How to wear women’s and men’s loafers?

How to wear loafers for women and men

Girls are increasingly choosing comfortable clothes and shoes to feel comfortable throughout the day. This does not mean that they will forget about high heels. Choosing a stylish bow for every day, the main thing is practicality. Therefore, cozy loafers have become so popular among fashionistas.

How to wear loafers for women?

Fashionable looks with loafers

Loafers are classic shoes that look very similar to moccasins, but they differ in a more massive sole. Such models can be safely worn all day – you are not afraid of the feeling of fatigue and calluses!

They became very popular in the mid 60s. It was then that loafers were the face of the Gucci fashion house. This women’s shoe differs from other models in the presence of tassels or fringes. If earlier it was believed that loafers are more suitable for a male image, then over time this stereotype was destroyed.

Women’s loafers can be worn with almost any outfit, the most important thing is that they fit you. They will go well with both sporty and romantic styles. Pants, jeans and shorts are an indispensable element of the bow with loafers.

Loafers with trousers and jeans

If it’s cool outside, you can wear a knitted sweater or knitted dress. This option is ideal for office work.

Work Loafers

They are recommended to be worn with skirts of any length, which will further emphasize femininity. A romantic look can be created by wearing shoes with heels, platform shoes or patent leather models.


Patent loafers

Lacquer models are back in fashion. The main thing is to exclude combinations: varnished bag – varnished shoes. Choose matte thick tights to match the skirt, this will create a wonderful look for every day.

Lacquered loafers in combination with skinny trousers look especially aesthetically pleasing and fashionable. This option is suitable for a working environment.


For a date or a walk, you can choose a combination of jeans with an elegant blazer or jacket and patent leather loafers. This will give the image of mystery, while being stylish.

Look with loafers for every day

This kind of loafers can be combined with almost any clothing. Particularly interesting and impressive will be the option with lacquer loafers with a small heel and an airy light dress.

Dress with loafers

Patent loafers can be tapered or rounded, with barchrome, a buckle or a neat bow, but the soles should be chosen with a small heel or wedge.

On thick soles

Platform loafers

It would seem that women’s loafers with rough thick soles do not fit the classic style at all. However, this is easy to fix if they are correctly combined with other things from the wardrobe and accessories.

Loafers with high soles look quite beautiful and feminine with light chiffon dresses or skirts made of the same material. The contrast between the colors of the shoes and the dress will be especially interesting.

Yellow loafers with dress

Short shorts and a loose T-shirt complete with loafers will suit slim girls. If a girl is overweight, then they will only make the image heavier. And in combination with a strict pantsuit, they will help create the perfect look for work.

Loafers with shorts and trousers

Loafers on a high platform are more suitable for young girls, however, stylists are actively urging office styles to complement them, as this option is extremely convenient for women living in a modern rhythm.

Without heel

Suede Flat Loafers

Flat loafers are also suitable for all styles and almost all clothes. Moreover, it does not matter whether they are lacquered, on a tractor sole, beige, silver or red.

At the peak of popularity in 2019 – bright pink metallic. This color is also relevant in the choice of loafers. You can wear such shoes for any occasion, whether it’s a meeting, a date or a party. Depending on the purpose, the rest of the wardrobe is selected.

Bright pink loafers

Loafers are also in fashion, not only without a heel, but also without a “back” in the heel. This option is more reminiscent of slippers, but it is considered one of the most stylish options for everyday life and business lunches.

Flat loafers

Flat loafers are mostly suitable for business style. However, they can also be worn with jeans and a variety of everyday t-shirts.

Black Flat Loafers

They can also be safely worn with both flared and tight-fitting skirts. In this version, jumpers, sweaters and sweatshirts will be the ideal top.

Loafers with skirts

Flat loafers are very mobile and practical, however, they are not suitable for everyone. Girls who are overweight or very short are advised to avoid this model and prefer high soles or heels.


Heeled loafers

More recently, new loafer models have appeared specifically for those who want to look taller and sleeker, namely options with heels. The height of the heels varies from standard (brick heel) to stilettos.

Depending on the shape and height of the heel, you can also choose the perfect look. For example, for a medium-sized brick heel, almost any style and outfit will do. In particular, wide flared trousers look beautiful, with a length below the knee, but above the ankle.

Loafers with a small heel

The heels of these shoes are also different from the rest. At first they were massive, but now it is not uncommon to find a variety of models. However, most loafers are made with a standard small heel.

Leggings, skinny trousers, skinny jeans are suitable for such shoes. However, it is best to avoid wearing mini sizes. Best of all, long options or midi are combined with loafers with heels.

Loafers with leggings

The only exceptions are dresses and skirts. However, such combinations are suitable only for girls with slender long legs. In other cases, preference should be given to options below the knee.


Suede loafers

When creating a stylish look with suede loafers, keep in mind that the emphasis should be on shoes. To do this, feel free to choose skinny jeans, skinny jeans. The main thing is that the shoes are combined with clothes.

They will look beautiful suede loafers with a pastel-colored dress, shorts or dress pants. Also for everyday use, the option with ordinary classic jeans is suitable. Stripes in clothes should be avoided in combination with such shoes.

Suede loafers with trousers

Very popular suede leopard shoes or bright saturated shades. For example, wine-colored loafers are ideally combined with skinny trousers or dark skinny jeans.

Women's suede loafers

Look options with leopard loafers

Among other things, you can pick up suede loafers, but with leather inserts. Such options are more suitable for a working atmosphere or a date. They go great with both trousers and jeans.

Navy blue loafers

However, the most relevant and fashionable combination for suede loafers are skirts and dresses. Regardless of the style of the loafer, this option will allow you to create a stylish and bright look that will definitely be remembered by others.

Loafers with skirts

Suede loafers go well with a long coat and knitted sweaters. This option is relevant for cool seasons, and the presence of a bright accent in the image …

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