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How to wear things that are out of fashion: 6 tricks

How to wear items from the list of anti-trends for this season

Fashion is changing rapidly, so what was at the peak of popularity yesterday may be on the list of anti-trends today.

Of course, no one forbids wearing clothes that are outdated, but you don’t want to look old-fashioned. Therefore, every woman in the closet has a shelf with things that are not small, not large, not old or shabby, they just stopped being worn because the fashion has changed. What can you do?

One of the options is to wait for the cycle to happen and the relevance of one or another cut of jeans will return. But a better idea is to use outdated things in layered looks. We will tell you how to do it right below.

6 ways to wear an outdated top

Today’s fashion dictates to us the rejection of overly tight things and the transition to more free options.

T-shirts, shirts, jumpers should have free space and not hinder movement. But, if there are a lot of things in the closet that do not fit modern fashion rules, do not rush to get rid of them. There are several ways to give outdated items a second life.


How to wear an outdated t-shirt

Everyone has a T-shirt with small sleeves and a boat or oval neckline that pulls the stomach and highlights all the most unpresentable sides of the figure. It’s not worth walking in such a street, but don’t rush to throw it away either.

The easiest way to style an outdated skinny t-shirt is to use it as an underlayer under an oversized cardigan.

We choose a trendy free-cut product with a V-neck and large buttons, and put on a T-shirt underneath. This kit looks modern and solves several problems at once:

  • it is not cold in it, as the T-shirt warms;
  • suitable for the office, since the neckline is covered;
  • looks modern, as layering is in trend.


How to wear an unfashionable long sleeve

Longsleeve is a T-shirt made of cotton or jersey with long sleeves.

Many stylists were initially negative about such things, but for some time they managed to take root in the wardrobes of fashionistas, as they turned out to be comfortable. Although rather quickly, faceless long sleeves were replaced by more presentable things.

Today, longsleeves without an additional top layer look boring and monotonous. It is recommended to complement them with a loose jacket in a men’s style, a denim jacket or a leather jacket. The main rule is that outerwear should be voluminous and loose, and longsleeves should not be worn out. No need to style old things!


How to wear a jacket that is outdated

Not every jacket can be saved. If a short fitted model is lying around in the closet, you should not try to reanimate it. Neither a belt nor a visit to the atelier to shorten it even more will not help.

If you have a classic blazer with accent buttons in your closet, try swapping them out for neutral ones and wearing it with a wide belt. Another option is to wear a skinny jacket with a linen top. Unlike a T-shirt or longsleeve, it hinders movement less.


How to wear an old white shirt

Every woman has a fitted white shirt. True, wearing such is unfashionable for 5 years.

If such a thing is still gathering dust in the wardrobe, you can use it as the bottom layer under a jumper. The main thing in such a set is a neat collar, since the rest of the product will not be visible.

Skinny cardigan

Images with a narrow tight-fitting cardigan photo

Today, voluminous models of cardigans are in trend, but after all, not a single fitted cardigan has been bought from every woman, highlighting the décolleté and collarbone area.

According to current trends, it is recommended to wear this on a naked body, with a voluminous bottom. We tuck the cardigan itself into the belt and create an additional emphasis on the waist with the help of a belt. We don’t wear any T-shirts and T-shirts, as in the good old days, under the bottom.

Old jumper

How to wear an outdated jumper

The jumper may be irrelevant due to the pattern, cut, length. You can use such a product in the image as an additional layer, throwing it over your shoulders. If you need to hide the print, turn it inside out, this technique is considered relevant.


The obsolete top, as a rule, includes tight-fitting products. Today, the trend is loose things that create free space between the body and clothes.

If you have preserved products that are not trendy, feel free to wear them under more relevant ones. Layering is one of the top trends for 2021.

The main thing to remember is that an old thing should be by definition, and not by appearance. Clothing with holes, scuffs and other defects should not be present in the image.

Another fashion rule: we style no more than one thing from the list of anti-trends in the image, otherwise the outfit will turn out to be old-fashioned.

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