Is foundation harmful when applied to the skin

Smooth and fresh facial skin without a single pimple, knot or hitch is a real fetish for makeup artists and ordinary girls who cannot imagine themselves without makeup. Foundation is the main protagonist of the magical process of turning the skin into radiant and smooth, so even those who think that the tonal foundation spoils the skin use it. But is foundation really harmful, or is it an obsolete myth from the last century?

Chemical composition

In the past millennia, ladies used the craziest drugs to give their faces the perfect shade, including wax, lead, rice flour or chalk applied in a thin layer, and even bird droppings. All these funds not only provoked the appearance of inflammation, but also caused health problems. The first foundation in our understanding appeared in the mid-1930s and was created by the Max-Factor company. Its composition was also not very similar to the modern one. And so the myth about the harm of foundation appeared. And what is included in the composition today?

Modern means for giving the face an even tone include waxes and wax-like substances, as well as color pigments (all the same zinc, only in a much lower dosage, iron or titanium oxide), oils and fats (both natural and synthetic), emulsifiers , as well as fiber for compaction, preservatives, etc. In addition to the basic components, various oils (natural or almost), extracts of various plants, vitamins, allantoin, amino acids with antioxidants can be added to the foundation.

  • Can all this harm the skin? If you have an individual intolerance to any of the components of the cream, then completely.
  • Do foundations cause comedones? This may be true, but only if you use the wrong foundation, for example, if you have oily skin, you will apply foundation for skin with low sebum secretion, etc. The tonalnik itself does not affect the formation of comedones in any way.
  • Does the cream accelerate the formation of wrinkles? If it is correct, then no. When using modern tonal products with a light texture, which are more like a thin and delicate film than a mask, the skin, on the contrary, breathes. In addition, they protect our face from harmful substances, any UV radiation, and of course, from dirt and dust.

Never destroy the skin with expired or low-quality creams: after them, there can be not only inflammation or acne, but also more serious problems – such foundations are harmful by definition!

How to use

Is foundation harmful when applied to the skin

To minimize the harm of foundation, it is enough to remember a few simple rules for their use:

  1. Do not use tonal products in the summer: they mix with sebum and sweat, go rancid and can cause serious damage to the skin. At this time, it is better to limit yourself to light powder. And in hot weather, the pores expand (however, the same thing happens if you like spicy dishes and alcohol) and the cream pigments easily get clogged in them, and these are comedones, acne, red pimples, etc. If powder is not your topic and not at all if you like it, whether it is possible to use foundation in the heat is up to you: you can replace it with a light fluid or moisturizing cream that has a shade.
  2. Before applying makeup, the face must be cleansed and moisturized. We also remember about cleansers and moisturizing creams.
  3. Before applying foundation, always use a makeup base to even out the skin.
  4. Persistent creams are used no more than once every three or four days. Yes, the temptation to not worry about makeup all day is great, but such products definitely do not allow the skin to breathe and can “help” in the spread of fungi and bacteria.
  5. Study the composition of the cream well before buying. It is best to choose one where the dyes are vegetable or organic. And do not forget that the thicker the tone, the more pigments in the product, and this interferes with the skin’s breathing.
  6. No matter how high-quality your “tonalnik” is, it is washed off before going to bed without fail. Check out the best natural face creams.
  7. Do not apply the product in a dozen layers, turning makeup into a mask. This will make any cosmetics harmful (not just decorative ones).

How to choose the right

Today there are foundations for all skin types and for any of its needs. Your task is to diligently read the label and find “your” cream correctly.

So if:

  • oily skin

The task of the foundation is to make the skin matte. In addition, the skin needs protection from external factors.

Oil free will be written on the product you need, it will contain quince seed extract, also known as Pyrus Cydonia Seed Extrac and licorice root (ammonium glycyrrhizate), which regulate the secretion of sebum. Also look for Disiloxane, that is, a volatile silicone, and dimethicone, that is, an oil-like substance.

There are also tonal products that control the amount of fat on the skin. They always contain starch, kaolin or talc. Check out the best foundations for oily skin

What should not be in your foundation is lanolin, because it pollutes the wide pores of the dermis with increased sebum production.

  • Dry skin

The cream should have a thinner consistency and contain a large amount of moisturizing substances. It is good if there is olive oil (Olea europaea), hyaluronic acid and tocopherol with retinol in the foundation. Check out the best foundations for dry skin

  • mature skin

The foundation should have a lifting effect and smoothing properties.

The composition contains the above-mentioned retinol and tocopherol, as well as titanium dioxide or Mica, that is, pigments that reflect light. These elements are needed to give the face radiance, hide dark circles, and also hide those imperfections of mature skin that most ladies do not like, for example, dark circles. There should be plenty of antioxidants too. These are not only vitamins, but also Arctium Lappa (Burdock) or Glycine Soja (Soy Bean) Oil.

To prevent aging of the mature dermis and refresh it, the product should also contain sun filters, various enzymes or plant extracts. All this not only tightens the face, but also removes traces of fatigue from it. Consider the best tonal creams with a lifting effect.

Among the new products for mature skin, creams should be noted, the pigments of which are covered with a sheath of moisture.

  • Problem skin

The foundation should not contain oils and fatty components. But there should be more retinol, ascorbin, tocopherol, vitamin F, Camellia sinensis (don’t worry, just green tea extract), grape seed extracts, all kinds of antioxidants. It is good if the composition contains salicylic acid, which not only safely dries problem areas, but also protects the dermis from negative external influences. For the same purpose, triclosan may be included in the composition. Consider the best foundation creams for problem skin.

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