Как носить леггинсы с пиджаком в мужском стиле

How to wear a jacket in a men’s style in autumn: examples, photos, ideas

Matching things with a men’s jacket according to autumn trends

A jacket is a male element of the wardrobe, which is so loved by women that it has migrated to it in its classic form. Of course, ladies call such products men’s style jackets, although in fact, many people buy them in men’s stores.

How to wear a men’s jacket for a woman?

How To Wear a Men's Blazer With Jeans

Stylish jacket in men’s style has a free cut, a welt pocket with a flap and buttons. For the past few seasons, jeans and trousers have been the main pair for a men’s style jacket. This fall, stylists offer fashionistas other options.

Stylish images with a men's jacket for autumn

We have collected the most relevant combinations with a men’s jacket for this fall. Get inspired!

Dress and jacket

Mini dress and lace-up boots

Stylish look with a leather jacket

For early autumn, when the weather is summer during the day and the evenings are already cool, a set such as: a short mini dress made of light fabric, lace-up boots and a jacket is suitable. By the way, it will not be hot in boots if you wear cotton socks, and the shoes themselves are without insulation.

Midi dress and belt

How to wear a jacket and belt

A masculine-style jacket and a pleated midi dress, knitted, light with frills – a beautiful look for a cool autumn evening. Shoes in this set are recommended to be selected according to the event:

  • for theater and cinema – boots / loafers / ballet flats;
  • for a long walk in the park – sneakers;
  • for a party – boots and socks (matching or contrasting).

Maxi dress

Dress and jacket

Jackets in men’s style, according to the rules for combining lengths, are not suitable for floor-length dresses. However, it is worth throwing a jacket over your shoulders and the image is obtained in the best traditions of Hollywood, when a lady goes home after the event in her lover’s outerwear. So who said that you can’t initially leave the house in this form?

Mini skirt and dark tights

Jacket and mini skirt

To make the look with a mini skirt look stylish and not vulgar, it is recommended to complement it with a masculine-style jacket and rough boots. Dark tights to match the shoes or skirt will help smooth the corners. By the way, they visually elongate the silhouette.


Jacket and leggings

An original look can be made with a men’s-style jacket and leggings. We choose black for the bottom, and the top can be any fashionable shade or with a geometric print. It is important that the jacket covers the buttocks for 2-3 palms, otherwise the hips will visually look wide.

Loose trousers

Dress and jacket

Oversized images have somewhat lost their relevance recently, although there are exceptions. For example, a jacket and loose-fitting trousers are still among the trends. You can combine both paired products, and things from different sets. The main requirement is identical tissue density. In this case, the reception of “contrast textures” is inappropriate.

And how do you feel about men’s style jackets and do you wear your husband’s things?

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