Places and areas for applying highlighter

The shelves of modern cosmetic stores are pleasing to the eye like never before. Including the bright names of beauty products: there is a concealer, and a highlighter, and a primer, and a bronzer … It is quite easy to get confused and there is a big risk of buying something that you absolutely do not need, wasting your money. Before buying, it will not be superfluous to figure out what a highlighter for the face is, how to use it and why you need it at all.

Why is it used

Today, makeup artists are capable of much more than plastic surgeons: with the help of contouring, strobing and other techniques, you can turn a round face into an oval one, draw new cheekbones, eyelids, neck, and even a new bust. And a highlighter for the face plays a significant role in this magic. It is he who emphasizes all the advantages and the most beautiful features of the face. Why you need a highlighter in the first place is to highlight certain areas on your face. This will help what you need to emphasize, and what you do not need to hide from increased attention. It is also necessary to emphasize the relief of some features and helps to make the skin glowing. It can also mask small wrinkles.
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If “highlight” is translated from English, then in Russian it will mean “emphasize, highlight or bring to the fore”

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Places and areas for applying highlighter

And this already explains well what a highlighter is. And it also means that it will be correctly applied to all protruding parts of the face:


  • middle of forehead
  • bridge of the nose and slightly below
  • corners of the eyes
  • under the eyebrows
  • cheekbones
  • the top of the upper lip


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In addition, this beauty tool is needed for those who actively use powder or foundation. After applying them, the face may look unnatural and “flat”, so we need to give relief to our superciliary arches, and cheekbones, and the back of the nose.

And finally, a brightener is needed for mature skin and therefore poorly reflecting light. Thanks to reflective particles, the face appears more radiant and youthful.

It also helps mask fatigue and other skin imperfections. They will not be able to replace the concealer, but still. All these pencils, powders and creams are also needed in order to make the dermis look more hydrated.

Types of highlighters

  1. Compact
  2. crumbly
  3. Creamy
  4. Liquid

Which type is better to use depends on what you need it for. If you want to completely brighten your face before going to a party, a loose or compact form will do, and if you want to correct the relief, you need a creamy or liquid. To draw thin stripes above the lips or under the eyebrows, a liquid consistency product in a tube and with a brush is suitable. The brush can be picked up separately, but the material should be natural and it is better if it is wool. Or a special pencil.

A cream or compact version is needed to correct wrinkles, as well as for the décolleté, forehead and neck. For compact tools, you will also need a brush, and not wider than one and a half centimeters. The brush is also needed for cream products, but already wide.

Highlighters differ in color. It can be mother-of-pearl (and transparent), and golden, and a variety of colors, among which pink and lilac are now popular. True, these colors are not very suitable for mature or yellow dermis. If your color type is dominated by olive or yellowish hues, then peach pigment will refresh you, and if you are tanned and swarthy, you need golden hues. With a reddish tint to the eyelids, forehead and cheeks, those same lilac and pink colors are needed. For pale ladies, pink pigments will be ideal. If there are bruises under the eyes, choose a salmon pigment, and for beige skin colors, cream pigments are ideal.
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You are unlikely to find the perfect color right away, so you will have to mix several pigments. Take one on the brush and add the next shade. Mix and distribute already directly on the skin.


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How to misuse

Before you make a stunning makeup, you need to understand how this tool can not be used.

There are several caveats:


  • Do not use highlighters instead of foundation, including on overly pigmented areas and where there is redness. So you get only a greasy shine. It is also not appropriate to use it instead of blush.
  • If the product is liquid, it is better to use it sparingly.
  • Apply before eye concealer, but after foundation and blush
  • With a dark color type, do not forget to apply a bronzer first
  • On the cheekbones, a product with reflective particles is applied either along the same line with blush, or a little higher
  • There is no single scheme for applying highlighter, it all depends on the shape of your face


How to apply highlighter correctly

What does a highlighter look like on your face?First of all, do not forget to create an even skin tone, and before that, saturate it with moisture. Think about which areas you need to emphasize the most for you. By the way, why do you need a highlighter yet, so it’s to blur in certain areas of the makeup borders.

  • To make a narrow forehead wider, lighten the whiskey and side areas, and then blend well
  • If the forehead is wide, lengthen it by highlighting the area between the hair and the forehead. The product is applied in a thin strip and shaded to the forehead
  • To raise the corners of the eyebrows, highlighter is applied only where they are too lowered.
  • Eyes can be enlarged by drawing a line under the eyebrows and shading it a little. With overhanging eyelids, this is not necessary, because in this way you will only attract too much attention to the disadvantage
  • If the mirrors of the soul are too small or too deep, put a dot in the very middle of the moving eyelid and shade it well
  • In order to “open” the eyes properly, we put small dots in the corners of the eyes. It will be appropriate for close-set eyes.
  • The cheekbones area can be made more expressive if we mark the highest points in this part of the face. It will also help draw active attention away from your under-eye lines and dark circles (if any). So you visually look younger and fresher
  • Sponges can be made more plump and sexy if you emphasize the contour of the upper lip and put a dot under the very middle of the lower one (do not forget to shade). If you are not used to painting lips or use transparent glosses, then this technique is ideal.
  • If the mouth is too wide, you need to put dots in the corners of the lips: this way you blur the borders, and also visually hide wrinkles
  • A thin strip can be applied deep into the nasal folds
  • If you have a snub or short nose, then it is enough to run the highlighter along the sides to visually…

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