape. You can both reduce and increase them. The work is done not with shadows, but with a pencil.

On the eyelids, you should first apply a foundation or concealer to make the make-up last. The entire moving eyelid is painted with shades of white. Carefully blend the color. Using a pencil, draw the future shape for makeup. Pencil lines are shaded with mother-of-pearl powder. For proper shading, you will need a special flat brush with a hard bristle.


Technical makeup "Banana"

Makeup made using the Banana technique is perfect for girls with small eyes. The unusual shape of the make-up will visually increase the contours of the eyes and make them more round.

On the central part of the moving eyelid, the lightest shade of shadows in the form of a circle is applied with a brush. The area on the left and right sides of the center of the resulting circle is painted with shadows a tone darker. The darkest shadows are applied to the inner and outer corner of the eye, as well as to the crease of the eyelid. The borders of the transition of colors are carefully shaded. The corners of the upper and lower eyelids are processed with a brush to give a round shape.

All actions should be done in stages. Makeup will look spectacular due to good shading and unusual technique for applying shadows.

Classic eye enlargement with makeup: step by step

It is possible to enlarge the eyes without the use of complex makeup techniques. Even a beginner will be able to cope with the task, if all instructions are followed exactly. Below are step-by-step photos of classic makeup that will help make the look more open.

Step 1: Apply foundation to the eyelid. Before applying shadows, prepare the skin to ensure the durability of makeup for the whole day. With a special brush or fingers, the primer is applied to the movable eyelid, the inner and outer corner of the eye. The tool should be shaded closer to the eyebrows. At the end, you can go over the treated areas of the skin with a fluffy brush with powder or body shadows to reduce the stickiness of the foundation.

Applying eyeshadow base

Step 2: Apply dark shadows to the outer corner of the eye. With a round barrel brush, apply dark matte shadows to the outer corner of the eye. We touch a little with a brush the fold of the upper eyelid. We make a shading of color towards the temples in the form of a beautiful haze. Matte shadows of a dark shade are also applied to the lower eyelid and paint it over ⅓….

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