How to restore cosmetics yourself

Every woman at least once in her life was upset about broken blush, compact powder or shadows that fell and turned into a pile of lumps. Good cosmetics is not cheap, but it can be damaged during transportation, careless handling, accidental inattention. If it so happened that your favorite blush crumbled, do not rush to throw them away.. The methods suggested in this article will help you restore cosmetics to its original appearance, and even change its structure a little. At the same time, you will not need to throw money away for new expensive products. Everything you need, you will find at your fingertips.

Use of medical alcohol

The use of medical alcohol in this case is the simplest and most common way. The advantages of the method are that the process does not take much time and does not require any special conditions. Everything you need to to mend broken rouge, so it is to follow a simple algorithm:

  1. Put the contents of the box into the bag. Zip-top bags are best, but regular cling film will work as long as you carefully fold the edges in. This precaution will help you keep the table clean and not spill any pieces.
  2. Pulverize each piece of broken blush or other pressed product into a powder so that the result is a uniform texture. Use a regular spoon for this.
  3. Remove the powder from the bag and pour into a powder box or blush box. This must be done carefully so that they do not crumble. At this stage, you may notice that there are no crushed lumps left – they need to be broken before being poured into the form.
  4. Dilute with alcohol (in a small amount). It is best to take 70% or 95% Ethanol. The higher the concentration of alcohol-containing substances, the better the final result will be. The required volume is determined relative to the size of the cosmetic product. For small shadows, you will need a few drops, for powder – about a teaspoon. The powder should be slightly moistened, but not made liquid. If you accidentally pour in too much alcohol, wipe off excess liquid with a paper towel.
  5. Stir and cover with foil. Leave the mass for a few seconds, then mix. You should get a homogeneous consistency, resembling a thick cream. Cover the blush with foil, leveling the plane with your hands or a spoon.
  6. Remove excess alcohol. After you have given cosmetics an aesthetic appearance, remove the film, blot the product with a regular napkin or cotton cloth.
  7. Leave your makeup open for a few hours, preferably overnight. During this time, the remaining alcohol will evaporate and the blush can be used for its intended purpose.

Ethanol vapor quickly evaporates and cosmetics become safe to apply without causing dryness and irritation. But for owners of sensitive skin, this method may not be suitable, since negative reactions can be caused by even the smallest alcohol-containing particles.

For such women, we offer the following method on how to restore eye shadow or powder.

Using pressure and heat

How to restore cosmetics yourself

Using a hot press will bring back your favorite cosmetics without changing their original properties. The absence of alcohol allows this method to be used even for girls with sensitive skin.

Recovery of damaged blush is possible without the use of alcohol-containing substances. The process algorithm is similar to the one described above. You need to get the blush out of the mold, put it in a bag and rub it well until you get a homogeneous dusty powder without lumps. While you are doing these manipulations, turn on the iron. You can give the tool the desired shape without heat, but in this case the blush will come out very fragile and will easily crumble.

When you have achieved the desired state, follow these steps in sequence:

  1. Remove the metal sleeve from the box. Almost all decorative cosmetics have such containers.
  2. Carefully pour the dusty mass back into the container.
  3. Press the powder carefully with a spoon. Start moving from the edge, moving smoothly to the center. When finished, you will be able to see that the tool has already acquired its original form, but it is still easy to scatter. It is necessary to fix the result with heat.
  4. Disconnect the iron from the mains, turn off the steam supply. It is important that water does not get into the powder, otherwise the product will be spoiled.
  5. Attach the iron to the form and press firmly, leave for 15 seconds. You do not need to move the iron, as with normal ironing, but you need to put pressure on it with maximum force. After a short break, repeat the procedure. This will achieve greater strength and the application of the restored agent.
  6. Cool and secure the metal container in the box.

Your cosmetics are now saved.

Of course, such measures are not sustainable. Sooner or later, the powder will crumble anyway, but using the suggested tips, you can extend its life.

Small recommendations

The same operations can be done with shadows. If desired, you can add some glycerin to them, giving them a creamy consistency. If you can’t shape them (for example, because of their small size), you can use them in powder form. If the blush is not completely broken, then you can only crush the broken piece, pour it with alcohol and tamp it down.

Since there are several ways to repair broken makeup powders, you can choose the one that suits you best.

Do not try to save expired cosmetics – such measures will dry it even more!

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