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How to weave a hairstyle French waterfall photo and video

Waterfall hairstyle how to make step by step instructions

Women’s hairstyles have always had a wide variety, especially when it comes to long hair. And, since France is a trendsetter, French weaving also did not go unnoticed. Today we offer to learn the technique of weaving a French braid with a waterfall with your own hands. During the article, you will be presented with photo and video tutorials on the topic (step-by-step instructions) for hair of different lengths and different structures: long or medium, even or with curls.

How to weave a hairstyle waterfall photo tutorials

The French braid looks gentle and romantic, while the weaving itself is not particularly difficult, so every girl is able to decorate her hair with such an elegant hairstyle without outside help. Below we will present step-by-step instructions, supported by photos and videos that will help even beginners quickly comprehend all the secrets and secrets.

Hairstyle French waterfall weaving scheme step by step for beginners

The waterfall looks most advantageous on curly hair. The classic weaving pattern looks like this (see schematic pictures and description in a few steps):

1. Divide the smoothly combed hair into two parts – one in the upper (front) part of the head (new strands will be introduced from it), the second part is free, the separation border should be located where it is planned to weave the waterfall, i.e. spit will run.
2. Select the first three strands (landmark temple) – if you want the braid to be elegant and thin, take one thin curl, if you want voluminous, then highlight the strands thicker. The first strand plant is carried out in the classical version, with the exception of one moment – the part that is wound up from the top of the head is released (the first stream of the waterfall) and a new one is taken from the top of the hair in its place.
3. Having reached the end of the “waterfall” in the manner described, secure the braid with an inconspicuous elastic band.

Before creating a hairstyle, it is recommended to comb the hair smoothly, weaving begins in front at the temple, gradually moving towards the opposite ear. The proposed photos and videos show the whole process step by step.

Simple photo tutorial

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Video tutorial for beginners

Do-it-yourself french waterfall hairstyle for long hair

The principle of weaving a waterfall is the same, but it has its own options: with a ribbon, with scrolling, in a bun, in a braid, etc. There are variations in the location and even the number of braids: one straight, one with a diagonal slope, two (or more) straight parallel braids, two (or more) parallel at a diagonal slope, etc. On the presented photos and videos you can see all the variety of the French waterfall.


How to weave medium hair to yourself photo in stages

For medium hair, a waterfall hairstyle step-by-step instruction does not differ from a guide for long hair, however, stylists recommend in this option to focus on the height of the location – the higher the braid and the falling waterfall are located, the more organic it will look. In this variation, a French waterfall, smoothly entering the beam, will look harmonious. In addition, it is important to take into account the haircut itself – it will be problematic to do this on a cascade or graduated haircut. In the photo you can see how beautiful this type of hairstyle looks on medium hair length, and the video will show step-by-step weaving instructions.

Photo lesson hairstyles for medium hair

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Video tutorial on how to weave yourself step by step instructions

Weaving technique for short hair

For short hair, a waterfall hairstyle will look beautiful if you add a ribbon or beautiful accessories to the weave. Also in this option, it becomes necessary to use mousse or hair gel, otherwise the hairstyle will not hold. The photo clearly shows how good, beautiful and fervently this hairstyle looks on short hair.

Photo for inspiration


Curly waterfall hairstyle

The French waterfall braid is perfect for curls in various variations: plentiful or soft, small or large curls, can be braided with or without bangs, etc. It seems that the stylists specially created this hairstyle for curly beauties. Many girls specifically curl their hair with various devices in order to build such an elegant and feminine decoration on their curls. The photos show this perfectly.


Waterfall hairstyle how to make a video tutorial

The French braid in any variation is especially popular today for girls, and for girls, and for women. This hairstyle is used in any capacity: daily, festive, evening, wedding, graduation, etc. We offer a video tutorial (master class) from the masters of their craft, which will help you master the creation of such an ornament on your hair on your own (training) and receive enthusiastic glances from passers-by and colleagues.

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