Самая модная джинсовая юбка

How to wear a fashionable long denim skirt

The most fashionable denim skirt for spring

At some point, denim skirts became an exclusively youth trend, but before that this product was in the wardrobe of every woman. Perhaps the reason is the length, because in recent years denim skirts have only lost precious centimeters, but what adult woman would wear a mini?

This season, everything promises to change, as the medium length option is recognized as the most relevant style.

What is she fashionable denim skirt?

Fashionable denim skirt

First of all, there should be a high or medium landing. On the hips – not an option for a denim skirt.
It is also important that the skirt is comfortable, and for this she needs cuts. There are several options for cuts – front, side, but not along the seam line, back. Moreover, the cuts are best accompanied by buttons so that you can adjust the height.

Now about the color…

The most fashionable skirt spring-summer 2020

Fashionable denim skirts, as a rule, are plain, without prints, stripes and other decor. The most fashionable color is classic blue and white. Black denim midi skirts are also in trend.

What to wear?

Fashionable images with a midi skirt

You can wear trendy skirts even now. We complement the image with high boots that go under it, so it will not be cold and stylish. And he puts on a shortened jacket, also made of denim with fur inside and on the collar, or a fashionable sheepskin coat, a shortened voluminous down jacket. And a warm stole will successfully fit into the image.

When it gets really warm, we replace the boots with fashionable sandals with an open square toe. This year it is a very hot trend. But a pair of midi skirt and sneakers or sneakers, not the most fashionable, but also has the right to exist, especially if you are used to sports shoes.

In general, be in trend and do not forget to experiment with style in order to cheer up yourself first of all, and then charm others.

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