Festive feather eye makeup


You are probably already thinking about what image to choose for the New Year 2017: the holiday is coming up very soon, which means you can come up with a costume, a hairstyle, and war paint? What should be the New Year’s eye makeup?

Principles and rules

Primarily, New Year’s makeup 2017 should be bright and catchyeven if you don’t like it. It’s the year of the rooster! Bright shades of hot shades, feathers, extravagant colors of mascaras and eyeliners, sparkles, rhinestones on the face, eyelids and eyebrows, small and larger sparkles, and, of course, feathers. They can be on the eyelashes (both “native” and false), and drawn on the eyes as a continuation of the arrows.

Festive feather eye makeup

New Year’s makeup is always done on rested and healthy skin, so first do masks and pleasant treatments for the face and eyelids, go to the salon or arrange it at home.

Cosmetics for creating images should be resistant (you can live with this coloring all night long, perhaps in stuffiness or under snowfall) and proven (now is not the time to experiment with new products: what if they are of poor quality and cause allergies). You can safely use waterproof mascaras and persistent lipsticks with tonals: now is the time for them.

In order for the make-up to be persistent and serve you all New Year’s Eve, do not forget about the base for the face and the base for the shadows. By the way, do not forget that they should suit your skin type.

Well, the main color of makeup can be called red: the rooster is fiery. Therefore, do not be afraid to use red shadows when creating images – now you can. Other fiery colors are also suitable, such as orange, gold or burgundy. The colors of rooster wings and tail may also be present: blue (ideal for brown eyes), purple (ideal for green eyes), green. As you can see, now is the time to break away and make a bright and extravagant makeup. So why not take advantage of this?

Shine and shine

New Year's eye makeup with sparkles and rhinestonesOne of the New Year’s makeup trends, and this year in general, is glitter. Wear diamonds on your face. To perform a brilliant make-up, we follow the following sequence:

  • Metallic shadows (and no more), distribute them over the eyelids in the usual way – the lightest ones are closer to the inner corners of the eyes, and the dark ones are on the outside of the eyelids and blend them so that they tend to the temples or even a little higher.
  • To give volume to the eyelids, we apply golden shadows to their very center. We blur everything.
  • Small rhinestones are glued to the very corners of the eyes. They can hold on to the base alone, but it’s better to use false eyelash glue. If anything, you can also stick “glitters” on the false eyelashes themselves or even put on beads of beads, the same eyelash glue will also come to the rescue here. If desired, rhinestones can also be on the eyebrows. Choose the color of beads and sequins based on the color scheme of the outfit and shadows.
  • Complete everything with a shiny milk on the body and glitter polish.
  • But oily sheen on the skin should not be in the photo. Therefore, choose not only a suitable makeup base, but also a suitable powder that will remove shine from the forehead, chin and nose.
  • Don’t forget to remove the glue after you wash off your holiday make-up.

Lady winter

New Year's makeup lady winterA bit unmainstream, but it will help you stand out among all the feathers and bright colors. To do this, you will need light and silver shadows on the eyelids, as well as transparent rhinestones at the corners of the eyes and closer to the temples. Eyelashes can also be sprinkled with silvery shadows (like frost), and lips can be covered with either light pink lipstick with a chilly tint, or gloss of the same color (or even white or beige).

Green tones

New Year's makeup for green eyes in green tones

Perfect for gray eyes as well as green ones. We need two eyeliners (green and black), brown, marsh, dark gray and juicy green shadows, as well as mascara and a make-up base.

  1. To begin with, we apply the base on the eyelids and powder them a little, from the very eyelashes to the eyebrows.
  2. We put marsh shadows on the moving eyelid. Mint or light green ones are also suitable, but the main thing is that they are lighter than the second green, but just as saturated. We shade everything and stretch it in a semicircle.
  3. We put muted green shadows on the central fragment of the eyelid. With dotted movements, we put gray shadows on top and rub it to make the color dirty.
  4. Apply green shadows again and mix everything a little.
  5. On the lower eyelid, apply a thin strip of brown shadows.
  6. We draw short and narrow.
  7. On top, apply a green eyeliner with sparkles. She can also draw a longer tail for the arrow.
  8. We paint eyelashes, including the lower ones.
  9. Lipstick take caramel and very gentle.

For blue eyes, you can use shadows closer to brown and yellow.Festive makeup for the new year for blue or gray eyes

Yellow tones

Very good for blue or blue eyes, as well as for dark brown. The sequence is:

  1. To begin with, a quality base is placed on the eyelids, preferably a little lighter than your skin color.
  2. Apply ash-colored shadows on the upper eyelids. We cover almost the entire eyelid, but leave an empty space in the middle, as close as possible to the lash line.
  3. We also apply marsh shadows on the lower eyelid with a strip and at the same time try to form an arrow in the corner of the eye.
  4. We returned to the empty area on the eyelid and paint over it with white eyeliner. You should get a semicircle on the eyelid. The transition to the ashy part should be smooth.
  5. Now we cover the same area with shadows of bright yellow. We do not skimp and apply several layers.
  6. Shade everything again and draw a clear sharp arrow.
  7. On it we draw another one, but with a silver eyeliner.
  8. Do not forget about mascara, which separates better.

Some more trendy colors

If you celebrate the main holiday not at the carnival, but at a stylish party, then bright colors are also not forbidden to you, but they should be more sophisticated. Try fantasy makeup:

  1. We apply a beige base and mask the circles and bags under the eyes with concealer.
  2. We apply brown shadows on the crease of the eyelid and try to draw a contour of a loop that goes slightly beyond the outer corner.
  3. Pink (or light lilac) shadows are applied to the outer corners of the eyes. Let them occupy a third of the upper eyelids.
  4. We make out the outer edges with blue shadows, which should be lightened with shading.
  5. We connect pink and blue with purple in the middle and make a smooth transition between them.
  6. We draw an arrow raised to the temple and of medium thickness.
  7. Here you can use beam false eyelashes, and we glue them most intensively on the outer corners.
  8. Mascara will need voluminous.

bird tail

If you are not very fond of feathers, you can draw a bird’s tail with eyeliner. Shadows are best used bright and with a shimmer.

  1. We choose the base closest to the color of your skin on the eyelids. It can be applied closer to the temples, as the arrow will be long.
  2. A lilac (extremely saturated) color scheme is applied to the central part of the eyelids. We do not save lilac shadows!
  3. With pink color, draw a strip on the upper part of the moving eyelid, from its middle and to the temple. We also draw the lower eyelid with it, and from the side of the inner corners of the eyes.
  4. Blue color is applied to the upper part of the movable eyelid from the inner…

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