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How to wear a dress with sneakers?

How to wear a dress with sneakers: photo examples 2018

Changeable capricious fashion dictates its own rules. One of the fashionable experiments (a dress set with sports shoes: sneakers and sneakers) has firmly entered the world and is still relevant this season: different styles of dresses look stylish.

Even celebrities today appear in public in such stylish outfits (photo shoots, meetings with viewers, award ceremonies, etc.). Vivid examples: fashionista Yuliana Vodyanova, Ksenia Borodina, Yuliana Karaulova, Regina Todorenko (Ukraine), Avril Lavigne (Canada), etc. We offer you to plunge into this amazing image in detail. We will tell you how to wear and choose a combination, view photos and pictures, etc.

Stylish image of 2018 – sneakers under the dress

When choosing an outfit (casual or festive), you need to be guided not only by the rules of convenience, but also be able to choose the right one: the style of clothes for sneakers and the model of sports shoes for the outfit. You should know that this stylish ensemble is not intended for sports activities, it is just a comfortable look.

You can create different options: night (holiday), business (elegant everyday, for work in the office), etc. The thing can be elongated or shortened, loose or tight-fitting. All you need is knowledge of the basics, and present the end result. Young people prefer to combine incongruous: a ballet tutu with sneakers or other original sets, for example, for anime.

On the presented photos of a dress with sneakers, you can see in more detail the combination, how to wear and choose models correctly. Here you can see a sheath dress, vests, bandage, straight or cocktail, a-line or stylish mini, with high or low waistlines, with and without a hem, asymmetric lines, etc.

Knitted striped dress under sneakers (photo)

The stripe also does not lose its position in the trends of the season: horizontal, vertical, interspersed with color and other prints (large noodles, for example). When choosing a bow with a strip, one should take into account its peculiarity: the horizontal one visually hides the fullness, and the vertical lengthens the legs (suitable for short girls). The length is also varied: short dresses, vests (stripes are usually blue or black, but options are possible) and long models of various styles. A knitted model with such a print looks very elegant and feminine.

Fashion houses create various models of sports shoes: platform / wedge (goes well with evening dress), high (for long models) and light sneakers-slippers with various prints or just plain.

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White wedding dress and sneakers

Today, even a wedding dress in combination with light sports shoes looks youthful, relevant and even provocatively. This option emphasizes the individuality of the bride, her courage in experiments and even youthful adventurism. But in this version it is better to wear white shoes. In general, white sneakers fit most outfits and, making such an acquisition, girls (teenagers and older women) can afford to diversify their image at their discretion. Perfect dress up for the holidays and for kids, girls can wear a bright outfit and emphasize their outfit with an unusual solution: a sports accessory.

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For prom sneakers and dress

Teenagers choosing an outfit for the prom often opt for sports shoes. Here it is important to properly assemble the outfit:

• high-top sneakers or models with high soles (wedge, platform) are suitable for long styles;
• under short ones, it is better to choose lighter models and it is better if the shoes match in color (you can opt for the classic version: white or black);
• It is not advisable to use sneakers and boots.

It should be remembered that the prom season is summer, which means that the fabrics should be airy and light (fluffy or lace is unlikely to be appropriate here). It is better to choose a model that is not too solemn. Light chiffon models (cocktail), slightly tight legs will fit perfectly into the image. You can also pick up a dress with shiny sequins, but in this case, a short one will look more harmonious. Colors can be varied: turquoise, golden, mint, etc., dark and light, but not bright. You can order a dress in the atelier; in this option, the stylist will ideally select the shape and texture, taking into account the fashion trend.

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Trend bow – denim dress and trendy sneakers

Under denim outfits for the summer, it is better to choose shoes of soothing colors, a classic combination of colors will not be superfluous: black and white sneakers are perfect for any outfit and dress (denim or other texture) and skirts of various lengths and short shorts. The standard color for this fabric is blue, but today you can find white and black and even colored models (red, green, blue, brown, etc.).

In general, jeans belong to sportswear and, even if this dress with sports shoes, it will look harmonious. Teenage girls quite often pick up various clothes from this fabric in their wardrobe, as it is comfortable and practical, like their favorite sneakers. The photos below show how well they fit together. The colors of the latter can be different: with flowers or polka dots.

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Versatile black dress with sneakers

In this version, two versatility converged: a black dress and sneakers. There are many variations here, but we remind you that with long styles it is better to wear tall models or on platforms (for example, sneakers). It is better to choose the color to match the clothes, i.e. opt for the black version. The dress can be tight-fitting or loose, long (maxi, length below the knees) or with a length above the knees (mini), the midi model (length to the middle of the calf), etc. will harmoniously fit into the image. The fabric can also be different: leather, knitwear, etc. .It can be tight with a slit or a little feminine.

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Sports look – shirt dress + sneakers

Dressing in a sporty style means not only looking stylish, but also feeling comfortable. These images are firmly entrenched in everyday outfits (for a walk, safari, etc.). One of the options is a shirt dress (or a vest) in combination with sneakers or slip-ons (great for summer) or sneakers (more harmonious in autumn).

Eminent fashion designers have long included in their collections sweatshirts with sneakers and, it would seem, completely incompatible (for example, the Converse Boho collection). In this image, it is important to consider harmony: if the top is free, as in the case of a shirt, for example, then the bottom should be tight-fitting. It is acceptable to complement the image with leggings / leggings or leggings / golfs / socks, girls often wear them with tights.

T-shirts, sweatshirts and T-shirts with various inscriptions or just plain ones harmoniously fit into the sporty look…

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