What makeup should be in your makeup bag?


Modern decorative cosmetics can easily replace a plastic surgeon. But everything related to decorative cosmetics requires skillful handling and proper storage. What are the types of decorative cosmetics?

Types of cosmetics: classes and price category

If we talk about the price category, then the types of cosmetics are as follows: mass market, middle market, as well as luxury. Marketers came up with this gradation, guided not only by the price of funds, but also by their comfort in use.

  • Mass market

These are funds that can be found in the supermarket, and in chain stores, and simply in kiosks. These tools differ in low price and unpretentious packaging. But the mass market does not mean that decorative cosmetics are of low quality: the same Max Factor or L’Oreal products are of good quality and are always relevant. Mass market products include Maybelline, Nivea, Schwarzkopf products, Russian and Belarusian cosmetics, as well as Mary Kay, Oriflame and other brands that are distributed through catalogs.

  • middle market

These are products that have several lines and are comfortable to use. Sometimes they approach the quality of luxury products, but do not have a big name or history associated with haute couture houses. These products include the brands Artdeco, Isa Dora and the like. Such products not only hide the flaws in appearance, but also fight skin problems, such as acne or wrinkles.

  • Luxury class

Branded and expensive products. Here, not only the price is high, but also the quality, due to the large number of cosmetic lines and scientific developments. Such products are very effective, but before taking an expensive cream or powder, study what is included in the product: high price and quality do not mean that the product is right for you. Luxury means Dior, Chanel, Lancôme, Estée Lauder, Yves Saint Laurent, etc.

The most popular and necessary tools

You can buy decorative cosmetics both in specialized stores and through catalogs or even in the market. The main thing is that all products fit perfectly for you and your skin.

Creams and powder

Few of the girls are satisfied with the appearance and tone of their skin: she will tell everything about our health and fatigue. Makeup was invented to hide all this and make the skin tone even and pleasant.

Our mothers were very wary of tonals, because such creams spoiled the skin and did not always give a beautiful and even tone. You could even say that that foundation was harmful. Modern products cope with their task much better, in addition, they protect the dermis from unpleasant external factors, be it UV radiation, dust or exhaust gases.

If you are just starting to master the art of makeup, it is better to start with creams that have a very light texture or with BB creams. In addition, it is good if vitamin E or other substances necessary for the dermis are included in the tonalka.

You need to choose a base for makeup based on your skin type. If it’s dry, you want a thicker, more oily texture, and if it’s oily, look for mattifying or water-based products.

No less important is the powder, which gives a natural and velvety look to the face. It is used only after foundation and, like the corrector, it must match the color of the makeup base. However, in the summer you can get by with just one powder. If everything is in order with the skin, then choose an organic-based powder or the most transparent and light. You can also use powder on the neck.

You may also need a concealer for your face. But if you don’t have dark circles and inflammation, then you can live without it. If you need to hide the fatigue that has made itself felt on the skin under the eyes, choose liquid concealers. In order to remove redness, look for your concealer among solid and green ones. In any case, the concealer should contain healing and beneficial agents for the dermis. Concealers of darker and brown shades should be applied to the cheekbones and wings of the nose.


Another face piece that every girl needs. You can apply them not only on the highest part of the cheekbones, but also on the forehead and other parts of the face. So you will correct its shape. To apply blush correctly, we retract the cheeks and apply a couple of strokes on the cheekbones, while moving from the temples to the center of the face. Or another application option – on the “apples” of the cheeks, so you get a fresher and more natural look. The main thing is not to overdo it!

Shadows, eyeliners, pencils and mascaras

You can forget about powder and concealers, but you need to emphasize the eyes.

To make eye makeup more expressive and persistent, and the shadows lay down easily, you can purchase an eye shadow base. Some people use concealer instead, but the base is still more suitable for this. The concealer is used as a base for the eyelids in a very thin layer and shaded well.

In order to apply shadows correctly, the assortment of which is very wide today, we tilt our head back a little so that the entire face is visible and apply them from the eyelash growth line, while working well on the crease in the center of the eyelid and the area under the eyebrows.

By the way, the base for shadows or the same concealer can be applied to the eyelashes themselves: in this way, any mascara will become more resistant, and the eyelashes will become thicker and more voluminous.

You need an eyeliner or a pencil, it depends only on what kind of effect you want: for a clear and sharp arrow, an eyeliner is better, and for a soft line, a pencil.

As for the mascara, it is better to use waterproof mascara, beloved by everyone, not so often: it is good for the sea and for rainy and snowy weather, but lengthening or voluminous is more appropriate for every day.

Modern makeup is unthinkable without expressive eyebrows. Use with this gel, shadows or the best eyebrow pencil – it’s up to you. Gels are good for those whose brows are unruly and need to be styled, pencils can look too unnatural if used ineptly, and shadows are suitable for those who need to give their eyebrows just a little color and thickness.


Glitter or lipstick, it just depends where you go. Lipstick is needed in the office, gloss – for parties and festive evenings. Remember to get lip pencils and balms, and before applying lipstick or gloss, powder your lips a little with translucent powder or even lightly go over them with a makeup base.

Another very good thing that you need in a cosmetic bag is a lip marker, which can even replace a tattoo. Tints and pigments are optional, but for lovers of bright makeup, they are necessary.

What else should be in your makeup bag?

What makeup should be in your makeup bag?

According to makeup artists, you should definitely carry cosmetic brushes with you. At the same time, artificial brushes are needed for water-based products, while natural brushes are more suitable for powders, compact shadows and compact highlighters. But all of them periodically need to be washed.

It is best to carry three brushes with you at once:

  • Large (for translucent powders)
  • Pointed (for contouring, applying blush)
  • Small brush (concealer, lipstick)

It is also worth buying a sponge for …

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