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Hyaluronic acid for the face photo before and after

Hyaluronic acid for the face – mask and cream with hyaluronic acid

More than half a century ago, scientists proved that the amount of fluid in the body directly affects the elasticity and youthfulness of facial skin, i.e. to the general appearance. It is this fact, as well as the eternal desire of girls and women of all times for beauty, that has stimulated modern scientists to create a unique medicinal, cosmetic and super-moisturizing agent for the skin of the face and body – hyaluronic acid (hydrophilic agent).

Hyaluronic acid for the face – reviews, photos before and after the procedure:

• Anna from Krasnodar (49 years old): “I did injections (injectable biorevitalization). I remained very satisfied – my face looked 15 years younger! ”;


• Elena from Izhevsk (52 years old): “Since childhood, I have been afraid of injections, so I decided to try a non-injection method – mesotherapy. She remained very pleased. The face has become noticeably younger, the skin is elastic, most of the wrinkles have disappeared.


Today we propose to talk about what it is, whether it can be harmful and what its properties are, what it is used for and how it is useful, how it looks and how to administer it.

Hyaluronic acid – a source of rejuvenation and solving problems with aging

Today, hyaluronate can be found in various variations: ready-made anti-aging cosmetic products for facial skin care (creams, masks, gels, etc.), injections and laser (mesotherapy or biorevitalization). With its help, it is possible to eliminate minor defects on the face and simulate the appearance of a person (facelift, lip augmentation, etc.). After its application, the skin will become elastic and look younger, the lips will become more lush.

What is hyaluronic acid


Hyaluronic acid has almost no contraindications, since it is a natural component of our skin (included in its composition), along with collagen and elastin. It is responsible for cell migration in our body. In other words, it plays the role of a biological lubricant and is used to better moisturize the skin. Exception for use Allergies, pregnancy, skin conditions (may be harmful and effects may vary). Preparations based on it have an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, due to which there are no irritations after injection procedures.

What is hyaluronic acid for?

Hyaluronic acid acts on the skin of the face and body at the cellular level (tissue low molecular weight), collecting and holding water molecules around it. This process allows you to keep the moisture of the skin at the required level, due to which wrinkles and other small defects are smoothed out, which give the impression of sagging skin (rapid lifting effect).

Serum, mask, injections, cream with hyaluronic acid. What to choose?


All cosmetics, even with a small content of hyaluronate (cream, lotion, gel, mask, emulsion, spray, tonic, etc.) are very effective, which is confirmed by the positive feedback from women. Japanese cosmetics are recognized as the best.

Salon procedures (injections (biorevitalization), laser (mesotherapy), implantation of gold threads under the skin on the face (bio-reinforcement), etc.) retain their effect longer (from six months to a year). In this option, the minus is the high cost. If you use drugs at home, you can save a lot. It can be bought at the pharmacy in ampoules or capsules (dry concentrate) without a prescription. It is better to buy pharmacy products from trusted manufacturers of pharmaceutical products and drugs.

Doing injections with your own hands (biorevitalization) without professional skills is not recommended, the use of mesotherapy is less safe. The technique of how to properly inject and how often you can inject can be seen in the video. Hyaluron can be used in its pure form or anti-aging cocktails (mesococktails) with retinol, vitamins or ginger can be used. You can add oil or other products and make masks based on the prepared gel.

Which face cream with hyaluronic acid is recommended by leading cosmetologists

According to the reviews of practicing cosmetologists, the leaders in the ranking are: Japan, France, Italy, Spain. A list of less expensive, but no less effective products is produced by brands:

• Siberica or Evelyn;
• Sengara or Serum;
• Laura or Merz;
• Topping up or Roller;
• Bilenda or Natura;
• Faberlik;
• Filler;
• Loreal;
• Novosvit, etc.

The most frequently mentioned face cream Libriderm with hyaluronic acid reviews.

Inspirational photos before and after (photos will be here)

On the presented photos, you can clearly see the effectiveness of any method, see and compare the result of how a person looks before and after application.

Facial contouring with hyaluronic acid photo before and after

Hyaluronic acid is actively used in plastic surgery (hyaluronoplasty): for lip augmentation or correction of facial contours, nasolabial folds, lip augmentation and correction of other appearance defects. It penetrates deep under the skin and literally merges into its usual environment without causing rejection and / or allergies, as can be seen in the presented photos.

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Getting rid of wrinkles on the face with hyaluronic acid

According to practitioners, the injection procedure (biorevitalization) is very painful, although chipping is performed under local anesthesia. However, women who want to regain youth or enlarge their lips do not stop this moment. After all, the main thing is the high efficiency of the method and the practical absence of contraindications (there is only a slight age limit for patients).

The second option is a laser procedure (mesotherapy). This process is painless and lasts about half an hour. The only negative is that the effect lasts less time.

Another way is reinforcement. Its purpose is to fill the skin area with a useful substance (lifting and modeling). It can be carried out along the contour, or in a certain area (lips, nasolabial folds, etc.).

All techniques (mesotherapy, revitalization, reinforcement) require repeated use, each subsequent procedure after a few weeks (changes are visible after a few days). In total, they will need 15-20 for a well-established effect. After that, you can take a break. Before starting the procedures, facial skin is cleaned (peeling and moisturizing cream). According to the reviews of women who have tried these methods, the procedures are really effective and, unlike Botox, do not make the appearance “doll”, i.e. artificial.

Hyaluronic acid for the face reviews

Hyaluronic acid – reviews (for the face) are left by ladies who have tried on themselves all the miraculous power of this substance.

Karina 35 years old

“…With the appearance of the first wrinkles, I realized that the time was coming when it was necessary to actively nourish the skin with moisture and began to inject hyaluronic acid. straightaway…

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