False eyelashes with feathers for New Year's makeup


Even if you celebrate the New Year with your family, you should look amazing: New Year’s makeup 2020 should attract everyone around. So, let’s talk about the ideas and principles of makeup that attracts a metal rat, the role of which will be great next year.

New Year’s Makeup Basics 2020


  • First of all, fashionable makeup for the New Year should be persistent. If you celebrate the year of the rooster on the street, in a crowded place or in a large company, and for many hours in a row, use only proven and high-quality products that will not flow in stuffiness.
  • You should not use just purchased funds before New Year’s Eve, especially if you bought them for the first time in your life. It’s just risky.
  • The main thing is that the makeup will be on you all night, which means that you need to prepare your skin. First, apply a face mask, cleanse the skin, and do not forget to apply a moisturizer under the foundation. On the lips too. So that the skin is not too damaged, you can mix the base with a moisturizer.
  • For the same reasons, fashionable makeup for the New Year can be done with the help of persistent cosmetics: if the mascara is waterproof, then it definitely won’t leak, and you won’t eat persistent lipstick along with New Year’s goodies and champagne, so you don’t need to make up your lips 20 times a night will.


What eye makeup to do for the New Year 2020?

Do not be modest with makeup for the new year: 2020 is the year of the metal rat, so you can safely use the brightest shadows and glitter feathers. Even children’s New Year’s makeup for matinees can be bright. Here are just a few interesting attributes of a bright image that you will like:

False eyelashes with feathers for New Year's makeup


  • Feathered artificial eyelashes


We clap and fly. Such an accessory not only corresponds to the owner of the year, but will do everything to draw attention to you.

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New Year's makeup with a pattern and feathers[arrow_list]

  • Arrows in the form of feathers


If you did not find artificial eyelashes with feathers, draw arrows on the eyelids with feathers. Use lots of glitter and emerald, silver, orange and gold colors.

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  • Try decorating a Christmas tree.


Yes, on the face. To do this, you can stick multi-colored balls on the eyelashes, use green mascara, rhinestones, tinsel stickers. Do not be afraid of your imagination, but remember that if you overdo it with brilliance, you can look not festive, but vulgar or ridiculous.

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Makeup for the new year with sparkles[arrow_list]

  • Twinkling Christmas stars


Try embellishing your makeup with small star-shaped sparkles, star dust, pearlescent paints.

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Bright makeup for the New Year: the best colors

Bright colors are our everything on New Year’s Eve 2020. Look for shadows and pencils in yellows, bright blues, purples, oranges, turquoise, emerald greens, deep browns, and all shades of red. Of course, shadows and pencils must be in harmony with the New Year’s costume.

Add some radiance not only to the eyes, but to the whole face. Choose from shimmery highlighters, shadows and glitter blushes.

Also, special paint can help you, with which you can make interesting drawings on your face.

For a fairy costume (if you or your daughter have a carnival), frost-like shadows, as well as gilded dust, rhinestones and sparkles, are suitable. Again, do not use all at once, it is better to use separately. By the way, you can use the glitters that are used for manicure, and you can fix them both on the base under the shadows and on the foundation.

Dry glitter can be applied with a wet applicator and matched to the color of the selected shadows. Liquid eyeliners and shimmers in the shadows will also be appropriate. At the same time, we make out the eyelid in nude tones, applying a simple black eyeliner. On top of black, we bring a gold or silver liner. Try some more sparkles to cover the still wet black eyeliner.

You can also experiment with lipstick. On this night, you can highlight the lips and eyes at the same time, covering the lips with gloss or sparkles.

Makeup for brown eyes for the New Year

Makeup ideas for the New Year can be both classic and the most crazy and extravagant. It all depends on the costume, image and where exactly you are celebrating.

smoky eyes makeup

New Year's makeup smokey-eyesThe most versatile New Year’s eye makeup is smoky-eyes, which is not tied to shades and colors and simply focuses on the eyes. The easiest way here is to choose shadows to match the eyes or a little darker. Check out this article for more brown eye makeup ideas.

Golden makeup for brown eyes

Makeup for the new year 2017 in golden tonesHere the pencil serves only as a kind of base and contour under the shadow. A make-up for green-eyed women, as well as for ladies with brown eyes and gray-eyed ones, will be good.


  1. To begin with, we apply the base for the shadows, and cover the entire upper eyelid with it.
  2. Next, we create a shape, that is, using a brown pencil along the contour, we draw the lower and upper eyelids. At the same time, we draw the crease and the outer corner of the eye.
  3. With the help of a brush, carefully blend all the transitions.
  4. We apply golden shadows on the upper eyelid, best of all with expressive sparkles.
  5. We apply golden shadows of lighter shades on the lower eyelid, as well as on the inner corners of the eyes.
  6. With the help of black (or brown, but saturated) eyeliner, we emphasize the upper eyelids and draw arrows.
  7. It remains to apply only mascara with a volume effect.

Makeup in precious colors is ready!

Here are some more makeup ideas for brown eyes.

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1672104199 199 httpsmakeupkeyrulicopod cvetvidy makiyazha i ixMakeup for blue eyes for the New Year

So for girls with blue or blue eyes, sand or coffee shades, as well as beige or peach, are most suitable. For more evening makeup ideas for blue eyes, see here.

Here is an example of cat eye makeup that is fashionable this season.

cat eye makeup for blue eyes

New Year's cat eye makeupWalkthrough

  1. To make the skin shine, apply loose powder, which has shimmering particles.
  2. Blush is applied clearly along the line of the cheekbones. Well, if they match the shade of lipstick.
  3. Using a dark pencil, clearly emphasize the curve of the eyebrows.
  4. We draw an expressive arrow with black eyeliner, which thickens a little on the outer corner of the eye. So we noticeably raise the outer corners of the eyes.
  5. We cover the eyelids with mother-of-pearl shadows, preferably beige or white. Darker shadows are appropriate for the outer corners of the eyes and shade them well.
  6. And finally, we need more lips with a bow. To create them, we are looking for a natural-colored pencil and highlight an expressive dimple above the upper lip (we use the lightest shadows or a highlighter). From above, we cover everything with red lipstick, using the applicator ….

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