Как и с чем носить кюлоты

How to wear culottes without looking short and fat

Styling chips for those who choose culottes

culottes – Cropped loose-fitting trousers.

The main problem of this model is the ability to visually remove centimeters of growth and add volume in the hips. Because of this, many women have been avoiding culottes for years, choosing tried and simple options – cropped cigar trousers or elongated palazzos. But there are simple stylistic tricks with which you can tame culottes.

How to tame culottes: the secrets of stylists

What to wear with leather culottes
Culottes and bodysuits
Leather culottes
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Culottes are very cunning and insidious, if you do not know how and with what to combine them correctly. We reveal the secrets of stylists for whom this element of the wardrobe is always among the favorites. People who do not understand fashion do not pay attention to culottes, therefore, this is a great opportunity to break into the fashion world and declare yourself as a connoisseur of trends and stylistic tricks.

Shoes without contrast

Stylish and unstylish images with culottes

In order not to shorten your legs by wearing culottes, choose summer shoes without contrast. Body pumps, sandals will do. It doesn’t matter if there are ties or a strap. The main thing in this set is the shade.

Top in color

How to look slim in culottes

In order to maintain proportions and visually elongate the silhouette, wearing culottes, we stop the choice not only on corporal shoes, but also choose the top to match the trousers. Such a kit will avoid zoning and help you look slimmer.

Filling the top

Stylist's advice on how to wear culottes

Another effective technique of stylists to create a harmonious look with culottes is a tight tucked-in top. But not voluminous – this is important!

We choose a straight cut shirts, T-shirts, knitwear and tuck them into the belt. The culottes should be in a medium or high rise. At the same time, we remember about corporal shoes and the lack of contrast between the shades of the top and bottom.

Suitable top

How to wear culottes with a top example

For a summer outfit, instead of a tucked-in top, you can use a cropped top. We choose it about a proven scheme – to match the culotte or a close shade in order to maintain the vertical.

High autumn shoes

How to combine culottes with boots photo

Culottes are quite easy to introduce into the autumn look, because in this case you do not have to look for skin-colored shoes or boots. A model of any color will do, the main thing is that the top is hidden under the trousers. We avoid a bare leg between culottes and boots.

Socks help! If the ankle boots are not high enough, you can use a simple stylistic trick – wear socks or socks to match the shoes. This will hide the empty space and keep the vertical.

With sneakers and sneakers

How To Wear Culottes With Sneakers and Athletic Shoes

Culottes are not forbidden to wear with sports shoes, but you should be prepared in advance for the fact that the image will be squat, and the figure will visually acquire additional volume in the hips. Neither white sneakers nor trendy platform sneakers will help.

The only way to stay slim in culottes and athletic shoes is to opt for nude sneakers. They will get rid of the contrast in the lower zone and the visual division of the leg.

High rise only

How to wear culottes correctly examples

Many democratic brands offer culottes with different fit. Stylists assure that the low version has nothing to do with fashion. It is recommended to wear culottes only with a high or medium waist, so the silhouette remains slim. If you want trousers that sit on your hips, choose palazzo or trendy trumpet jeans – this option suits them.

Have you already tamed culottes, or just don’t understand how to keep your legs long?

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