The effect of applying sculpting powder

Bronzer and highlighter, sculpting powder are cosmetic items that are gaining popularity today. What is the reason for this and why this is happening can only be explained by the reviews of real users and makeup artists, to whom we will turn next.

A new product on the market or why you need a face sculptor

The effect of applying sculpting powder

This cosmetic product is far from suitable for every make-up – most of all it is used to create bright evening looks, festive options, corporate parties, etc. What effects can the product achieve when applied to the face?

  1. A radical change in the oval of the face.
  2. Formation of cheekbones, change in the shape of the cheeks.
  3. Creating a narrower or wider face shape.
  4. Changing the shape of the nose: lengthening, thickening, narrowing, etc.
  5. Masking flaws and highlighting advantages.
  6. Bright highlighting of the cheekbones, creating a more chiseled contour of the face.
  7. Giving the skin a healthier tone, beautiful and attractive radiance.

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It is not recommended to use highlighter and bronzer for girls with very problematic skin – scars, rashes, enlarged pores. This will only emphasize the shortcomings and give more negative than positive effect.


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Reviews and recommendations of cosmetologists and makeup artists

Most beauty experts emphasize that this product is a great option for making your appearance the way you like it without surgery or other health-threatening procedures. In addition, bronzer and highlighter, sculpting powder is an excellent make-up completion, with which you can make a natural accent on one or another element of the face. At the same time, there are also comments from makeup artists on the specifics of using this product:

  1. It is very difficult to find the right shade of the product – after all, it is necessary that it fits perfectly on the skin without creating an unnatural effect.
  2. A thorough shading procedure that requires the use of special brushes and other cosmetic attributes.
  3. Cheap products very often roll on the face, look unnatural, or are completely erased. In addition, some highlighters from cheap product lines contain little light-reflecting particles, and therefore, even when applied correctly, the desired effect cannot be achieved.
  4. You have to work hard to carefully work out the contour of the face. Each girl’s face oval has its own specifics, it is not always possible to achieve an ideal result the first time.
  5. It is extremely difficult to choose a powder for problem skin with acne, scars, pimples and other imperfections. After all, even with the help of expensive high-quality products, creating a face sculpture is not enough quality without using a primer.

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Makeup artists recommend that beginners experiment more with powder at home. This method helps to prepare for more serious work, to find suitable lines, to learn harmonious shading. At the same time, in no case do such experiments just before going out! There is a high risk that you will not like the result, and you will have to spend extra time on makeup.

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User reviews: which powder is better?

The modern cosmetics market is replete with a variety of new products – it does not bypass the sculptor powder. Fearless fashionistas are in a hurry to try the products on themselves and are happy to share both positive and negative experiences of use. Based on user reviews, there are several different manufacturers whose names are most popular:

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L'Oreal Paris Infaillible Sculpt Sculpting Powder > INFAILLIBLE SCULPTOR from L’oreal

Relatively expensive tool: the price of one package ranges from a thousand rubles. The disadvantage is that the palette includes only two shades – light (01) and for tanned skin (03). The kit contains a mirror and instructions for proper application of the product. A comfortable texture can be easily applied to the face even with the help of hands, however, for blending, you will need to purchase an additional wide brush.

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Sculpting Powder by Inglot> HD Sculpting Powder from Inglot

A unique product that is available in several shades. The package includes 4 colors, which allows you to achieve the best results in sculpting. However, here you have to work a lot on shading. The product has a fairly large amount of color pigment, so there is a high risk of overdoing it when applied – here shading is needed.

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Powder 2 in 1 bronzer and highlighter from Avon> Powder 2 in 1 bronzer and highlighter from Avon

This tool has controversial reviews – here everything is determined purely individually. Girls note the rather high quality of the bronzer, however, they are very ambiguous about the highlighter. It is noted that even a light shade of highlighter gives a more brilliant effect than lightening – therefore, for a high-quality result, you have to apply several layers of the product. The texture is comfortable enough to apply, there are no problems noted here.

Most users note the beneficial properties of this sculpting tool, which helps them look the way they want. Many today use the sculptor tool for everyday wear, highlighting, for example, only the cheekbones or forehead. It looks quite natural when applied correctly, and the procedure itself takes a little time.

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High definition blush sculpting powder from NYX> high definition blush from NYX

This matte blush is in shade Taupe received a lot of positive feedback and recommendations specifically as a sculpting powder. This shade helps to create a natural natural shadow. It is difficult to overdo it with the tool – it is very convenient in applying and shading.

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How to make a face correction at home with the help of a sculptor? Watch the following video tutorial:

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