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How to wear a men’s jacket: 7 images of Hailey Bieber

Learning to Wear the Grandpa Jacket Trend with Hailey Bieber

I personally really like the fashion for huge jackets, though I still haven’t tried it in practice. Although after this article I seriously thought about buying such outerwear. And if you are more fortunate than me, and there is a grandfather’s jacket that has been gathering dust in the closet for a long time, feel free to take it out (I just don’t have it). It is not difficult to create a fashionable and stylish image with it.

The easiest option is to wear a grandfather jacket with sports shoes. It can be fashionable platform sneakers or regular Allstar sneakers. Both options are good.

It is best to wear something tight-fitting under the jacket so as not to add much volume. A cropped tight-fitting top, bodysuit, T-shirt in case of emergency will do.

Hailey Bieber in sneakers

If you have fashionable stocking ankle boots, it’s time to walk them paired with a grandfather’s jacket. Of course, you can go the classic way and make the whole bottom “narrow”, or you can, like Hayley, tuck loose-fitting trousers into ankle boots, creating a more interesting look.

Hailey Bieber in stocking boots

Now a feminine option, when only a jacket is one of the bulky things. And trousers, top and even shoes – everything indicates elegance and helps to emphasize the harmony of the figure. If you’re not that slim, swap out your top for a turtleneck to cover your tummy.

If there is not just a jacket, but a suit, you can wear it with a hoodie or sweater. Both options look stylish and comfortable.
This year, flip flops with heels will be especially popular, so as soon as the weather allows, we try them on with grandfather’s jacket. Get a contrasting and stylish bow.

Hailey Bieber in a suit

In pair with a white jacket, it is best to choose the same trousers, top, shoes … In general, we dress in white from head to toe and go to conquer the world, believe me, a dozen compliments are guaranteed to you, because it is impossible not to pay attention to such a “bright” person.

Hailey Bieber in a white suit

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