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Ideas on how to diversify summer looks: 10 examples with photos

Ideas on how to diversify typical summer looks

Today we decided to talk about the tricks in summer looks that help you look as modern as possible and be in trend. So, simple secrets that will help improve an already good image.

Fashionable summer look

Idea 1: put on high socks

If you prefer to wear sporty shorts or bike shorts with a T-shirt in summer, it’s time to think about how to make this outfit more attractive. Stylists advise giving preference to high tennis socks. It is they, paired with running shoes, that are now considered the most relevant sports element of the image.

Socks look for summer

Idea 2: choose flip-flops with flat soles

What to wear with flip flops in summer

we have been searching for the perfect sandals for a long time. then they rubbed their feet in sandals or “steamed” in the 30-degree heat in sneakers. Finally, there is an alternative and very comfortable option. Now all fashionistas wear flat-soled slippers. The best pair for them is a tiered dress or sundress.

Idea 3: wear a shirt with a linen dress

How to wear a lingerie style dress in summer

A dress in a pastel-colored lingerie style should already be in every woman’s wardrobe. Indeed, over the past 5 years, stylists have strongly recommended purchasing this. This season, to look even more modern, we put on a cotton white shirt on top.

Idea 4: open the belly

What to wear with a top in summer

Stop thinking tops are just for skinny girls. This is a fashionable element of the wardrobe, suitable for ladies of any physique, the main thing is to choose the right components of the image. If the press is not cubes, choose trousers / skirt / shorts with a very high fit. In this case, the percentage of the open part of the abdomen will be minimal. And stylish and no discomfort!

Idea 5: scarves

How to tie a scarf in your hair

Any summer look will sound in a new way if you complement it with a scarf. The accessory can be tied like a bandana, used instead of a belt, elastic band or headband. In each role, the scarf looks attractive.

Idea 6: shoes of different colors

If extreme style is for you, don’t stop. Get two pairs of the same shoes in different colors and surprise passers-by with original sets.

Idea 7: a shirt instead of a denim jacket

What to wear with a shirt in summer

For a cool summer evening, opt for a light cotton shirt rather than a denim jacket. It goes well with shorts, dresses, skirts and trousers. Such an additional layer does not weigh down the image, making it attractive.

Idea 8: panama

Dress and panama: how to wear

Panama is considered one of the most trendy hats of this year. Stylists recommend wearing it not only with obvious looks, but also to practice unusual combinations. One of these dress and panama.

Idea 9: Lots of decorations

What to wear with layered jewelry in summer

Women’s summer look will become more attractive if you complement it with jewelry. The more metal accessories there are, the better. The main thing is not to combine them with old-fashioned beads, necklaces, pearl threads.

Idea 10: leather belt

Leather belt and shorts

Many women believe that bright or woven straps are suitable for a summer outfit. Stylists assure that even a white sundress is more harmoniously combined with a classic black or brown leather belt. Try it on!

What do you think of the ideas, are you ready to repeat?

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