Платок, завязанный в технике "Жабо"

How unusual to tie a scarf around your neck?

10 ways to tie a scarf beautifully

A scarf is an indispensable accessory for every girl who follows fashion trends. It not only protects from the cold and the sun, but also complements the selected image. To make a lasting impression on everyone, you should learn how to beautifully tie a scarf around your neck. What are the methods and techniques of tying, read further in the article.

Node “Jabot”

Scarf, tied in the technique of "Jabot"

There are many ways to tie a jabot-style neckerchief. Many of them are highly complex. Consider the most affordable and easiest option.

The easiest way to tie a scarf with a jabot knot:

  1. We take a large, satin, bright scarf.
  2. We fold it in half with our hands (but not diagonally) several times.
  3. We throw the resulting narrow and long strip of fabric around the neck.
  4. We twist the ends of the scarf twice, and hide the corners.
  5. Visually, the knot looks like wings or a frill – hence the name of the technique.

This way of tying a scarf will favorably emphasize the line of the neck and complement the image of a young girl.

Knot “Rose”

It will also be easy to tie a scarf in this way. A beginner will be able to cope with the task. The Rosette knot will create a romantic look and is suitable for both a date and an official meeting.

For work on the technique, it is recommended to use a small square scarf. The material of the accessory can be satin or silk fabric.

Step 1. We fold a small square scarf into a triangle and connect the ends with two small knots.

Связывание концов платка узлом

Step 2 We pass the free ends with our hands under the knot formed in the middle.

Расположение узла посередине

Step 3 We shake the handkerchief, while tightening it a little.

Shaking the handkerchief to get the "Rosettes" knot

Step 4. It turned out the knot “Rose”. We fix the decorative element with our hands.

Knot "Rose"

Step 5 The accessory is beautifully tied around the neck. The resulting knot in the form of a rose is best placed on its side. The scarf should fit snugly against the skin.

Завязывание платка на шею

Node “Infinity”

Scarf tied with an "Infinity" knot

When purchasing a long scarf, you should think about the further method of tying it around your neck. By learning how to properly and beautifully drape a neck accessory, you can make your look more elegant.

Having tied a long scarf with the “Infinity” knot, the girl will look elegant and charming. In addition, the accessory will protect the neck from drafts in the winter season. It is better to use a scarf in bright colors or with an interesting print. This will freshen up the look.

Imagine the gradual tying of a long scarf.

Step 1 and 2. We throw a scarf around the neck so that the free ends are located in front. We tie a neat small knot from the two ends.

Steps 1 and 2 in tying a scarf with an infinity knot

Step 3 and 4. Re-tie the knot for better fastening. We twist the two sides of the scarf and get a loop.

Steps 3 and 4 for tying a scarf with an infinity knot

Step 5 and 6. We pass the resulting loop through the head. We fix the folds with our hands.

Steps 5 and 6 for tying the scarf with the infinity knot

A properly made “Infinity” knot will decorate the image of any girl. The scarf will look beautiful on the neck if you use brightly colored fabric.

Knot “Coquette”

Another interesting and uncomplicated way to tie a scarf around your neck is the image of the Coquette knot. It is advisable to use a neck accessory made of thick silk, measuring 80 by 40 cm. Such a scarf will look voluminous and beautiful.

You can tie a scarf with a “Coquette” knot using step-by-step instructions.

Step 1 and 2. We fold the silk fabric in half until the width is about 10 cm. We put the scarf around the neck so that one end is shorter than the other. We wrap the long free end around the neck, enclosing it in a kind of loop.

Складываем шелковую ткань пополам

Step 3 and 4. Tie the ends into a knot on the side. We make an additional knot. We correct the finished work, smoothing out the ends and folds with our hands.

Steps 3-4 when tying a scarf with a Coquette knot

You can diversify the image if you use a scarf with a short edge fringe. You can make it yourself, if you carefully remove the longitudinal threads.

Knot “Pletenka”

Step-by-step tying of the "Pletenka" knot

For the inexperienced, this knot may seem too complicated. However, if you train hard and for a long time, it will be easy to tie it.

Step-by-step tying of the “Pletenka” knot:

  1. We fold a long scarf in half so that the loop is on one side, and both ends are on the other.
  2. We pass the long, free ends into the loop.
  3. We twist the loop and get a second smaller hole.
  4. We pass the ends into the second resulting loop.

As a result of all the manipulations, you will get a beautiful braided knot. It will be easy to tie a scarf in this way. A neck accessory tied in this way is suitable for any type of clothing and season. The color and material can be chosen as desired.

Fake Tie Knot

Knot "Tie"

It will be much easier to tie a scarf in this way than a tie. It will look less formal, but it will give the image more romance and ease.

To tie a scarf with a fake tie knot, you need to follow a few simple steps.

Step 1 and 2. We fold a medium-length silk scarf in half several times and throw it around the neck. Make a weak knot at one end. We pass the free end of the fabric through the resulting knot.

Tie a scarf with a tie knot: steps 1 and 2

Step 3 and 4. Gently tighten the ends at chest level. We straighten the folds of the scarf.

Tie a Scarf with a Tie Knot: Steps 3-4

This way of tying a scarf is suitable for the autumn or summer season. You can use a neck accessory in both plain and bright colors.

Knot “Bow”

Scarf tied with a knot "Bow"

Tie a bow with a handkerchief can seem like an easy task. However, to tie a neck accessory in this way, you will need to practice a little. The end result and the image of the fair sex will be satisfied.

For practice, you will need a long scarf or tippet made of thick silk or satin fabric. It is recommended to use fabric of bright colors. So the knot “Bow” will look more elegant and beautiful.

Step 1. We fold the scarf in half several times to get a strip 10 cm wide.

Step 2 We throw the folded fabric around the neck and cross the ends.

Step 3 We pass one end through the loop and bring it out.

Steps 1 and 2 when tying a scarf with a bow knot

Step 4 We fold the long hanging second end into an accordion and apply it horizontally to the neck.

Step 5 We fix the resulting accordion in the middle with the first end, getting an elegant bow.

Steps 3-4 when tying a scarf with a bow knot

With such a knot, the image of a girl will become even more feminine. Neckerchief, tied in the shape of a bow, suitable for autumn and spring. You can use the accessory for both official and romantic meetings.

You can tie a scarf with a bow knot in another way. For example, using a small thin hair band. This technique may be easier for many to perform.

Scarf tied with a knot "Bow"

Step 1. A small silk scarf is folded into a narrow long strip and thrown around the neck.

Step 2 Both ends of the front are threaded into an elastic band.

Step 1 and 2 in tying the knot "Bow"

Step 3 The rubber band is twisted into a figure eight.

Step 4 One end of the scarf is threaded into the resulting additional loop in the elastic band. Pull out completely…

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